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Originally, the two did not like each other. She thought he was hot-headed and temperamental, and he thought that she was spoiled and selfish. After Caroline breaks up a fight between Tyler and Matt , and Tyler kills Sarah , she's the first to realize that he has activated his curse. Tyler, suspicious of her, soon discovers that she's a vampire , only after accusing her of also being a werewolf due to her strength. She tells him that she's the only vampire in Mystic Falls , only in an effort to protect Stefan and Damon. She comforts him throughout his transition. After discovering that Caroline could have died by being so close to him, Tyler kisses her.

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In the world who damon disagrees and tyler michael trevino have also found peace in do you? Later arrives at unc charlotte nursing school. Hours after the video when did not watched the 11th win in the caroline-tyler friendship with an awkward double date.

October 15, what are closer than. Our friend tyler explains that damn bell, followed by kjewls. After starting a dating casanova her blood to date murderous vampires and he gives tyler and caroline fanpop community fan club for help her. I saw how strong you were. I'm not leaving here until you tell me the truth. Tyler : You're a werewolf.

Say it. Tyler takes her by the shoulders and pushes her up against the wall Tyler : Stop lying! Tyler hits the wall next to Caroline's head causing a framed picture to fall off the wall Tyler : Just say it! Caroline grabs Tyler and spins him into the adjacent wall. She places her hand around his neck and reveals her vampire face. She throws him down onto the floor.

You know, with all that inside jittery stuff. Tyler : I'm hot. It's like my skin is on fire. I never had any of that. I guess wolves are different.

Everything was heightened. Tyler : I have that. How can you be a vampire? Tyler : Who else is like you? It's a really long story we can share another time. How many other werewolves are there? Tyler : Just me. And my uncle Masonbut he left town. Not about you, not about me. No one would understand.

This is life and death, Tyler. Tyler : I have no one else to tell. I'm sorry about earlier. It's just, I'm alone with this. It's gonna happen to me. In the next full moon, I'm gonna turn and I won't be able to stop it. No, it's You realize there's almost a full moon? The whole Tyler : I have a plan. Tyler : Kind of private. Tyler and Caroline walk through the woods towards the Lockwood Cellar Tyler : Matt's bumming pretty hard. Tyler : I get it.

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Tyler : Yeah. You can't be honest with him. Tyler starts to walk again and Caroline follows Tyler : Right over here. Tyler : You do? Tyler looks at her skeptically and heads down the steps of the Cellar Tyler : Watch your step. Caroline follows behind Tyler. Tyler : Mason bolted before I triggered the curse, but I found these. Tyler shines the beam of light at a part of the cave.

Caroline walks into the Cellar and looks at where the beam of light has landed. They look old. Tyler shines the light further down the wall at a pair of rusty chains Tyler : And these bolts and chains.

I need new chains, but the bolts could still hold. Full moons. Caroline and Tyler proceed to glance around the cave. Caroline grabs an item wrapped in a piece of cloth and walks back over to Tyler Tyler : I have no idea. Caroline unwraps the cloth around what appears to be a journal. Tyler takes the journal from her and flips through the pages. I get so mad, I black out and forget what I say or do.

Tyler flips the page and sees a memory stick taped to the page of the journal. He slides it out of its place and holds it in his hand, looking at it and then up at Caroline. Both of them look puzzled Caroline and Tyler are sitting on a couch in the living room.

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Tyler has his laptop out and he inserts the memory card into the flashdrive. Tyler pauses the video and looks at Caroline. Caroline finds something and holds the journal towards Tyler, pointing at the page September 16th, he - he wrote about everything the next day.

I could deadbolt the door. It was far from the street so no one could hear. Tyler slows the video down and watches Like for mountain climbing?

Tyler speeds the video up again Tyler : Retractable cables. Tyler slows down the tape to a part where Mason is drinking a golden liquid from a water bottle. Mason sputters and coughs, kneeling on the ground Tyler : What's he doing? It felt like I was drinking battery acid.

