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Alex is a student at Liberty High School. He is portrayed by Miles Heizer. In the first season , Alex later ends up becoming friends with the "popular" crowd in school. Wanting to fit in with the crowd he creates a "hot or not" list as a revenge for his breakup with Jessica. Throughout the season, he also feels guilty about his actions and goes as far as to attempt suicide.

Are alex and justin from 13 reasons why dating 2018

The pair have filmed a short movie called Home Moviesdirected by Kevin Rios, and they each discuss their experiences of coming out. They also share a kiss - which the internet was just loving, with cries of 'Please get together, please get together' echoing everywhere. In order to see this embed, you must give consent to Social Media cookies.

Open my cookie preferences. The film was shared months ago, but fans have just begun to discover it this week after MTV posted the video. Rios captioned the film, "In this home movie collection of gay men, memory serves as an act of hope, power, and above all, resilience.

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Brandon Flynn has since been in a relationship with singing sensation Sam Smithand we must admit, they do make an adorable couple. When he was five years old, he was molested by one of his mother's boyfriends. Season 1 Justin first met Hannah at her party. During this time, he was still dating her friend Kat. The two begin a relationship after Kat moved away, culminating in Hannah's first kiss.

Justin eventually spreads lies and begins the downfall of Hannah's reputation and school life. They met at the playground. He took pictures as Hannah slid down the "rocket" what she called the slideaware of the fact that she was wearing a skirt.

They made out at the bottom of the rocket, with Justin taking racy pictures of her. The next day, Justin showed his friends the pictures, but then Bryce forwards the picture to the entire school. This caused rumors to go around about Hannah. Hannah talked about the party where she and Clay shared their kiss.

Justin and Jessica although Jessica isn't named entered the room to have sex, however, Justin gives up because Jessica was too drunk to have sex. Hannah was forced to hide in the closet when there was no way for her to leave the bedroom. Outside the bedroom, Bryce forced Justin to let him into Jess's room. Bryce managed to enter the room and began raping a sleepy and drunk Jessica.

Aug 24,   13 Reasons Why has been a huge topic of conversation ever since it premiered on Netflix in Not only did the show spark important conversation Home Country: US. 13 Reasons Why fans will recognise Miles Heizer & Brandon Flynn - the pair play Alex and Justin on what has become one of Netflix's best tv series which deals with bullying and suicide. Netflix The pair have filmed a short movie called Home Movies, directed by Kevin Rios, and they each discuss their experiences of coming out. Apr 03,   You'll Never Guess Which Two '13 Reasons Why' Actors Are Dating IRL. miles heizer and brandon flynn aka alex and justin from 13 reasons why are dating Kylie Jenner Split Her .

Justin opened the door and tried to pull Bryce off of Jessica, but Bryce threw him out of the room. Drunk and feeling he couldn't confront Bryce, Justin cried over his lack of control over what was happening to his girlfriend.

Hannah stated that she carried just as much blame as Justin did, as she couldn't stop Jessica's rape but because she was too paralyzed and scared to move. Season 2 At the start of the second season, it is still not known where Justin is, he is not present for the first and second episodes. Towards the end of " The Drunk Slut ", Clay decides that Justin is the only known person that is alive-Hannah killed herself-who can testify as a witness for Jessica if she decides to testify against Bryce.

So Clay enlists Tony's help to find him. They find him on the streets and when he sees Clay he runs as fast as he can down an alleyway, but Clay catches up. Clay lands on him and an old man comes out yelling at them to leave, they hear a police siren and Tony arrives around the opposite side, telling them that if they don't get in, he will leave them behind.

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Clay and Justin race to get in his car and Tony drives off. They come to a pit stop and talk, Tony goes to get something, leaving Justin and Clay talking. Clay calls Skye and leaves a message, Justin then tells him that "A girl who doesn't call you back is a girl who doesn't want to talk to you. Clay tells Justin that he should stop talking for the foreseeable future. Tony comes back out, throws Justin a drink and asks if his Mom stills lives in the same place.

Justin reveals that he took money from her boyfriend before he left, and if he finds out he is living there again he will kill him. Tony and Clay become unsure of what to do, as taking him home was their plan. Clay decides to sneak Justin into his house, which he manages to keep hidden. Justin gets taken care of by Sheri, Justin, and Tony. They are the only ones except for Alex and Jessica Clay told Jessica and Jess told Alex who knows that Justin has been back for a long time. One night, Justin snuck out of the house and showed up at school to see Jessica, and where she told him that she wants nothing to do with him.

Bryce watches this, and when Justin turns to him he becomes angry and collapses. He collapsed due to being sick and having been outside the whole night, and Clay and Tony brought him back to the house.

