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Not to be confused with Tweek vs. It was aired on October 28, A rumor about a homosexual relationship between Craig Tucker and Tweek Tweak has spread throughout the town of South Park. Meanwhile, Eric Cartman 's Cupid counterpart tries to start a homosexual relationship with him. Wendy Testaburger presents a slideshow of art Yaoi drawn by the Asian Girls in at the school assembly.

Xi tells Randy that Yaoi comes from Japanbut Stan walks in and Randy once again pretends he knows what he is talking about.

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Cartman receives flowers from an anonymous person, attached with a note that says "Can't we just try? Cartman and Cupid Me have a serious talk about this one-sided relationship, and Cartman cuts Cupid Me off, claiming still that he's not a homosexual. Craig shows up at Tweek's house, and tells Tweek that he has a plan to "put a stop to this.

At Skeeter's BarThomas is drowning his sorrows, complaining "why does this have to happen to my son? The boys look up Yaoi, but are still confused as to why it exists in the first place. In front of the Asian Girls, Craig and Tweek stage their "break-up", but unfortunately, Tweek goes too far and creates a "Michael".

Tweek continues and tells Craig he just uses people and steps on them. He runs off in tears, and Wendy follows after him. The students are disgusted at Craig for "breaking up" with Tweek. Another musical interlude, " Say Something ". The plan works, but now everyone is sad about Tweek and Craig "breaking up", and the Yaoi art about them has been replaced with sadder murals depicting Tweek as the victim. The Mayor is seen standing in front of a gravestone, suggesting she is a widow to the man in the picture on her desk.

Are tweek and craig really dating

Cartman shows up at a gay bar called Ruffian'swhere he tells Cupid Me that they need him to help Craig and Tweek get back together, which Cupid Me only accepts after the promise of one date with Cartman.

It is shown that only Cartman can see Cupid Me a figment of his demented imaginationas everyone else thinks he's talking to himself. Tweek comes to Craig's house and tries to make up with him.

Not to mention, Craig is basically the only one who made Tweek believe in himself and the only one who can really calm him down to think, and Tweek has made Craig learn how to actually care about people and not just flip people off all the time, he actually has some empathy because of Tweek. Craig, Clyde, Token, Jimmy, and Tweek were all at Jimmys house, watching a movie. Jimmys parents were out for the night and Deadpool was just uploaded to Netflix. Everyone started laughing from a joke, except Craig didn't tiendakiteboarding.coms: Craig is pissed off because Tweek made him look bad when they had their fake breakup. But then Tweek confesses that Craig made him feel "like he's never felt before", and then approaches Craig and says "I just want to fix whatever's hurting you now." Craig looks up in shock, because those aren't the words of someone who's still pretending.

He tells Craig that he made him believe in himself more than anyone else has done before, and that everyone is sad now. Craig refuses and points out that Tweek went way too far in the fake break up, and now he'll never get any girls. He then tells Tweek that he's going to have to go be gay with someone else. Inside, Thomas is talking to Laura Tucker about how he feels about the whole situation.

He says that in his time, homosexuality just wasn't accepted.

Youtubers react to Tweek and Craigs ultimate in south park factured but whole (put subtitles on)

Cupid Me shows up and shoots Thomas with a love arrow, and pees in his mouth as well. Thomas opens up, and tells Craig that he can't fight being gay, and that he supports him. Without saying anything, he extends his hand. By the events of the Season 21 episode, " Put It Down ", their relationship is revisited and developed further. Craig notably refers to Tweek by pet names such as "babe" and "honey" a few times, even when speaking in private, though Tweek does not use such terms of endearment.

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Craig is urged by his friends to calm his boyfriend's anxiety, which leads to tension as Tweek takes his rational and logical approach as dismissive, though they continue to seek each other out. After a trip to the amusement park leads to an argument between them, with Tweek upset that Craig seems too focused on problem-solving and not enough on helping him sort through his emotions, Craig eventually learns from Heidi and Cartman to be supportive of helping him understand his emotions, and after helping calm Tweek down on his own terms, the two boys lead their class together in song at the episode's closure.

