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A t university I always felt like I was studying for two degrees. I went on my first chicken shop date when I was 17 years old. The show started life in as a column in a makeshift youth magazine called The Cut. I chose YouTube as my platform because I liked that there was no paywall or subscription - anyone can watch. Over the next couple of years, the show gradually became more popular. The channel now has millions of views and thousands of subscribers - probably helped by my tendency to disarm media-trained guests with my social awkwardness.

She has nearlysubscribers and overInstagram followers.

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She has just been signed to Gleam, one of the leading influencer management agencies, but finding the right team was tough as her university commitments always come first. Both Grace and other YouTubers, such as Cambridge undergrad Holly Gabriellewhose channel records her student life, are aware that going to a prestigious university is undeniably part of their USP. Their subscribers buy into their work-hard, play-hard lifestyle and this is one of the reasons why finishing their degree is so important.

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Others are less convinced that uni is the route for them. But Nella is maybe an exception to the rule. Not everyone who starts a channel is going to make it.

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And even if you do, the perks may not last forever. They balance filming content on top of essays and revision, but they have the advantage of long holidays and flexible working hours.


It gave me precious time to work on my videos - there was no way I could have built it up otherwise. It is not the case with male presenters-they can dress however they want, look however they want.

But I am confident in myself.

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I just tell myself I have to go with the character. I just got a great comment on a new video discussing the progression of my character, actually. If you watch my Ghetts episodeyou can see how different things are now. I get messages from people saying they just binge-watched the whole series.

Chicken shop date with DANIEL KALUUYA?? To keep my skin clear I rub the grease of chicken nuggets on my T-zone?? Yeah It's very distinct You don't find that annoying He is kind of annoying Have you ever tried online dating of course tender bumble you name it? I've tried to old Ready Yeah. I go home. Oct 22,   Launching her hilariously awkward online series, Chicken Shop Date, back in -liaising with MC Ghetts in a Chicken Cottage-Amelia has now flirted her way through 25 guests on the show. From. Chicken Shop Date The best dating show in the universe ????New episode out now????

No comment! We have so many people watching. I admire every guest I have on; their talent, their hard work.

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Are any of the videos too awkward to watch back? I find it really awkward to watch the rushes back.

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My mum watches them. She loves it. How do you find it being backstage at events like Wireless amongst all the hype and hedonism?

May 15,   Chicken Shop Date is a spoof dating show set in the fried chicken joints across London. In each episode Amelia interviews a grime artist over a chicken dinner and it is deliciously awkward. Hosted by Amelia Dimoldenberg, Chicken Shop Date is part of the new guard of dating shows. Amelia as writer, director and host of the show puts herself in the hot [wings] seat with guests/dates like Kurupt FM, AJ Tracey, Ghetts and Chabuddy G.

I find it easier to work in those situations because it gives me purpose. I prefer to have a reason to be present. Yeah completely.

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I think that was because he was too self conscious, or thinking about things too much. Everybody is different when they are on dates and is maybe a bit shyer or a bit more confident than you expected from their public or on-stage persona.

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I would love to say yes but I have to say no. Do you notice much of a difference between when the camera is on and when the camera is off with some of the artists? I always find that as it goes on, I get better responses from people.

Amelia Dimoldenberg has 1, photos and videos on their Instagram profile. Dec 15,   Chicken Shop Date, as it's pronounced, is the name of the YouTube channel that I started during my first year studying fashion journalism at Central St Author: Amelia Dimoldenberg. It's safe to say that not much surprises us in the world of dating these days, but according to Amelia Dimoldenberg, "Whoever said romance is dead has never been on a date to Chicken Cottage". Amelia, or "the girl in the video with Chabuddy G" as she jokingly claims many refer to her as, is the year old at the helm of hit YouTube series Chicken Shop Date.

In terms of your humour, how much of it is your natural sarcasm and how much would you say is a character? When the Ghetts one started, I was just being me. Now I play on it more, I know what works.

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Do people other than your friends and family just assume that this exaggerated version is how you actually are? Oh, all the time.

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