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Centaurs are a specific kind of Mix-and-Match Creatures originating in mythology, possessing the upper body head, torso and arms of a man and the lower body everything below the shoulders of a horse though other animals are common. In the original myths they tend to be a savage and brutal species : most Greek depictions show them living only to drink and One possible explanation for the original myth is of a non-horse-using culture seeing horse riders for the first time and misinterpreting what they saw see Real Life below. Some modern depictions will have centaurs as wise scholars ; this version is inspired by the mythological centaur Chiron, who mentored several of the Greek heroes. He was very much atypical, though.

However, not all Centaur women wish to engage in this form of relationship either and instead simply claim disinterest in reproduction; embarking instead in search of a "noble lord" to "serve" as their ancestors once did long ago.

However, even these women may become forced to at least join a harem so that their familial line may continue. Apparently, modern centaurs have stuck with breeding with their own kind in the traditional belief that doing so will keep their race strong, in opposed to mating with other species humans in particular.

For them, a position in opposite to this would require hard evidence to prove otherwise. Centorea's mother in particular set out to prove this by duelling her own daughter, because Centorea is actually half human. They are smaller than standard centaurs, with slimmer and tighter bodies. Though they approach their rank and records with a stoic attitude and love running, they are easily injured, and they devote much of their attention to studying health care. They can be rather moody, but this can be attributed to timidity or physical and mental innocence.

Since their bodies are not as large, neither are their breasts. In times in the past, lightweight centaurs likely served as scouts and messengers, but would likely simply perform delicate work like tailoring or peddling in modern times. Given their necessary attention to health care, lightweights probably also serve as doctors and therapists for the community, as well. These centaurs have only standard breasts, and would make heavier use of dairy breed centaurs as wet nurses than the other species do.

Among the already well-endowed female centaurs, Dairy Centaurs have particularly large breasts. Because of this, they often serve as wet nurses for other centaurs who have trouble producing milk like Lightweightsand due to this, it is common for Dairy Centaurs to live among groups of other centaur subspecies.

Though they are about the same size as standard centaurs, their waists and legs are especially thick. Dairy centaurs are easygoing and meek. Their maternal instincts are strong, and they love small things. They are so powerful that they can move around unimpeded even while wearing heavy armor. However, since they rarely have opportunities to wear armor in modern times, they apply their strength to farming and agriculture.

They are the largest and most muscular of the centaurs, and their legs are far thicker than those of other centaur subspecies. They refuse to be shod, hate crossbows, and like using Immortal feathers in their fletching.

In Squire, it's shown that they keep horses, call them "slaves", and mount them. Female centaurs attack males if not given gifts, they call killing their own people "culling", and one attempts to purchase Keladry of Mindelan, believing she's stocky enough to "breed well, maybe even bear sons of my kind".

Kel doesn't like them. Percy Jackson and the Olympians has Chiron, the wise trainer to heroes. He's pretty much just like the original myths, except he can hide his horse self in a magical wheelchair. His relatives, though? The "Party Ponies" could be best described as four-legged frat boys a young adult-acceptable version of their original portrayal in Greek mythology.

In the sequel series, The Heroes of OlympusPercy discovers another tribe of horned centaurs that are bad guys and part of Gaea's army, terribly confusing him. One of the New Crobuzon books by China Mieville included a Remade man who'd been turned into a centaur for his crimes.

Unusually cruel in that the biomancer responsible attached his human torso to the equine neck backwardsmeaning he could only see where he was going if he forced his horse body to back up, which horses aren't built for. Rahul from Iron Council is a lizard-bodied centaur Remade. Some non-equine centaurlike beings turn up in other books, such as an aquatic lobster-bodied race in The Scar and the ravening, caterpillar-like inchmen from Iron Council.

Centaurs from the world of Garrett, P. Their tribes served as mercenary scouts for both sides of the war until they deserted to support Glory Mooncalled's renegade republic, which makes them even less popular with TunFaire's human majority than most non-humans in the war's aftermath. In Diana Wynne Jones 's novel Deep Secretcentaurs turn out to be very central to the plot, after they first appear roughly halfway through.

