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Jane and Rafael meet at the end of summer , after Jane has spent the summer crushing on Rafael from a distance. Jane's longing for security and stability, combined with Rafael's abandonment and mistreatment by his family [4] [5] , causes a lot of complications, not to mention Petra and Michael's eternal scheming to break them up. After seeing her marry someone else, Rafael is finally able to move on from Jane, and this changes the dynamic of their co-parenting Mateo, with Rafael voicing his opinions much more. Rafael and Jane have become best friends and support each other through life. Rafael was Jane's teenage crush. They met while she was working at a yacht club restaurant and allowed him in after hours.

Eventually, they cede that it's more about their rivalry than actually being Room Mom, and in a surprise turn, Rafael is elected as the new Room Mom.

Before this Rafael abstains from voting but tells Petra that him always choosing Jane is not the case anymore.

Rafael comforts Petra about the girls' dragon drawing of her, saying it's because she's a protector and that's how he sees her. Jane and Rafael get an aide for Mateo, who insists on getting to know Mateo without preconceptions and they get answers to their worries about Mateo: the aide, Alex, assures them Mateo has not been negatively affected by either Michael's death nor Rafael's time away in jail. Alex tells Rafael that Rafael is Mateo's hero and Rafael is incredibly relieved and moved to tears, feeling he has realised his dream of being a good father to his children.

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Rafael and Petra get closer and, though they are hesitant at the possible consequences, they sleep together. After Jane accidentally finds Petra naked in the closet, she later tells Rafael that Petra might be into him, as it took her years to get over him.

Rafael Solano Di Nola

When Rafael and Petra try to help Jane get back on the dating scene, Petra flirts with Rafael and he's into it. It turns out that Petra's trying to make Chuck jealous, so Rafael agrees to flirt with her but gets disappointed that it's all for show.

Jane The Virgin 4?08 Rafael kisses Jane- Jane and Rafael stay together- Jafael moments

He later talks to Jane when she calls, freaked out on her first date, and Rafael helps and supports her. It's clear that Rafael has feelings for Petra and is sad when Chuck shows up at her door and they reconcile. Raf's annoyed that Luisa didn't give notice and apologizes to Jane, but she tells him it's alright. Rafael's friend Elvis Yeager that he hired for the Marbella turns out not to be an ex-con Raf met in prison, but actually, a PI who's helping Rafael safeguard against Sin Rostro.

They bug the room Luisa's meant to stay in for that purpose. Luisa kinda pushes to meet Raf's kids, but he holds back until Elvis is going to search Luisa's room and Raf stalls by saying they can have a real talk about her meeting the kids. Simultaneously, Rafael is having trouble keeping his feelings for Petra under wraps. He is really proud of their girls, who are taking a test for a Gifted and Talented Program, but gets jealous when the girls are affectionate with Chuck.

Are jane and rafael dating in real life

Despite Petra not telling the smart twins, Raf learns that they figured out that Chuck is Petra's boyfriend. Jane notices Rafael longingly glance at Petra and Rafael reveals to her that he has feelings for Petra. Jane cautions that she doesn't want Petra to get hurt and that Rafael should be sure before starting something with her.

Having overheard Jane and Alba talk, Mateo's worried that his Bisa will be taken away, so Rafael and Jane talk to him about it at the penthouse, telling him not to worry about Alba.

The following morning, Raf seems to have been wrestling with what to do and finally decides to call Petra and tell her the truth. He gets her voicemail and tells her that he has feelings for her.

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Rafael is hurt, but he and Jane share many moments, both with each other and Mateo, as Jane's feelings for Rafael have resurfaced.

Although he doesn't know, Rafael doesn't seem to regard Jane only with the feelings of friendship, a possibility of more evident in his actions.

She makes him a grilled cheese sandwich, they talk for hours about life, hopes, and dreams, and he kisses her. Rafael and Luisa sit through a dinner with their father, Emilio Solano, who proceeds to tell Rafael what a disappointment he is. Rafael sets his sights on Petra as revenge. Petra and Rafael are pregnant and they are having a boy.

Rafael gets cancer and while in treatment, has a talk with his sister, Luisa, who encourages him to find a way he could change is life to feel better. Rafael's mother abandoned the family the day after Rafael's 4th birthday in [6]. Well, allegedly the family as she has recently been outed as the crime lord Mutter [50].