Later that day, someone broke into the Jensen's home, and took the gun Justin had been hiding in his duffle bag. This caused Clay's Dad to find Justin, and after telling about his home situation they let him stay.

Brandon Flynn and Sam Smith

Justin returned to school on the day Hannah's tapes had been leaked. After a confrontation with Bryce, he bought heroin from another student and got high in Clay's room. Alex found him passed out, but managed to turn him over before he choked on his throw-up.

Later, Justin overheard Clay's parents fighting over him so he head back to his Mom's house. At home, Justin tried to convince him Mom to leave Seth. After she refused, Justin stole more money from Seth and tried to run away again. He missed the bus and while waiting for another one to come along, he received a bunch of text messages from Clay telling him that he needs him.

Justin called Clay, who picked him up. Justin and Clay approached Sheri with their plan to get into the Clubhouse by using bolt cutters to cut the lock on the door. She suggested instead that she'd go in and report back to them. During Justin's testimony, Justin revealed more about his and Hannah's relationship and why he sent the picture of Hannah, and called out Bryce for being a rapist. After his testimony, he and Jessica went to the police station to report Bryce, even though Mrs.

Jensen had told him he could get arrested if he did so. Justin and Bryce both get arrested. Justin was sentenced to six months probation and had to spend time in juvenile detention due to not having a guardian bail him out, until Mrs.

Jensen filled for emergency custody. When Clay and Justin had a moment alone to talk, Clay revealed that because of the issues he will face with not finishing high school, becoming a ward of the state and both his parents being no shows, his parents had offered to adopt Justin as they now see him as one of the family. Despite Clay being initially reluctant he understood that Justin needs a real family, to which a speechless and emotional Justin accepted. Back at the Jensen's house, it's revealed that Justin is still addicted to heroin and keeping it a secret.

Season 3 After Tyler's attempted school shooting, Justin and the rest of the group covered up for Tyler, claiming it was a prank. He agreed to hang out with Tyler to keep an eye on him and get better. He also started working at Monet's. After Seth's released from jail, he made Justin sell drugs for him to pay back the money he stole. When finding out that Justin had taken some of the drugs he was supposed to sell himself, Seth demanded Justin to pay him the next day or he'd go "ask his new rich family".

Justin got arrested for misdemeanor and called Bryce to bail him out, to which he explained his situation with Seth. Bryce paid Seth back the money Justin stole, plus some money to leave Justin alone. Bryce also started giving Justin his Oxy prescription to get him to stay away from heroin.

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Zach convinced Justin to play football in his senior year. However, he had trouble keeping up with the other players due to his drug addiction. During a football game, he admitted to Zach that he had been using, who switched his drug test to prevent Justin getting in trouble. At the Homecoming game, Justin led a fight with the Hillcrest football players after one of them grabbed Jessica's breasts.

He stopped Clay from attacking Bryce, telling him that he's going to get crushed and helped Zach off the field after Bryce attacked him. After the game, Justin went to the docks to buy drugs and get high. Justin mourned Bryce after his death because of their previous close bond, and attended his funeral.

Feb 18,   Here Are All the "13 Reasons Why" Stars' Relationship Statuses IRL. He's played Alex Standall in 13 Reasons Why, In , Justin announced that Annika and him would be producing a . Jul 31,   Real Relationships of 13 Reasons Why Please Like and Subscribe 13 Reasons Why couples, 13 Reasons Why relationships, 13 Reasons Why Dating, dylan minnette and . Apr 12,   Fans of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why lost their minds last week when rumors started to fly that Miles Heizer (Alex Standall) and Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley) might be dating in real life.

At the wake, Justin stole Bryce's watch and traded it for drugs. Clay found out that Justin had Bryce's Oxy prescription, and confronted him about it. At first Justin lied and claimed it was a one time thing.

He showed Clay and Ani a text that insinuated Seth had killed Bryce and went to his place to find proof, where he was exposed by Seth for trading the watch for drugs.

Justin admitted everything to Clay, who then gave him his own Oxy prescription, saying he would do anything for him. Meanwhile Justin and Jessica's relationship was exposed by Alex, and they decided to not care anymore and make their relationship public.

Shortly afterwards, Justin started thinking she deserves better than him because of his drug addiction and broke up with her, claiming he cheated. They got back together after Clay told Jessica the reason Justin thinks she's better off without him. After finding out who murdered Bryce and about Monty's death, Justin and Ani came up with a plan to blame the murder on Monty and he, with the help of the others, set up proof for the lie Ani told the police.

