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The element of Taurus is earth ; therefore they are grounded and practical people. The main planet of this sign is Venus , and it comes with a lot of feminine energy. They are social, caring and honest and tend to have a huge ego. One of the things that might come in their way of reaching goals is the strong attraction towards the opposite sex. Based on dating a Taurus facts, this sign is a romantic, always searching for the one true love. Still, they sometimes enjoy a bit of a game, just to see if the other party can match their intelligence. They can be loyal and caring partners if the other half responds with the same.

The Taurus woman is very dependable and reliable. If she tells you she's going to something, she will.

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On time. She'd like it if you'd do the same, but she's pretty forgiving if don't. She's even-tempered most of the time and generally pleasant to be around. She's not known for being spur of the moment and this could drive you mad if you want to make an ice cream run in the middle of the night and she refuses to hand the keys over because you should be sleeping, but hey, better safe than erratic and utiendakiteboarding.comedictable. She's also very loyal and will be there when you need her - but you'd better be prepared to be the same in return or you will hear about it!

The Taurus woman is very genuine and she doesn't affect a new personality in an attempt to land a new friend or client. She's always herself - so you'd better be as well, cos she hates fake people. This could, and often does mean, she's got unusual, eccentric friends, and you'd better respect them as well because she will not tolerate anyone crapping on her buddies.

She will want you to be a real man, as well.

How to Seduce a Taurus Woman

I have to say, if you're not looking for flash, the Taurus woman could be the perfect woman. She's got a good temperament, doesn't whine about her work or responsibilities, knows how to raise a family and be a loving wife, is feminine but not too girlie, romantic but not needy, capable of living on a budget and keeping track of her own finances, and capable of running the household if her man can't hack it.

Note that just because she's got a good temperament doesn't mean she doesn't have a temper, though - it just means she doesn't lose it as often as the rest of us!

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How to get a Taurus woman back: Show her you've changed, but you may have to prove this over a long period time before she gives you a second chance. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

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To provide a better website experience, pairedlife. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Once he is sure about your relationship, he will share his deepest thoughts with you.

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Men born under this sun sign are loyal and steady. They take their time on choosing a partner to start dating with, and even more, time to truly open up.

The Taurus woman is a deeply sensual being, and regards sex as one of the greatest art forms. She loves lots of foreplay, cuddling, mutual massage, and long, languorous hours of touch. No wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am business is going down in her arena - no sir! This lady is . Taurus women are earthy, sensuous and loyal. Born between April 22 and May 21, Taurus women are sensual, loyal creatures ruled by the planet Venus. Of course, this tends to make the Taurus woman very much a romantic at heart. Quick Navigation: quickly access important pages of the site or skip to sections within the page. Quick Navigation (Alt+1) ^v to navigate. Feb 22, Tongue-tied and totally twisted-you make eye contact and nothing happens. When in doubt, say hello. That's the first step to .

He loves to be in charge. In order to feel good about himself, he needs to be able to provide for his partner. They will take charge of handling the family finances, and they are truly practical.

Taurus Singles Reading February 2020...."Heartbroken Bitter Woman" Tarot Reading February

Therefore your household will thrive. In his sex life, Taurus is also slow and steady.

Taurus woman single

He enjoys sex not only physically but also emotionally. He enjoys foreplay and believes it makes you connect more as a couple. Forget about playing games.

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They are very intelligent and classy and consider that to be their main strength. She is very honest, and there is never some hidden agenda with her. The main thing this woman is looking for in her partner is stability - emotional and financial. She is perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but she needs to know, that in time of crisis you will be there to support her. She appreciates a partner with his own interests and aspirations. This woman can be very supportive and help you with anything if she feels you deserve it.

For her love only comes together with a sense of stability. In her sex life, she will let you in only when she feels you are stable enough and ready for a commitment.

Based on the Taurus sexualityshe enjoys physical pleasures and needs intimacy.

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Make sure to pay enough attention to her body in foreplay and always hold her after sex. For dating a Taurus facts, both male and female Taurus has excellent romantic compatibility with CancerVirgoCapricornand Pisces. These are the people who will understand the nature of this sign and will make the perfect match in life. For dating a Taurus facts, they can have a good relationship with the same sign of the zodiac and Scorpio. Two Tauruses will have a good companionship because no one can understand them better, but this relationship might lack balancing out the negative traits of Taurus.

Dating a Scorpio is never easy, and the constant drama that comes with a Scorpio can be a bit too much for this star sign. She is incredibly affected by her personal environment, and she will make sure that when you walk into her house, you feel as comfortable and at home there as she does.

Her furnishings are practical and cozy, often well lived in, but well taken care of, too.

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Low light and candles burning create an intimate atmosphere for the seduction of the senses that she so innately understands. The scent of fine incense often lingers in the air, and she may be fond of smudging her rooms regularly with sage or cedar.


Taurus women are excellent nurturers, and often make fantastic cooks - usually of healthy, stick-to-your ribs meals. No child of a Taurus mother will ever go hungry or want for any creature comfort. Warm, snuggly blankets abound on all the beds, and the chairs and sofas may be softened further with fluffy sheepskins. This is a space for mother and child to lounge, cuddle, read stories, sing songs, eat delicious and nourishing porridge, and gaze wonderingly at interesting rocks and lichens.

Touch is important to a Taurus, and she makes a very hands-on parentalways ready with a loving hug or hand to hold. Routine is an important characteristic in a Taurus household, and discipline is followed because it always just makes such perfect sense!

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Firm, grounded Taurus creates a safe and secure haven for all beings to thrive. These hands-on, hardcore hippies lived true to their ideals, and were eager to learn the old ways and put them to use, whether that meant baking wholegrain bread, midwifing babies, wildcrafting herbs, or building their own homes out of recycled materials. Taurean women are often artists, poets, or musicians, and are deeply inspired by the earth and all her creatures.

Most Taurean women are also deeply drawn to stones and crystals, and many of them create jewelry. Once she sets her mind to do something, she just makes it happen - no matter what.

Exceedingly reliable and satisfied by working hard at something she enjoys doing, you can trust that your Taurean will get the job done on time, with grace and aplomb.

Dec 20,   The Taurus woman is something to behold in today's world because she's evolved steadily and reminds me of the type of woman you'd have encountered back on the prairie in some covered wagon, hauling her life across the country to the Isabella Snow. Dating a Taurus woman: Forget about playing games. This lady is well grounded, and she is looking for someone practical and responsible, and if you don't possess those qualities, don't waste your and her time. They are very intelligent and classy and consider that to be their main Betty Crawford. Sep 20,   Available adult Taurus women are not very common, as many of them marry their childhood or high school sweethearts. If you do find a single Taurus woman who is available, you will need to be prepared for a long courtship. Here are the signs a Taurus woman likes you and finds you attractive. 1) She will stop what she is doing to talk with youAuthor: Cynthia Thinnes.

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