They're standoffish and proud with a distinctive set of cultural norms, and they, like other magical creatures, can no longer live in this world for long since it's less magical than it used to be. Their human halves are the same color as their horse parts, and their culture is clannish and matrilineal. Also, female centaurs can interbreed with humansthough it's noted that a human woman could not carry a male centaur's child.

The Well World series has Dillians and Rhone which are basically the same race on two different planets; long story as more-or-less the classic model albeit with horse ears, and only about the size of big ponies in the original series. Dillians also appear in the Watchers at the Well series; there, they're stated to have become a smoother synthesis of hominid and equine than the classic centaur.

And then, there are the matriarchal Gekir felitaurs. Another Chalker series, Changewindshas the ba'ahdon, who look more like a cross between a chalicothere and a pygmy elephant from the waist down. In The Darksword TrilogyCentaurs are warchange humans who were turned into savage berserkers to take part in a war, with the intention of turning them back mentally and physically once the war was won.

The war proved far bloodier than expected and mages capable of restoring them became quite rare. As a result the centaurs went feral and interbred with "men and beasts", becoming a new species similar in disposition to their mythological counterparts.

Notably, actual horses are thought to be extinct on Thimhallan, due to most of them being as raw materials for creating centaurs. Centaurs appear in some books by Lord Dunsanyincluding, obviously, The Bride of the Man-Horsewhere they're rather warlike - said to have defeated some human cities and tried to play a Trojan Siege with the city of gods.

Also, briefly met in The Long Porter's Tale. In The Echorium Sequencecentaurs are one of the four races of "half-creature". They use herdstones to bend light so as to render themselves invisible to humans; obtaining one's herdstone serves as a rite of passage into adulthood.

In Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert's Hellhole series the alien Xayans have a humanoid top half and caterpillar-like bottom half. This is not a creature with the lower body of a horse and the upper body of a human, but a horse with a human head. It also has a snake for a tail. He thinks Eric is the weirdo. Dragaera has cat-centaurs, who live near the Paths of the Dead.

In This Immortalcentaurs are only mentioned in passing, but are said to live in the mountains of Greece and to be the product of genetic mutation caused by nuclear pollution. Ology Series : Monsterology describes classical centaurs, which are found in Greece and the lower Balkan Peninsula.

They do not use tools as complex as those of even iron age humans, but sometimes craft rudimentary bows. He is described as basically shaped like a centaur, but has two thumbs on each hand and his face is described as "dominated by two large, soft, brown eyes that somehow made the slits, protuberances, and fleshy petals which comprised the other features visually acceptable.

Live-Action TV. In Wizards of Waverly Place Justin briefly dated a female centaur. Episodes featuring them usually dealt with Fantastic Racism. Centaurs were all male, and bred with human females.

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In one instance a young woman fell in love with and married a centaur, and gave birth to a naturally male centaur child the human portion appeared to be equivalent in development to a 6-month-old child, to functionally complement the abilities of a newborn foal. Hercules also had the Golden Hind, an all-female race in contrast to the all-male centaurs but the two are not shown to be related.

Golden Hinds have the lower body of deer, golden hooves, and golden horns on their heads. They have a healing ability and their blood can kill a god. An episode of Saturday Night Live had Chris Parnell as a centaur interviewing for a typical office job. He was quite polite and well-mannered, but the boss, played by Christopher Walkencould not get past the fact that he was, indeed, a centaur; asking such questions like, "Does centaur pornography exist?

(Strategy) Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Lynel Centaur Fight Zora's Domain

Walken: All the remaining questions As noted, centaurs were something of a Barbarian Tribe in Greek Mythologywith the only exceptions being Chiron who raised the hero Achilles and Pholus. A straighter example is Nessus, who before being killed by Heracles' poisoned arrows, told his Heracles' wife to dip her philandering husband's tunic in the centaur's blood, as this would make him faithful.

However, this ended up killing Heracles as the poison ate him alive. The Centauromachy is another well-known story: having been invited to a wedding and getting drunk, proceed to kidnap the women at the wedding, including the bride.

This does not go well with the groom, and violence ensues. Some early Greek vase paintings depict a bizarre variant of the centaur: a complete human body, with the rear end of a horse attached to the butt.

There's no explanation for how these could walk, let alone run.

