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Pot o' Gold In order to cheer up New Directions after Mercedes quit, Blaine performs Last Friday Night in the choir room to remind the group what glee is all about-fun. Hold on to Sixteen Feeling resentment from Finn, Blaine lashes out at Sam during a glee rehearsal for Sectionals after Sam turned down his idea in favor of selling sex with Blaine insulting Sam by saying he is not for sale. Heart Sugar 's "extra special" guest. On My Way Blaine's feelings towards Sebastian have drastically changed. Big Brother Several days have gone by since Quinn's car accident, Blaine is lamenting his older brother, Coopervisiting Lima. Saturday Night Glee-ver Blaine, along with Brittany and Mike, start off the episode, performing You Should Be Dancing through the school, ending in the auditorium where Blaine reveals that since Nationals ' theme is vintage, they thought they could perform disco, to which Will nods in approval. Dance with Somebody After Will reveals to the Glee Club that they will be paying tribute Whitney HoustonKurt excitedly gushes about what song he will sing while Blaine looks uninterested.

For dinner, guests enjoyed a mix of all the dishes that the couple and their family and friends love to eat: both barbecue and Italian food were on the menu.

For dessert, the couple chose a wedding pie, rather than a traditional tiered cake, and guests enjoyed freshly made ice cream sandwiches from local creamery, McConnell's fine ice creams. The celebration lasted well beyond sunrise.

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