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Rafael did not see her again until they met up for the first time since, in [8]. Elena told Rafael that she took 10 million dollars from Emilio Solano in exchange for staying away from Rafael and Rafael refused to speak with her again. However, Petra recently convinced him to give it another chance, after which he was drugged and sedated by her.

Michael and Rafael proceeded to work together to find out as much as possible about Mutter, which ended up finally having her arrested. She was murdered by Sin Rostro while in prison, leaving a clue to a bank account which led to the reveal that she adopted Rafael from Italy and was not his biological mother.

Rafael's father was murdered by Sin Rostro and, though initially focusing on furthering his father's business legacy, Rafael came to terms with his true feelings about Emilio Solano: he was not a good father, and he never put family first - something Rafael himself cares most about.

Rafael later found out that Emilio was a thief and led a life of crime. While Emilio was alive, both in flashbacks and episodes, he is condescending and cold toward Rafael, treating him with little respect and refusing to see the potential and change in his son, who also suffered through cancer. Throughout their childhood with an emotionally unavailable father and absent mothers, it appears from the Pilot onwards that Rafael and Luisa have formed a very close-knit bond, in lieu of any other emotional connection in their life.

Luisa supported Rafael through his illness and Rafael supported Luisa's career as a doctor when she was unable to practice otherwise, due to a history of alcoholism.

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Rafael is mainly focused on the hotel and proving himself in business in Season 1, whereas Luisa is emotionally adrift, seeking connection and stability in a very direct way. Rafael's priorities completely shift just before Mateo is born and he is now focused on being a good parent and may eventually focus more on family life. Luisa, however, is still searching for comfort and home, and so the two continue to be divided in their character, though united by shared experiences and blood. Jane and Rafael are the co-parents of Mateo Solano Villanueva.

They started a whirlwind romance in Season 1, weathering very serious challenges - such as the re-introduction of Rafael's mother, Elena Di Nola, when Jane had the amnio to make certain that the baby was okay, Petra's constant scheming, Sin Rostro's crimes in The Marbella, Luisa's relationship with Sin Rostro and Rafael's father's death - with strength and character.

When it got too overwhelming for Rafael to feel as alone and abandoned as he did, he broke up with Jane. In Season 2, Jane chose Michael over Rafael.

Then chose Mateo over any romance, after an altercation between Michael and Rafael caused Mateo to be harmed. Jane and Rafael slowly reconnected after this and started anew - only to drift apart again on the revelation of Rafael's lies and contribution to Michael's firing.

Jane then found understanding for Rafael's actions, and together, through it all, they have managed to always put Mateo first. Inthree years after Michael's death, they've been successfully co-parenting and are best friends. They eventually marry in Chapter One Hundred.

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Petra leaves Lachlan for Rafael and they marry. Petra is pregnant with a boy but has a miscarriage. InRafael divorces Petra after finding out she cheated on him with his college roommate, Roman Zazo. InPetra acquires and inseminates herself with a surprising another sample of Rafael's, in the hopes that there might be a chance for the two to reconcile. After Rafael makes it clear that they have no future, they slowly develop a friendship and successfully co-parent.

InRafael finds himself having feelings for Petra. They get together, only to break up because Petra believes that Rafael still has feelings for Jane.

Rafael Solano

Petra and Rafael are still close friends and successful co-parents to the twins. Two years after Rafael went prison, he starts dating Abbey.

Nov 03,   And now that Jane is back with Adam and things with Rafael (Justin Baldoni) are so rocky, we can't help but look back on all of Jane's many romantic flings to see how all the men in her life stack Sadie Gennis. May 10,   JANE THE VIRGIN Season 5: Real-Life Couples Exposed!!! In this video, we will tell you about the personal lives of some of the actors who played the roles of our favorite WW Media. Jane& Rafael is a relationship on Jane the Virgin, portrayed by Gina Rodriguez and Justin Baldoni. Jane and Rafael meet at the end of summer , after Jane has spent the summer crushing on Rafael from a distance. They have an amazing talk and kiss, but Rafael never calls Jane. Five years later, Jane is working at The Marbella hotel when Rafael, newly recovered Characters: Jane Villanueva & Rafael Solano.