At the Thanksgiving dinner, Justin admitted to the Jensens that he's not clean and asked for help, which Mrs. Jensen then promised to get him. After Kat moves away, Hannah and Justin spark an interest with each other. When Hannah wants confirmation from Kat to date him, she expresses permission for Hannah to go for it. After a flirtatious game of cat-and-mouse, Hannah eventually meets up with Justin in the park.

Their sweet date in the playground ends in a kiss, and Hannah is really into him. However, during their date, Justin sneaks a photograph with a flash of Hannah's underwear as she's coming down the slide.

After the date ends, Justin shows the photograph to Bryce and other friends, Bryce takes the phone from Justin and sends it to the school; causing rumors of Hannah being a 'slut'. This rumor that she is a 'slut' continues throughout all 13 episodes and is the very start of the downfall of Hannah Baker. Justin is also Hannah's ninth reason of why she committed suicide and one of the reasons Jessica was raped.

Hannah is hiding in the closet because a couple came in while she was in the room and she hid, after this, she was going to come out but Justin and Jessica enter the room, Justin leaves Jessica -drunk and sleeping- and comes out, to meet Bryce, from here Hannah overhears Justin and Bryce have an argument which leads to Bryce pushing Justin out the door, closing the door, and raping Jessica, who is unconsciously drunk, during the incident she becomes a little bit conscious, but not being able to fight back and tries to mumble.

After Justin tries to stop this and fails, he goes downstairs and feels guilty and disgusted at what Bryce could be doing to his girlfriend. On the other hand, Hannah is hearing and somewhat witnessing what Bryce is doing to Jessica as she hasn't come out of the closet, being too scared to move. After Bryce leaves, Hannah removes herself from the closet, throws up in the nearest bin, and puts a cover on Jessica whilst distraught at what she just witnessed happen to her friend.

Hannah blames both herself, for not being able to stop Bryce and Justin, for not pushing Bryce back and defending Jessica. But she heavily blames Bryce more than anything. Season 1 Justin, despite his mistakes, is shown to care about those he loves. He shows how much he cares about Jessica throughout and regrets the mistakes he made. He even shows concern for his troubled mother and seems to want her to be free of her abusive boyfrien though she in return does not show much care or loyalty towards Justin.

Justin is also quite irrational and short-tempered and is shown to be extremely arrogant and cruel when he wants to be. He does not appear to show much remorse for what he did to Hannah and insults her numerous times after her death, claiming she was a crazy drama queen and a liar who just "killed herself for attention". Like a majority of the others on Hannah's list he is shown to be willing to resort to extreme measures to hide the tapes and even at one point suggests they kill Clay and stage it as a suicide in order to prevent him from revealing the tapes and also intimidates him alongside Alex and Zach and threatens that he will physically assault him if he has to.

Justin is even shown to be angered at Clay for the simple reason that he is the only person on Hannah's list who is not considered one of the reasons why she killed herself but just part of her story.

He even tries to convince him that he is not as innocent as Hannah claims, though this is completely false as Hannah makes it clear Clay's name does not belong on her list, unlike Justin and the others who are guilty of horrible things and are responsible for Hannah's suicide. This is evident that Justin is afraid of the potential consequences of his actions and is desperate to protect himself and the others he cares about on the list from having their lives destroyed. It is possible however that his primary motivation for hiding the tapes is simply so that Jessica can be spared the pain of truly learning that she was raped by Bryce and that he allowed it to happen but when the truth comes out to Jessica at the end, he shows his softer side and meets breaking point.

He regrets lying to Jessica about Bryce raping her but genuinely felt as though he was doing the best thing to protect her. When Bryce sends the photo of Hannah around the school he does try to stop him, although he laughs it off and does nothing to help Hannah escape the humiliation she suffered as a result of the photo. He depended a lot on Bryce in the beginning, so he goes along with many of the things he does, whether he is sure of it or not, and says, as not to seem ungrateful.

After letting him in, he tries to pull him off but Bryce pushes him out the door. And before letting him in the guards the door to protect Jessica. After revealing to Jessica that Bryce did rape her, after consistently convincingly lying to her, Jessica is angry at him, telling him "I hate you" after slapping him.

Justin is shown to be completely broken-hearted after Jessica breaks up with him and even more so after she tells him that she never wants to see him again even after he offers to kill Bryce with his hands and face the consequences of murder. At the end of the season, it is not known where Justin is, he doesn't choose to stay at his mother's, and since he has nowhere known to stay-usually he stays at Bryce's house but he despises Bryce now and wants nothing to do with him-he seems to be homeless.