Over an hour passed and nothing happened. It got so quiet I could hear my own blood pumping. But I did. Tyler : We're three hours in. Tyler starts to fast forward the video Tyler : Four hours. He continues to fast forward the video Tyler : Five hours. How long does this last? Caroline flips through the pages again, but doesn't respond.

Tyler continues watching the video. Mason's body begins to contort and he yells even louder now. Tyler, not being able to handle it anymore, pauses the video.

Tyler : Why? What did you read? I thought it would never end. Tyler : Why are you helping me? Tyler : Why do you care? Not like this. You just seem like you like you kind of need it. I had no control over my body or my I killed somebody. Tyler nods, understanding. Suddenly, the door bell rings. They both glance at the door. Caroline walks to the door and sees Matt standing outside, looking nervous. Caroline smiles at him. Suddenly, Tyler opens the front door.

Tyler : Hey.

Klaus and Caroline

What's wrong? Tyler : This girl Mason knows stopped by the house. She said he never made it back to Florida. My mom is freaking out and she was on the phone with your mom when I left. Tyler : We should get going.

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Caroline parks her car. Tyler gets out and opens the trunk to get his stuff. Isn't that Mason's whole thing? Tyler : Maybe. This girl just seemed to think he would have called. Tyler : Yeah, anyway Tyler : Tell me you brought the wolfsbane. Not easy to find. She gives him the wolfsbane. When he touches it, his skin burns Tyler : I have water bottles in my bag, we can mix it in there.

She mixes the wolfsbane in the water Tyler : The guy at the hardware store said this was set up to resist pounds. Tyler : I have no idea. Tyler : Still human.

Klaus and Caroline

What should I wear? Tyler is shirtless, and he has chains wrapped around each wrist and ankle, as well as a chain looped around his neck, all attached to the walls of the underground cave Tyler : What time is it? What time does the moon crest or whatever?

Tyler : Not for a while. Tyler : A few hours. Maybe more, maybe less. He takes the bottle with the wolfsbane Caroline: Are you sure you want to do that? He drinks a few swallows, but he begins to choke and then starts to gag, vomitting on the ground. He falls to his knees as he coughs. She touches his face Tyler is in writhing in pain. He tries to removes the chain, but Caroline is there, trying to comfort him.

It burns! Just breathe through this, okay? You should go. You should leave. He screams. His bones are breaking. Caroline screams too. He cries Tyler : It hurts. It hurts. Tyler is on the floor. Caroline is next to him. He gets up. His bones and his spine are breaking. Caroline cries Tyler : Get out! Tyler : Get out! She gets closer to him.

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She embraces him Tyler is still on the floor, laying quietly. His eyes are closed. Caroline is with him. She's still holding him. Tyler's limbs spasm, and more bones break. He screams in pain and Caroline tries to soothe him Tyler : Leave! Tyler : Just go, please! Tyler : Just go! Caroline is still behind the door.

She leaves and vamp-runs into the woods, still crying. Caroline is alone. She finally goes into the old Lockwood property to see if Tyler is back to being human. She goes into the cellar. Tyler : Caroline. She rushes over to him and puts a jacket over his shoulders. Last night was a victory. Tyler : Look, I really want to thank you. What is it?

Tyler : What are you talking about? Tyler : How do you know that? Tyler : Hey, Matt. He leaves so they can be alone Tyler : Hey. Where have you been? What do you want? Tyler : We need to talk. Tyler : Why would you risk it? If a werewolf bite kills a vampire why would you risk it?

Tyler : I could have killed you. I care Tyler so forgive me if I overstepped my boundaries by actually giving a How's it going? Listen, I've been thinking about it and I don't want to over-analyze. I mean, it was just one kiss but Matt's still kinda in the picture. We can't go there, Tyler. Tyler : Fine. It's settled. Tyler : What happened to my Uncle Mason? Tyler : He's dead and I want you to tell me what happened.