Nov 05,   Response to Dating a Centaur At 11/5/09 AM, Rig wrote: Would going all the way be considered beastiality? I think that if they were intelligent enough to consent, it at least shouldn't be considered bestiality. Live life to the fullest, and make sure you fit some hookers in there too. Inappropriate The list (including its title or description) facilitates illegal activity, or contains hate speech or ad hominem attacks on a fellow Goodreads member or author. Spam or Self-Promotional The list is spam or self-promotional. Incorrect Book The list contains an incorrect book (please specify the title of the book). Details *. Wood Nymph Seeks Centaur: A Mythological Dating Guide [Block, Francesca Lia] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Wood Nymph Seeks Centaur: A /5(17).

One vase even depicts what's clearly supposed to be Medusa as a female one of these, with a Skull for a Hea and somehow wearing a dress. There were at least two other sympathetic centaurs depicted in Ovid's The Metamorphosesthe husband and wife Cyllarus and Hylonome.

They were attending the wedding feast depicted in the Centauromachy when they got swept up in the ensuing battle. No word if they were taking part in the drunken revelry with the rest of the centaurs, but Cyllarus was killed by a spear during the ensuing brawl, and heartbroken, Hylonome took her own life rather then go on without her husband. Female centaurs such as Hylonome are not especially common in myth, but appear fairly often in art. They are properly referred to as centaurides.

Sirensthough commonly remembered as mermaidswere also depicted as bird-centaurs - they had the torsos of women usually with exposed breasts and the bodies of birds from the waist down.

Something lurks in these woods. Be careful what you wish for. Queen Amelie faces the fight of her life in the final battle. A man finds one of the last centaurs, immediately gets kinky. A Sci-Fi novel: human cows, tentacle monsters, and centaurs. and other exciting erotic at! Jul 01,   In Wood Nymph Seeks Centaur, Francesca Lia Block provides a guide to this often-treacherous From bestselling author Francesca Lia Block, an imaginative new guide to dating based on the timeless wisdom of myth, folklore, and fairy tales/5.

Which is also the physical description of the East-Asian Kinnara ; with the exception of conflicting Indian literature of demigods with the same name, like the Mahabharata which describes the Kinnaras as horse-centaurs. There are also the Ipotanes, humans with the legs and tails of horses, considered the original centaurs.

Ichthyocentaurs can be thought of as the mermaid version of a centaur, having the lower body of a hippocampus a half-horse, half-fish creature instead. Some depictions also gave them lobster claws on their heads. They do not appear in myths, and seem to have been strictly artistic motif instead.

Onocentaurs are creatures from medieval bestiaries depicted as centaurs with the lower bodies of donkeys. The constellation of Sagittarius is traditionally depicted as a centaur wielding a bow and arrow, and bow-wielding centaurs in European heraldry are likewise referred to as sagittarii.

There is also the bucentaur, kind of an inverted minotaur: The Other Wiki says, "The term bucintoro [referring to the state galley of the Doges of Venice] was Latinized in the Middle Ages as bucentaurus on the analogy of an alleged Greek word boukentauros meaning "ox-centaur" from bous, "ox", and kentauros, "centaur".

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The common supposition was that the name derived from a creature of a man with the head of an ox, a figure of which served as the galley's figurehead. This derivation is, however, fanciful; the word boukentauros is unknown in Greek mythology The leonine ones are basically male sphinxes.

Unlike centaurs, they don't have arms. Much closer Mesopotamian analogs to the centaurs are the urmahlullu, which have a human torso on a lion's body. Some depictions of Cernunnos, the Celtic god of fertility, are like this; with a deer's body, a man's torso and arms, and a stag head and horns. The Nuckelavee, a creature from Scottish folklore, appears as a skinless man fused onto the back of a similarly flayed horse.

The besta-fera or "bestial beast" from Brazilian and Portuguese folklore is a demonic centaur armed with a whip which terrorizes villages at nighttime until it finds a tomb where it disappears. John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme features a centaur who has to eat constantly to maintain two almost entire metabolisms, and to make it worse can only eat things his horse stomach can digest, which his human tastebuds hate.

Centaur : Honestly, sometimes I wonder how we even evolved! Tabletop Games.