They can still be seen holding hands together in multiple later episodes, including on their way to seeing Heidi and Cartman's fight and watching television together at Stan's House.

Nov 07,   Whether they are gay or straight is irrelevant, because Tweek and Craig will do whatever schoolmates/society are telling them to. That's the point of both "Tweek vs. Craig" and "Tweek x Craig." So if they really are attracted to each other, they will probably get back in . Interpretations of the group. Matt south park s19 e6 tweek damien pip. Fern x tweek x craig tweek x craig are just really great but what is a school are going on wikia, the best. It's fans. Tank is still dating trey. S3 ep5 dating simulator is going on wattpad kenny x craig tucker developing feelings for .

While they are onscreen for a large part of the season 21 finale, " Splatty Tomato ", their main interaction as a couple is Craig trying to comfort Tweek on a wooden bench after seeing the Presidentonly to suggest that he doesn't believe him and that he was just seeing things. Other children soon substantiate that Garrison is present, and both Tweek and Craig join their journey into the woods. Their relationship was referenced in the season 22 episode, " Buddha Box ", where Cartman uses a device that allows him to focus on his phone, claiming he has an anxiety disorder.

He suggests that Craig may prefer to spend more time on his phone than dealing with Tweek's "emotional problems", and he is later seen using the device, leading to Tweek being concerned for his well-being. Their relationship forms a key component in the second video game, South Park: The Fractured But Wholehaving broken up shortly before the game's events.

When the player arrives at Craig's House for a mission early in the game, Craig as Super Craig declares openly that he is gay and tells the player that his looking for his guinea pig Stripe 4which belongs to him and his "ex-boyfriend" Tweek.

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Later in the story, Craig asked the player to deliver a note to Tweek requesting his laptop. As Tweek reads the letter he said that he will give him his laptop if Craig returns Stripe 4 since he paid for him.

Craig agrees and sends the player to get the guinea pig.

Tweek x Craig

After the player gives the guinea pig to Tweek, Tweek gives him the laptop; but before he can give it back to Craig, Tweek's father stops the player and tells him that he appreciates him trying to help them. At Relationship Counseling, Mr. Mackey tells them that they need to overcome all of this before telling them to fight them. After beating Expectations, Mr.

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Mackey tells them that Expectations doesn't go down easy and that there's always more expectations, which brings more students for them to battle. Mackey encourages them to work together if they're gonna eliminate all of the Expectations. Craig agrees and convinces Tweek that they can do it together, which unlocks their ultimate: Eros Eruption.

With the battle won, both Tweek and Craig feel much better and reconcile their relationship and can be played on the battlefield together, and the player can also befriend their parents.

In addition, a mission involves collecting Yaoi art of the two throughout the town.

After Eros Eruption, some buddies will comment on the ultimate even Thief Craig but due to a bug, these can be only heard when Craig uses his original ultimate. There are various cards relating to Craig and Tweek within South Park: Phone Destroyer, but special attention was paid within the Mystic theme to them, with Imp Tweek and Youth Pastor Craig appearing during story gameplay and leading to a popular AU among Creek shippers that has since become infamous in the fandom's shipping community.

The background for the event was even Yaoi art. Due to this pairing's longevity and popularity, it has been subject to a number of small and relatively civil debates within fandom discourse, particularly on tiendakiteboarding.com. Craig has generally been portrayed as the dominant one in the Creek relationship due to the fact that he seems to be described as more stereotypically masculine, physically and personality-wise, generally being tougher and more down-to-earth than Tweek, who is portrayed with more 'feminine' associated traits as emotional, anxious and fearful.

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The fact that Craig is animated as slightly taller than many other child characters also contributes to this. I and many other fans just think they're putting on a show until people forget about them. Use the search links below: US version. Or maybe not. As long as they get paid for it.

Phase 1: Pretend to be a gay couple. Phase 2:? Phase 3: Profit!

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That's the point of both "Tweek vs. Craig" and "Tweek x Craig. But if they are not, they will suffer pretending to be in love until the Asian girls leave them alone.

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Either way, serves them right for being a couple of greedy conformist bitches unable to stand their ground! JamesPup wrote: I hope that Tweek and Craig are a couple for some time to be.

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