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The date for the Jane the Virgin series finale has been officially set for July 31, which means that there are less than 10 episodes for Jane to get her romantic, happy ending. Which she'll definitely get, because anything else would be too cruel, right? Jane has been single for four long episodes since she let Michael go earlier on this season of Jane The Virgin and asked Rafael to take her back. Although he's seeing other people now, a Jane and Rafael relationship timeline from Jane the Virgin may remind you why this pair is endgame. Whether you believe it was fate or just Raf's sister's carelessness that brought these two together, Jane and Rafael do seem destined for one another.

Rather, they are upset that Alba won the bet of when Jane and Rafael would announce their relationship.

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Petra, on the other hand, does not seem to take the news very pleasantly. She is seen mocking Jane and Rafael, comparing it to sophomore year of high school.

Jane& Rafael is a relationship on Jane the Virgin, portrayed by Gina Rodriguez and Justin Baldoni. Jane and Rafael meet at the end of summer , after Jane has spent the summer crushing on Rafael from a distance. They have an amazing talk and kiss, but Rafael never calls Jane. Five years later, Jane is working at The Marbella hotel when Rafael, newly recovered Characters: Jane Villanueva & Rafael Solano. Jane and Rafael | Jane the Virgin Wiki | .

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Bethel Music worship artist who lost 2-y-o daughter: 'Worth every one of the million tears'. Rafael also has to get over the hurdle that is Xiomara favoring Michael [20]but when Xo sees how invested Rafael is in Jane's well-being and their future with the baby, she realizes that he's a good guy.

Jane makes every effort to be there for him and they tell each other 'I love you' for the first time, Jane saying it first. Devastated by his mother's willingness to leave him behind for money, Rafael sinks into a dark, lonely sadness and decides to honor his father's memory by focusing his energy solely on the family business.

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They try therapy and the counselor acutely states that Rafael doesn't seem to have room for working on a romance with everything that has happened to him. After talking with Luisa, Rafael forgoes the family empire, save for The Marbella, to focus on what he really cares about: family and love.

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Rafael goes to Jane and tells her that he does love her and that he lied to her so it would be easier for her to move on. Shocked, hurt and angry at being handled, Jane tells Rafael to leave and though Rafael persistently reminds Jane that she is where he wants to be, Jane has eyes only for Mateo [7].

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When they get Mateo back, they both try to adjust to life as co-parents who are not in a relationship, as they both had pictured it [27]. Rafael stays a few weeks with the Villanuevas just after Mateo's birth.


Jane tries to make a decision between her suitors [11] and chooses to be with Michael, but Michael's aggressive reaction to a witness statement about his letting Nadine go hurts Mateo, and Jane chooses her baby's life and family Rafael over her love life [28].

Rafael is mad at Jane for defending Michael's unwarranted physical attack on Rafael, but they slowly make up and spend some time getting to know each other better as friends and co-parents [29].

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After 5 months, Rafael asks Jane out, but their date is short-lived when Jane discovers that Rafael turned Michael in and lied to Jane about it [30]. After fighting a great deal about this, they go to counseling to try and find a solution, where Jane suddenly realizes that Rafael's fears were founded and she may have a blind spot where Michael is concerned [10].

Rafael is still in love with Jane [31]while Jane tries casual dating for a while, and when he finally tells her how he feels, Jane tells him that her feelings changed and that's why they're not together [32].

Jane and rafael dating

Rafael is devastated and starts casual liaisons with different women, even unsuccessfully attempting twice [33] to get back with Petra [32] out of hurt over losing Jane. Though Rafael is heartbroken over the rejection and Jane marrying Michael, they focus on what is best for Mateo and do their best to work on their co-parenting relationship.

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Rafael considers telling Jane how much he loves her and not to marry Michael, but he doesn't, once he sees how happy she is, which is all he wants for her. After seeing Jane marry another man, Rafael is finally able to move on from Jane, which changes their relationship: now that Rafael is no longer in love and looking to please Jane, in terms of raising Mateo, he puts his foot down more, which Jane has a bit of trouble adjusting to.

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Jane and Rafael have had more than their fair share of ups and downs over the years, and Jane's hesitation throughout the hour continues this trend. Although Rafael came prepared with a list of counter-arguments to Jane's thought out reasons of they wouldn't work out - something that screams Jane on nearly every level - Jane still wasn't willing to consider a relationship or the idea that he'd merely caught her off guard by his kiss.

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He eventually came to accept he needed to give up the possibility of a relationship with Jane, which had lived in the back of his mind for a long time. But by the end of the hour, though, after he signed a lease on a studio apartment within Mateo's school district so their son didn't have to lie about where he lived, something had changed.

At the very least, Jane felt a familiar desire for Rafael, opening a door to the possibility of more.

But Jane taking a moment to reassess her feelings within the boundaries of their current relationship is in line with where her character is now. After all, she is still recovering from her breakup and her book receiving mediocre reviews.

Embarking on yet another serious relationship, especially with someone with whom she shares a long history, is a big step to make and something that should not be rushed into simply because it checks the destiny box.

That's not to say it can't or shouldn't be done, of course, just that it's a risk, especially when Jane's heart isn't the only one on the line.

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The stakes are potentially much higher for Jane and Rafael now than if either of them were attempting to date other people because of what it potentially means for them as a family. Mateo has a vested interest, even at his young age, in his parents' relationship working out.

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He's no longer the small child he once was, which means he's aware of his surroundings and his parents' actions. Jane and Rafael can't make choices without explanations the way they once could, which may actually work in their favor, because it keeps their story, however fated it may or may not be, grounded. Despite the loaded situation they currently find themselves in, there is one very important thing working in Jane and Rafael's favor: their deep friendship.

Jane and Rafael's first attempt at a relationship largely fell apart in Season 1 because they entered into it without knowing one another and because part of her heart still belong to Michael, obviously.

Jan 27,   Jane the Virgin has always entertained the idea that Jane and Rafael were a fated, fairy-tale romance, something that falls in line with Jane's own romantic notion of Author: Kaitlin Thomas. Jun 12,   Jane and Rafael spend most of Season 1 as boyfriend and girlfriend, but Rafael wants to hit the gas and move in together. When Jane is hesitant, his solution is a grand and elaborate proposal at a Author: Caitlin Gallagher. Rather, they are upset that Alba won the bet of when Jane and Rafael would announce their relationship. Petra, on the other hand, does not seem to take the news very pleasantly. She is seen mocking Jane and Rafael, comparing it to sophomore year of high school. "Jane the Virgin" season 4 airs Fridays, at 9 p.m. EST on The Denise See.

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