When he sees Clay, he immediately runs away and keeps telling Clay "fuck you". As Clay tells him that Jessica wants him back, he doesn't believe him. He also gets mad and wants to leave when Clay tells him that they might have to detox him. Justin is shown to still be very much in love with Jessica.

In the first half of the season, Justin only wants to come back, stay and detox because of Jessica, who, at first unbeknown to him, don't want to see him.

Whenever Clay brings up Jessica, he seems to become quiet and emotional. One day he shows up at the school, where he tells Jessica that he came back for her and will go if she wants him to. He tells her that he tried to forget her, but can't stop thinking about her.

Eventually, he and Jessica go to the police, while he knows that he would likely get arrested. Justin is in juvie for a month and gets six months probation, while Bryce gets three months probation. However; Justin isn't mad about the difference as it doesn't surprise him. Justin is also very emotional this season.

Jun 10,   Brandon plays the role of Justin Foley on 13 Reasons Why and is also dating superstar singer Sam Smith. The pair were first spotted together in . May 11,   13 Reasons Why cast members Miles Heizer and Brandon Flynn who play Alex and Justin, have been fighting off dating rumors since the show debuted. Playful photos surfaced of .

He cries or seems emotional during his detoxing, when talking to or about Jessica, after passing out at school, during his testimony, when Clay asks him if he wants him to be adopted and various other scenes. In " Bye ", after he sees Jessica kissing Alex, he goes to sit alone brooding in the locker rooms.

He also claims to be happy when asks him if he's okay but seems to lie about that as he uses heroin a few minutes later and doesn't seem to be very happy at the Spring Fling the next day. Justin is addicted to drugs, and detoxes and relapses twice.

He seems to use drugs to deal with the bad things happening in his life; after a confrontation with Bryce and seeing Jessica walk away when she sees him, he shoots up heroin in Clay's room and uses it after being released from juvie. Through the season, Justin becomes nice and caring towards Clay. In the first season and the beginning of the second season, Justin hates Clay.

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As Justin stays in Clay's room, they talk and are around each other a lot. He defends and lies for Clay to Matt and Lainie. When going to school or somewhere else, he often stays around Clay. Justin comforts Clay when he finds him curled up on the bed and when Clay almost shoots himself. He also seems to be a lot nicer towards other people; in the first season, he could also be mean to most people around him, which you never really see in the second season.

Besides that, Justin lies a lot to everyone, even when he has no reason to. He's also still a little short-tempered, as he started a school fight after Bryce lied in court.

However, in the first season, he seemed to easily get mad at his friends, but in the second season, he stays calm even when people are rude to him. Justin's personality notably changed a lot in the second season. He said himself that he is done doing "fucked up" things and that he wants to get away from who he was.

This shows that he regrets his former behavior and wants to change. He also calls himself "really fucked up" at the end of the season. Season 3. Justin has brown hair, blue eyes, and wears a Liberty High Tigers Basketball jersey jacket in most episodes of the first and third season.

He also has been seen wearing some simple white t-shirts and blue flannel shirts. In the second and third season, he often wears button-up shirts and sweaters.

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Kat, his girlfriend at the time, introduced them. Hannah saw Justin play fighting with Zach, getting wet and taking off his shirt.

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When Hannah started at Liberty, Justin approached her and talked about the party and Kat. Hannah called Kat and got her permission to date Justin instead of Zach, who Kat wanted her to hook-up with. Justin offered Hannah a ride home, which she rejected and entered the bus instead.

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Justin followed Hannah onto the school bus, asking if the seat next to her was taken. He asked her for her number, which she put in his phone. Justin texted and called Hannah when she was at home, and they decided to meet up at the Eisenhower Park. They played on the different equipment, and Hannah ended up taking the slide.

Justin took a photo while she sled down the slide, which showed her underwear. At the end of the slide, Justin caught her and they kissed. The next day, Justin showed his friends the picture of Hannah, implying they had sex.

Hannah told Jessica and Alex about what Justin did. This is the ninth reason she committed suicide and makes Justin the only person who Hannah gave two tapes. He stopped denying that Hannah told the truth after revealing to Jessica that she did get raped. Justin texted her multiple apologies and they kept texting. Justin apologized again and left when Ryan Shaver showed up. Justin revealed that after their date, he got in a fight at home and texted Hannah.

Hannah let him come over, took care of his injuries and let him sleep on her bed while she slept on the floor. The next morning, Justin kissed her before sneaking out.

Bryce noticed him coming from another direction, and bothered him about who he had slept with that night; Justin mentioned that he showed Bryce the picture to make him stop asking.