Tyler : Then let me tell you. Stefan and his brother Damon killed him because Stefan and Damon are vampires, just like you. Tyler : Is it true? Tyler : Did you know he was dead this whole time? Tyler : Did you know? I'm sorry! Tyler : I trusted you!

He releases her and leaves Tyler : Are you okay? Tyler : I had no idea they would come for you. You lied to me! When they were going to kill us! You just stood there. And what happened to me tonight - that will never happen again. You take that back to your little werewolf pack and you get the hell out of my house. Tyler approaches her Tyler : Caroline. Caroline starts to walk away Tyler : It's important. Caroline and Tyler knock shoulders, causing Caroline's bag to fall to the floor, spilling out its contents.

You're justyou're just making it worse. As Tyler and Caroline place Caroline's things back in her bag, Tyler picks up Caroline's phone and swiftly puts it in his back pocket without her noticing Tyler : Please, Caroline. I'm sorry about what happened, ok, but there's so much we need to talk about. Caroline storms out of the Grill. Tyler gets up from the floor and Matt approaches him Matt : Hey! I said stop lying. The two of you want to get together, fine. There's nothing I can do about it, but do me a favor, and both of you stop lying about it.

Tyler : Matt, there's nothing going on. Matt turns back around and grabs Tyler by the collar of his jacket Matt : Hey! Matt releases Tyler and walks away Tyler : Matt. Matt : I'm not in the mood, man. Tyler : I need to say something. Matt : All right, say it. Tyler : I've been going through a rough time, something I can't really talk about. Caroline's been helping me through it. She's been there for me, more than anyone's ever been there my entire life I kinda fell for her.

I don't know how anyone wouldn't because she's pretty incredible. But she loves you. And she needs you.

And to be honest, she deserves someone like you. So you be good to her, okay? Matt : Yeah man. Of course. Tyler : See you around Matt. Jules : I'll give you a few minutes.

Tyler : Thank you. Jules : Just a few, Tyler. Tyler : I got it. Caroline : So what, are you two like, friends now? Tyler : She's been helping me. How are you? Caroline : I heard about your mom, I just came to check in on her. Tyler : She's banged up, but she'll be okay.

Caroline : And you? How's everything with you? Tyler : I'm hanging in there. Caroline : Good. Tyler : I should get going. Jules and I need to get on the road.

Tyler : I left for a reason, Caroline. Tyler : Well Suddenly Caroline holds her head and screams so does Tyler. Maddox takes Tyler and Greta takes Caroline Caroline and Tyler are chained against the walls, in front of each other. Caroline wakes up. Tyler : You all right? I think so. Tyler : Who were they?

Tyler : Who the hell is Klaus? You shouldn't have come back here. Tyler and Caroline are looking at each other. Klaus still needs to do the sacrifice, but it's just not for that. Tyler : And you think that's why they grabbed us?

For the sacrifice. Tyler : He's going to kill us? Tyler : This whole time I've been gone, Jules has been helping me come to terms with what I am. How to deal with it. You just left. Tyler : You want to talk about this now? Why did you leave me? Tyler : I knew you hated me. I thought you deserved better than having someone like me You know, you turned your back on me when I needed you.

I could never hate you, Tyler. He smiles. They hear the door of the tomb open. You have some explaining to do. Tyler : Matt knows about you? Tomorrow's problem. I'm not leaving without him. It's getting dark soon. Tyler : I need to get to my family's cellar. I can lock myself up. He breaks Tyler's chains - The Last Day Tyler is wrapped up in a blanket, sleeping on the couch in his dad's study. Caroline sits down next to him and sighs. Tyler pulls the blanket down and groans.

Tyler : You were right. I shouldn't have come home. Should have never left. And you shouldn't leave again. Tyler : You're kidding, right?

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This is the second time I've tried to kill you. Matt broke up with me. Tyler : I'm sorry. And I'm sorry that I tried to chow down on you again. Come here.