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Arduin : Chaeronyx are centaurs with the upper bodies of Medusaswith rocky skin, a nest of vipers for hair and a petrifying gaze.

Many of these have actually been playable in various editions, from the classic centaur to odder species like the wemic, dracon, pegataur and bariaur. Manscorpions stuck in Forgotten Realmswhere they're known as "stingers" or "tlincalli". Humans aren't the only ones combined with scorpions. Since Eberron 's Drow are differentthey have the Scorrow. Common Lamias are described as having the upper body of a woman and the lower body of either a lioness, a goat, a deer, or an antelope only the lion form ever got drawn in earlier editions of the game, but were permanently switched over to being lioness-taurs in 3rd edition.

Their Noble Lamia rulers are tauric mixtures of human and snake. In 4th edition, they were depicted as skin-stealing carnivorous beetlel swarmsone of the edition's many depictions of The Worm That Walks. The latter is a Player Character race in Planescape. The hannya is a Chaotic Evil monster. Its upper half is that of an ugly woman and its lower half is that of a giant constrictor snake.

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The Spelljammer setting has several of these. They have the body of a Brontosaurusa human torso and arms, a dragon's head and a long tail like that of a snake.

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As to the attitude - take a guess from this: "I'm half elf, half mighty stallion, and half noble eagle, and more'n sum of me parts. Video Games. There are also Magnataurs, a much larger polar creature that are a mix of human and mammoth.

Dragonspawn are draconian versions, following the same body layout as a centaur. They used to be human, but gradually evolved after centuries of serving dragons and taking in the energies they gave off.

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Nerubians are sometimes presented as spider versions, although there's some inconsistency about whether they're a humanoid torso stuck on top of a spider-like creature or a more coherent and not particularly centaur-like form.

Artwork has shown them as clearly resembling driders and holding weapons, something no Nerubian in the actual games does.

Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Sign in. Watch Queue Queue. You know, it wasn't often that you would find a woman dating a centaur. Well, it wasn't at all since I was the only centaur in the world. I was really thankful for you. Growing up was a little rough for me some weird genetic mutation, a power plant and . Old Spice advertised their new moisturizing bodywash with commercials and print ads featuring a centaur, to go with the theme of "It's two things." The ads were soon discontinued, because the male centaur's human girlfriend led to Unfortunate Implications.; Progressive Insurance also used a centaur to emphasize the two-in-one ct of their bundled insurance in "The Bundler" .

And then there's the Pit Lords, humongous demonic mixes of god-knows-what, with thick reptilian hides and tails, bat wings, and spider eyes. The Tol'vir were recently introduced in Cataclysm, being feline Sphinx-like centaurs created by the Titans to guard the Egypt-inspired land of Uldum. The Tol'vir used to have stone-like bodies, but most of them lost them. The Ramkahen have normal flesh bodies, while the Neferset have regained their stone forms.

Bradwarden, the Centaur Warrunner, is a fairly normal Blood Knight centaur, save the bull-like horns and tusks.

Harbinger, the Outworld Devourer is a winged centaur-like alien possessing Super Intelligence. Leshrac, the Tormented Soul is a ghost centaur, an insane embodiment of Gaia's Vengeance.

Magnus, the Magnoceroes is some cross between a Centaur, a Mammoth, and a Rhino, with powers derived Tectonic and Volcanic energies that somehow result in magnetic effects. Vrogros, the Underlord is a demonic centaur-like being originating from deep underneath the earth. There's also a generic Centaurs as neutral creeps, although the bigger one's blue and the smaller one's white. The Legend of Zelda series has an enemy known as a Lynel. These creatures are a lion-human centaur or even a lion-human-horse centaur.

Despite appearing commonly in the first gamethey've only appeared in a few games since. Which is a good thing because they are extremely difficult to deal withand get progressively harder every time they appear, especially in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wil where the Silver and Gold variants are even tougher to beat than the Final Boss.

The Heroes of Might and Magic series has centaurs in various forms. Centaurs in I and II are Warlock evil aligned archers.

Centaurs in III are Rampart good aligned wood dwelling spear wielders. The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall has centaurs as an enemy, and also the player character can learn their language as a skill.