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Jessica is Justin's girlfriend. They dated in the first season and broke up at the end, hooked up in the second season and got back together in the third season. Justin and Jessica taking a selfie at the party in " Tape 5, Side A ". Justin didn't show up at school; Jessica asked Marcus and Zach if they knew where he is as he didn't answer his phone and she needed to talk to him.

She started pushing him, calling him an asshole and believed he told Mr. Porter something about her. Jessica accused him of not telling her something, and Justin asked her "What would I not be telling you?

They started talking about how Clay has the tapes and is going to mess everything up, and Justin said they'll make sure he doesn't. Jessica went to visit Justin at his house to talk, and Justin told her to be quiet as his Mom was going through a break-up. Jessica was worried about everything that was going on regarding the tapes and Justin got frustrated with her for worrying about Alex. This angered Jessica and she left, taking a bottle of vodka with her.

During a basketball game, Jessica and Bryce were flirtatious with each other, which Justin witnessed. Jessica had left the game early with Bryce and Justin confronted her about it while they were driving.

Jessica thought he was being hypocritical because he barely answers his texts and hangs out with Bryce but gets mad when she does the same. Jessica questioned what was happening to them, Justin told her that everything would be fine. She wanted to get high, and Justin mentioned that she doesn't smoke, but Jessica said she does now. Jessica trying to push Justin out of the classroom in " Tape 5, Side A ". At school, Jessica brought vodka and Justin asked her since when she drinks that.

Clay confronted Jessica about tape nine, and Jessica told him she had hooked up with Justin and they passed out. Justin told Clay to stay away from his girlfriend, while Jessica tried to get him to leave with her. Jessica started crying in his arms. Justin had to leave, but Jessica wanted him to stay for more cuddles because he always keeps her warm. Justin denied being the best boyfriend ever, but Jessica told him that he is because he takes care of her.

Before leaving, Justin noticed a bottle of vodka laying under her bed. Justin and Jessica arguing in the auditorium in " Tape 5, Side B ".

Justin snuck through her window to talk to her while Jessica wasn't in her room. Jessica found him and said that she was going to scream or call the police. Justin tried to explain his actions by saying he was scared and by listing the things Bryce had done for him. Jessica questioned if he was making excuses, but Justin told her that he just wants her to understand. Jessica breaking up with Justin in " Tape 7, Side A ". Thanks to the postcard, Clay and Tony found Justin in Oakland.

Justin immediately ran away when he saw Clay, Clay ran after and tackled him. A man came out of a building and yelled that he was going to call the police, and they both ran away.

Jessica and Justin kissing in a flashback in " The Drunk Slut ". This angered Justin and made him want to leave. When Jessica was hanging out with Alex, they kissed and she freaked out. Tony told Justin that not everyone is happy to have him back and Justin mentioned that the only thing that matters is that Jessica wants him back.

Porter asked Jessica if the reason she quit cheerleading was because Justin had returned to town. Porter wanted to know where he was staying and stated that he also needs help.

The characters on 13 Reasons Why may be navigating themselves through some troubling relationships, but IRL that couldn't be further from the truth. Many of the cast members seem like they're happily taken and living their best lives.

Others are single, but are so booked for upcoming projects that dating isn't even a thought. If you're curious whether your 13 Reasons Why crush is taken, look no further.

Who's Dating Who? Find Out Which '13 Reasons Why' Cast Members Are Single and Taken!

Before you end up binge-watching all of season 3, here's a little more about the 13 Reasons Why's cast members IRL relationship statuses. If you're lucky it might not be too late to slide into those DMs. There were once rumors that Miles Heizer was dating his co-star Brandon, but they turned out to not be true after a rep confirmed that the two were just friends.

However, it seems like another Netflix star has caught his eye. Miles didn't post anything on this own account, but did comment back with a green heart and a crying face emoji. Miles has been pretty busy over the past few years. There have also been rumors swirling that he's dating his Parenthood co-star Mae Whitman. This has never been confirmed, but it sure looks like the two are definitely BFFs.

A post shared by miles heizer younggoth on Jun 28, at am PDT. Though there were rumors that Katherine was dating her co-star Dylan, she appears to be completely single. Aside from reprising her role as Hannah Baker in the second season of 13 Reasons Why as a ghostKatherine's been working on several other projects that might not leave her with enough time for dating.

In October 18, she was cast as the teenage version of Tony Stark's daughter in Avengers: Endgame, but the scene ended up confusing test audiences so unfortunately it was cut from the final film version. You might not catch Katherine on a date, but you can soon go see her in her new film Knives Out. No, Dylan, who plays Clay Jensen, isn't dating Katherine. He's actually in a relationship with a singer name Lydia Night.

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