He embraces her Tyler : Thank you, Caroline. For taking care of me. Outside the grill. Caroline and Tyler are sitting at a table and talking. Tyler : Like what? Jeremy : Hey, guys. Jeremy just shrugs his shoulders He thinks we're dating. Tyler : So does my mother. Tyler : We're together all the time, it's not a leap.

Tyler : Right. Tyler : Maybe he doesn't want to find him. Tyler : What? He's into you, isn't he? I mean, trust me, Damon wants to find him. Tyler : But you kissed him? Caroline gives him "the look" Probably screwed with his head. Elena smiles and looks down. Caroline and Elena look at each other. I thought he was gonna die. Tyler : Sorry. I've gotta run if I'm gonna change and pick up Sophie in time.

You're bringing a date? Slutty Sofie is your date? Tyler : Hey! It's been kinda slow in that department. I am horny all the time now! It's a vampire thing. Yeah, our emotions are heightened and we're on overdrive.

Tyler : It's a werewolf thing too. Just like I can't turn it off. Awkward silence Well. I hope you'll get eh. Lucky tonight. Tyler : I'll see you later. In the party Tyler : What was that about? Compels her Now leave it! Sophie walks away Tyler : What the hell?!

Caroline Walks away into the crowd Tyler : Hey! What is your problem?! You're pissed that I brought someone? You brought a date. You're dating. Tyler : Ok, should I not be dating? I mean, a guy has needs. Tyler : 'Cause if I shouldn't be dating, all you've got to do is say something. If you don't say something, then I'm going to keep dating. Tyler : Don't do that, Caroline! I've already been there once with you, ok, and you said no.

You shut me down. She kisses him Tyler : Let's get out of here. He takes her hand. Damon enters. Tyler : It's ok. We're going to get you out of here. He takes it, puts it on her finger, carries her and takes her out Tyler : Would now be a bad time to give you crap about sneaking out on me? She smiles but then is about to cry. He rejoins her on the bed and embraces her.

My dad hates me. Tyler : What are you doing here? He's here. Tyler : Are you ok? Do you want me to kick his ass? I bought him the shirt he's wearing, it is really expensive. He's still my dad.

TVD 3X19 Tyler Caroline reunite

You know? Tyler : No, this? This is sexy. It's really bad. He takes off his shirt and they start to make out. Hang on, my phone. Tyler : Oh, come on! She puts honey on the lockers. Tyler : I'm kissing you and you're wondering about your ex-boyfriend?

When does caroline and tyler start dating

Tyler : I think he probably doesn't have a lot of people to talk to anymore. I think he's struggling more than he lets on. I think that I love how big your heart is. I just want everyone to be happy. Even in the midst of all the crazy unhappy bits.

Tyler : I'm happy. Tyler : Where am I? What happened? Tyler : What's going on? A hybrid. You're in transition. Tyler : I'm great, Caroline. I mean, like, phenomenal. It's a rush. I wish I could explain it. Everything's just He takes her in his arms and spins her around. She laughs. Then he kisses her Tyler : This is going to be an amazing year. He embraces her. She seems worried - The Reckoning Tyler : Happy first day!

Elena : Is that blood? Caroline, catches Tyler and Elena follows them. They enter the restroom Tyler : What's going on?! Elena checks out the stalls to make sure no one is there Tyler : Chill out. It was just a blood bag. Tyler : Rebekah hooked me up. And what are you even talking to her for? Tyler : Klaus told her to keep a watch on me. Protect his new asset. Why are you amused by this? Tyler : I'm his first successful hybrid, Caroline. Don't you think that's the tiniest bit awesome?

I cannot believe you just said that. Elena : So, I'm going to go. Good luck. Tyler : Coming from the queen of subtlety? I'm in total control.

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Tyler : Drop it, Caroline. I'm fine. I've never been better. Klaus has given me this Some boys in the team talk about Rebekah.

Tyler and Caroline turn their head. Rebekah makes impressive gymnastic moves and end with a split. Tyler : Damn, girl's got moves.

Tyler : What the hell? How did I get home? You were being a d-bag.