Abbey is fine with Rafael keeping close with his exes, Jane and Petra, in order to maintain the family. When Abbey starts talking about moving in with Rafael, Rafael starts questioning their relationship, which Abbey overhears. As a result of that, Abbey and Rafael end their relationship.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Yeah, no. Dax was the worst. Fabian Francisco San Martin.

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Fabian was a total dummy, but he wasn't without his redeeming qualities. When Jane first began her fling with Fabian, he was completely doting towards her and so unafraid of commitment it was almost scary.

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However, Jane and Fabian's different expectations regarding the nature of their relationship showed a darker side of Fabian, with him lashing out at her and Rogelio when he learned Jane only was using him for sex. This is no knock on Dennis, per se, but he and Jane were never going to work. No matter how funny or understanding Dennis could be, nothing was ever going to change the fact that he was Michael's old partner.

Jane needed someone who could help take her mind off the loss of Michael and Dennis did the exact opposite. Sam Miles Gaston Villanueva. Oh Sam, we hardly knew 'ye - which is actually going to work in your favor right now. Because we know so little about Sam other than the fact that he was worthy of a month long crush on Jane's part, we can let our imaginations run wild.

Before she met Michael, Sam was Jane's perfect guy: smart, handsome, a total bookworm. It was only Jane's chance meeting with Michael at her 21st birthday party that ended her relationship with Sam and ended the first of her many, many love triangles.

Adam seems like a very sweet person and we love the way he's been able to help Jane reconnect with a more carefree side of herself. That being said, he has a lot of maturing to do before we can see him and Jane making a go of it long-term.

Sure, he's really good with Mateo, but is Adam really ready for the commitment of being a step-father? Hell no! They decide to take small steps and get to know each other, to build a solid foundation first. Rafael also has to get over the hurdle that is Xiomara favoring Michael [20]but when Xo sees how invested Rafael is in Jane's well-being and their future with the baby, she realizes that he's a good guy.

Jane makes every effort to be there for him and they tell each other 'I love you' for the first time, Jane saying it first. Devastated by his mother's willingness to leave him behind for money, Rafael sinks into a dark, lonely sadness and decides to honor his father's memory by focusing his energy solely on the family business.

They try therapy and the counselor acutely states that Rafael doesn't seem to have room for working on a romance with everything that has happened to him. After talking with Luisa, Rafael forgoes the family empire, save for The Marbella, to focus on what he really cares about: family and love.

Rafael goes to Jane and tells her that he does love her and that he lied to her so it would be easier for her to move on. Shocked, hurt and angry at being handled, Jane tells Rafael to leave and though Rafael persistently reminds Jane that she is where he wants to be, Jane has eyes only for Mateo [7].

When they get Mateo back, they both try to adjust to life as co-parents who are not in a relationship, as they both had pictured it [27]. Rafael stays a few weeks with the Villanuevas just after Mateo's birth. Jane tries to make a decision between her suitors [11] and chooses to be with Michael, but Michael's aggressive reaction to a witness statement about his letting Nadine go hurts Mateo, and Jane chooses her baby's life and family Rafael over her love life [28].

Rafael is mad at Jane for defending Michael's unwarranted physical attack on Rafael, but they slowly make up and spend some time getting to know each other better as friends and co-parents [29]. After 5 months, Rafael asks Jane out, but their date is short-lived when Jane discovers that Rafael turned Michael in and lied to Jane about it [30].

After fighting a great deal about this, they go to counseling to try and find a solution, where Jane suddenly realizes that Rafael's fears were founded and she may have a blind spot where Michael is concerned [10].

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Rafael is still in love with Jane [31]while Jane tries casual dating for a while, and when he finally tells her how he feels, Jane tells him that her feelings changed and that's why they're not together [32]. Rafael is devastated and starts casual liaisons with different women, even unsuccessfully attempting twice [33] to get back with Petra [32] out of hurt over losing Jane. Though Rafael is heartbroken over the rejection and Jane marrying Michael, they focus on what is best for Mateo and do their best to work on their co-parenting relationship.

Rafael considers telling Jane how much he loves her and not to marry Michael, but he doesn't, once he sees how happy she is, which is all he wants for her.

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