This has been their only appearance in the series to date. Mega Man 6 has the robot master Centaur Man. The Centaurians from Mortal Kombatof which Motaro is a member, have whiplike scorpionish tails and a set of nasty-looking horns in conjunction tauric, reptilian-looking forms.

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They are the natural enemies of the Multi-Armed and Dangerous Shokan race. Quest for Glory : The first game has classic centaurs, who are are perfectly civilized, but also has cheetaurs, which have a panther's head on a human torso on a panther's body and are always hostile.

The second game introduces Rakeesh, a liontaur who becomes the hero's mentor. Liontaurs are similar to cheetaurs but have leonine features and are also civilized.

The third game in the series has the player spend most of the game in their capital city, and meet his wife, Kreesha. Rakeesh also joins the hero in the fifth game.

In Falloutcentaurs are freakish mutant creatures with whiplike tongues, and are what you get when you dip multiple people and animals in a vat of FEV for awhile. As one can imagine, they are also epitomes of Body Horror.

The first God of Waras well as the thir has you kill a number of these. They match the Greek tradition, and are about a rung below miniboss. Monster Rancher. They do not look human at all. Guild Wars has several "prides" of centaurs. Prides from Tyria generally like furry humans on a horse body, and are all hostile, and prides from Elona have a more bestial, catlike head and horns, and ally with you.

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You even get one as a party member. Also present in Guild Wars 2. The centaurs, who can be male or female, live in tribes, and all the ones from Tyria are hostile and engaged in war with the humans. The only exception is Ventari, a wise healer who created and is venerated by the Sylvari, who is likely based on Chiron. The centaurs of Elona are all dead, due to genocide on the part of Palawa Joko.

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Castlevania : Castlevania 64 had drider-like spider centaurs: top half human woman, lower half spider. Oddworld : Stranger's Wrath features the steef, a race of centaur-like creatures with gorilla-like forearms, antlers, and leonine heads.

Being the setting's equivalent to the Bison, they have been hunted down to near-extinction. The Centaurions of AdventureQuest were originally created by magic, but since then became a conquering race.

The Shining Series series featured Centaurs as a major player race. They act as Knights in both the player's force and enemy armies, being fast and heavy-hitting troops, and a few on both sides also use bows or other ranged weapons. Most party members are friendly, and the personalities are varied, though they have a reputation for arrogance among the common folk.

Shadow Bane featured them as a civilized playable race. Final Fantasy : In keeping with the "savage monsters" interpretation of the creature type, various Final Fantasy games have centaurs and centaur-like creatures as Mooks.

Seiryu in Final Fantasy XIV is humanoid from the torso up and has a four-legged serpentine lower body resembling a Chinese dragon with two snakes grafted onto the forelegs.

When mounting other creatures, she turns her lower body into that of a human woman. The final boss of Sin and Punishment: Star Successor turns into a huge robot centaur with a lance for the final battle.

Hecarim, the Shadow of Wara champion from League of Legendsis certainly not your normal centaur - he's a spectral undead monstrosity that seems to be a centaurlike Animated Armor filled with baleful fire. Not a friendly chap by any means.

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He also wasn't a centaur when he was alive: he was a human who, after falling victim to the Black Mist, was fused with his steed to turn him into the monster he is today. Shin Megami Tensei IV 's centaurs looks nothing like those you are familiar with. They are bipedal blue creatures with hoofed hands and feet, a horse's tail, no head, and Winged Unicorns on its shoulders. In Gems of Warthere's a kingdom inhabited mostly by centaurs.

True to common form, they're avid hunters although most of them aren't depicted using bows. Unlike some depictions, there are female centaurs, and no mention of abducting women. Bayonetta 2 combines this with Our Angels Are Different with a dash of Eldritch Abominationintroducing new angelic species such as the Acceptance, the Accolade, and the Allegiance, who are all depicted as bulky, headless centaurs with angelic wings and armor, and a giant marble face on their abdomens.

And that's not even getting into what they look like once they start taking damage. Abyss Odyssey : Padutaurs are basically Deer-Centauresses. They wield poleaxes and can bring the hurt due to their agility and attack range.