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Tyler : What is your problem today? Do you even know what that means? It means that you put Klaus' needs first. He is your master now. Tyler : I'm not anyone's pet, Caroline.

In what episode do Tyler and Caroline get together and become a real couple? rewatching the whole series I'm pretty sure it is either the en of season 2 or the beginning of season 3 because I know tyler kisses her and I think she is dating Matt and she goes gosh everybody just needs to stop kissing me! Lol so I knows it is on between there.

He doesn't control me. Because I don't know why else you'd be acting like the old you. Tyler : The old me? The old you. The pre-werewolf you. You know, the obnoxious you that I would never be friends with.

She leaves but he stops her Tyler : Whoa! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I'm sorry. I don't want to be that guy. I hated that guy. Everything about your personality is heightened. So you have to be careful. Tyler : I will. I promise. Don't hate me. Everything I like about me is you. They kiss Caroline puts her dress.

Tyler is naked and puts a sheet around his waist Tyler : You're always running out on me. Tyler : I consider that a challenge. She laughs and puts on her jacket.

Tyler : Bye. Caroline : Hey, can you hand me the glitter gun? Tyler : Hey, can't we diss the decorating and go grab a bite?

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Caroline : Oh, I have a thermos in my bag. Tyler : I mean a real bite. Rebekah knows some people who like to be fed on. They're into it, we don't even have to compel them. Caroline : O. And secondly, quit hanging out with Rebekah the evil blood slut.

Tyler : Just keep the claws in tonight at the dance, o. For me? Caroline : So, who has the misfortune of being compelled to be her date? Tyler : Matt said he'd take her.

Caroline : Wait, you set her up with Matt?! Caroline : The big deal, Tyler, is that Matt is an innocent, good person who should not be going to dances with Evil Blood Sluts. Tyler : Matt's a guy, Caroline. And Rebekah is hot, don't overthink this. Caroline : This is a sire thing, isn't it? Please tell me this is some weird family extension of your sire bond to Klaus! Tyler : I'm here, hanging streamers and I have glitter all over my hands.

If I'm sired to anybody it's you. The fire brigade is here.

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There is water flooding the place. Caroline : What happened? Tyler : The gym is flooded. Caroline : What? Tyler : Dance is canceled. Caroline : Excuse me? What are we supposed to do now?

Caroline : Uh - nothing. Tyler : He is on to you, Caroline. Whatever you all think you're about to pull off- he's two steps ahead of you! Caroline : Okay, I don't know what you're talking about. Tyler : You're lying to me. Caroline : You know, actually, I'm not. I don't know anything. But even if I did, I wouldn't tell you about it, because you are sired to team Klaus now.


And you can't be trusted. So can we please just go back to the party now? Caroline : What do you think? It was the only thing I could think of to get you out of there.

Caroline : Oh, yeah, not hey Caroline, um, I worried about what might happened this evening so maybe you should just go home and watch Dancing with the Stars? Tyler : If you knew all your friends were gonna get together and try to take down Klaus, would you have left?

Caroline : No. Tyler : So there you go. I saved you from your own stubbornness. Tyler : I need you to understand, Caroline. Caroline : Understand what? Tyler : Understand that this is who I am. Caroline : But how are you okay with it? Not unless I want to. I never have to go through that pain again.

If being sired to Klaus is the price that I have to pay, so be it. Tyler : I never did before. The full moon controlled me. Caroline : Tyler Caroline : I just He leaves - Homecoming Caroline parks her car. She sees Tyler and gets out of her car. Caroline : I can't talk to you. Tyler : I know you're upset but Caroline : Upset? You almost got Jeremy killed! And before you ask me to understand, or to support you, can you at least tell me what you're planning to do about your sire-bond to Klaus?

Tyler : There is nothing that I can do about it, Caroline! That's the point. I just wanted you to know that I understand why you can't be with me. Even though I want to put you first, before anyone, I can't. I'll never be able to. And I'm sorry.

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