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Shaggy and Fred try to make small talk. They are two polar opposite of one another, yet still manage to get along. Despite the fact they have practically nothing in common and they couldn't be any more different if they tried, they have managed to form a very close friendship with their interest in solving mysteries - although Fred is certainly confident in tackling monsters, whereas Shaggy is fearful and prefers to run away from them. Fred got annoyed with Shaggy for shakily holding his camcorder while he unmasked what he thought to be a fake dead body. Fred was upset and actually crying for Shaggy and Scooby-Doo who had to say goodbye to their alien girlfriends forever. Though later he is seen trying to comfort heartbroken Shaggy and Scooby before going back home.

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Do you like this video? For their relationship in other continiuties, see Shaggy Rogers and Fred Jones disambiguation. Contents [ show ]. Stage Frightdirect-to-video film Curse of the Lake MonsterShaggy becomes smitten with Velma very early on in the film. From that point on, he follows Velma around, slowly working up the courage to ask her out on a date.

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Velma is oblivious to all this partly due to being possessed by Wanda Grubwort until Shaggy eventually does ask her out; she reluctantly agrees. Scooby once again jealous of this new, budding relationship attempts to sabotage the date.

Velma leaves early after getting the moonstone Shaggy was planning to give to her later. To Shaggy, it appeared that date did not go well.

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Later, it is revealed to the gang that Velma is possessed. Shaggy is able to save her by complimenting her and singing "By the Light of the Silvery Moon".

May 24,   In the original iteration of the series, Velma was supposed to be Shaggy's girlfriend. The cartoon world at that time dictated that distractions like love triangles and potential homoeroticism (Shaggy and Fred for example) did not exist. That meant that if Fred "had" Daphne then Shaggy must "have" Velma as a counterbalance. Relationships. Category page. Edit. History Talk (0) Shaggy Rogers and Fred Jones (Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!) Shaggy Rogers and Fred Jones (Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated) Scoobypedia is a FANDOM TV Community. View Mobile Site JokeyPsych EndgameHonest GalaxyQuest. For Daphne she thought of shaggy like a brother to her and they got each other's backs. And she's good with Scooby and while she was dating fred, she thought he was the guy she wanted to spend her life with.

When Velma comes to, she asks Shaggy if he meant the things he said; he confirms that he meant every word. Goaded on by Fred and Daphne, they kiss each other only to come to the conclusion that there is no chemistry between them. They agree to stay friends, and Scooby gives a sigh of relief.

Examples are the fact that Velma was often paired with Shaggy when the gang looks for clues; for example:. Velma has been voiced by several actresses. From toNicole Jaffe voiced Velma; from tothe late Pat Stevens voiced the character. From toMarla Frumkin provided her voice.

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Ward voiced Velma in a Johnny Bravo crossover episode. Ward reprised her role continually as Velma though the animated movie Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase.

Mystery Incorporate as well as all movies made sinceVelma is voiced by Mindy Cohn. In the and live-action movies, Velma is played by Linda Cardellini. Velma is portrayed by Hayley Kiyoko in the live-action movie Scooby-Doo! Over the years, fans have come to ship Daphne and Shaggy due to their strong friendship. She worries about him and laughs at his jokes. Fans also like the prospect of Fred and Velma dating as it would encompass the trope of the jock falling for the geek.

It was noted that they were both the brains of most of the operations. Each character has certain phrases that they say throughout the show. The live-action ScDoo movies, directed by James Gunn, were almost very different from the movies we love today. Vanity Fair reported that Gunn wanted to fill the movie with cursing, grown-up jokes, and more. Like most couples, Fred and Daphne have nicknames that only they called each other.

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This nickname has obvious origins as Daphne frequently is the damsel in distress. She finds herself taken the most often and, at least when the show first started, she needed saving.

Fred and shaggy dating

When the live action films were released, this quirk was modified by her knowledge of martial arts. The Mystery Machine is the van that the gang uses to get where they need to go. Fred owns the van but lets the others borrow it when need be.

However, he does most of the driving. Letting Daphne ride shotgun is a special privilege and gives way to how highly he thinks of her.


While she is first unimpressed with him, he instantly recognizes her innovativeness. The van originally belonged to a band called the Mystery Kids before the painter and pianist left. The person runs off and the team comes forward to investigate. Fred and Daphne immediately presume their roles as the obvious clue seekers, pointing out names written in and around the car in question. They start walking around the car and are clearly the more dominate figureheads.

They bounce off each other and immediately show a strong, unified connection. When the gang separates, Daphne continues her crime pursuits by becoming a journalist. The first time they came apart, she acted as a freelance reporter. The second time she combined her love of beauty and attention and headlined the show Coast To Coast with Daphne Blake.

Fred also played a role on the show.

Quote: "In the end they had guessed that Daphne who was ambitious would probably be in Slytherin, Fred who was a brave leader would be in Gryffindor, Velma who was very smart would be in Ravenclaw, and Shaggy who was loyal and honest would be in Hufflepuff". Shaggy walks into the Malt Shop happy as ever. The rest of the gang is sitting in their regular seat. Velma: Hey, Shaggy. Why are you so happy? Fred: I set him up with a blind date. Daphne: Ugh! I don't like blind dating Fred: Why? Daphne: Because you . Mystery Incorporated, Velma and Shaggy have begun dating. In this new series, Velma is pushing Shaggy to be more intimate. Shaggy, however, is hesitant due to his desire to hide the relationship from Scooby until he feels confident enough to tell Scooby. This caused some tension between Shaggy and Velma.

As a two-person team, they showcased crimes and reported them to the public. The show only made one appearance before the team was once again reunited.

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Fred also continued his crime pursuits by becoming a novelist. While he never published any works, the effort was certainly put forth. His writing passion comes from his love of magazines such as the National Exaggerator, which he was hired to write an article for once. He basically acted as the entire crew to make her show a reality. For a time, he worked as a construction worker with Shaggy and Scooby for extra money.

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They sing a duet that follows their love story. The song was composed by Fred but written by Daphne. As close as friends can be.

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