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As a mook, padutaurs need support to back them up or they get "jumpy". When playing as one, use area attacks to push back the melee attackers. Overwatch 's Orisa is a centaur-shaped Omnic. Darkest Dungeon has pig centaurs as enemies. They're heavy damage dealers and tanks, but they lose combat effectiveness if you force them to stay in the front row of combat, preventing them from using their knight spear. Smite : Chiron, as in the original mythology.

A couple of his optional skins turn him into unusual variants on this trope, such as a centaur with the lower body of a demonic Hellish Horseor one with the lower body and the head of either a moose or a reindeer. Dwarf Fortress : Centaurs are one of a small number of creatures that exist as in-game myths: they have a bare minimum of game data and show up in engravings, but they do not exist as actual creatures you can encounter.

Despite this, dwarves can still express a liking for their strength. A female centaur is called a centauress. The centaur from Soul Sacrifice is an utterly grotesque mix of man, horse and wagon. It was originally a man whose limitless indolence led him to a quest to do the less as possible as he considered that even the minimal effort was an insurmountable task.

While starving to death inside his wagon, even eating and drinking was too much of a bothersome thing to do for him, he saw a white chalice floating in front of him and heard a voice that told him: "An offering shall be rewarded with a wish befitting the sacrifice.

Dating a Centaur

Thus this revolting aberration was born. Web Comics. Bar'd has Vas, who became a centaur by various incidents caused by his brother. His sheer stature makes him ideal for the job of being a bar bouncer. The title characters of Accidental Centaurs are humans from Earth who find themselves transformed into centaurs after a teleporter accident. Most are mortals used for slave labor or victims of magical curses. Erfworld ups the ante with Unipegataurs; horne winged centaurs.

Some of which are turned undead. Equius' lusus Aurthor in Homestuck is a male mustachioed centaur-shaped creature His species was the only one that could handle Equius's absurd strength and acts as a sort of a butler to the boy. These creatures later propagate an island on an alternate version of earth, where it's shown they can reach sauropod-level sizes.

It's worth noting that Equius's self-picked screenname is " centaursTesticle ,'' which means that his home planet probably has some centaur analogue. Centaurs and humans live together on Earth even in places where horses never lived or died out.

Interactions between the two run from apathy to fetishization to Fantastic Racism. The Story of Cenzelburg is a doujinshi that features several of the horse variety in the "Grand Grass" and "Stray Dragon" prologues, as well as some half-tiger types in the "Twin Head Wolf" series. They exist in a world with all sorts of shapeshiftersprimarily wolves and birds.

A centaur male features in a strip in Oglafwhere a nervous young woman offers herself to him since their village cannot afford to pay him a proper reward. To her immense relief, he can detach the human part of himself from his horse half. Girl Genius : A centaur can be seen in Mechanicsburg behind Vanamonde von Mekkahn and his aide while they are discussing the city's defenses.

She evidently sharpens knives, swords and tools for a living and is presumably the result of a Spark experiment, likely having started out life as an ordinary human. Cue the DM's brain giving up "You are a dude growing out of an elephant! You are the greatest. Web Original. artist Jay Eaton: Disliking the seemingly impractical body design of the "traditional" centaur, he came up with a more realistic and biologically plausible version depicting them as sapient, six-limbed ungulates that evolved their front limbs to fuction as hands, and the humanoid "upper torso" effectively being a modified extension of the neck.

While commonly walking on four limbs, keeping the frontmost pair folded out of the way, they are also capable of using all six limbs for locomotion, running with a bounding gait that keeps the legs from colliding with each other at high speeds.

The same artist has also designed an alien race for a webcomic called Runaway to the Starsalso known as "centaurs", though looking more like a cross between a praying mantis, a gazelle, and an elephant. A Very Potter Sequel features Firenze as a parody of the "wise and noble" type of centaur. The costume is half of a horse plushie sewn to the back of the actor's pants. It also goes to explain that a plague caused all the female centaurs to go extinct, explaining why they are so rare.

Firenze also states that centaurs have attempted to find suitable human mates, but all the women they have tried have been killed by accident during mating. Until they met Umbridge. DeviantArt : The Valley of Siyyon is a shared world populated entirely by centaurs. The twist is that the nonhuman half can be "any species of your choosing" and everyone must choose a unique species.

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