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What if they know each other for like a year and her cousin and his brother are dating. They know each other and like each other like crazy. Is it cool for them to go out? Granted, engaging in sex is illegal, BUT hanging out and dating isn't. At this age the gap seems weird, but once you are older, it isn't so bad.

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Sure I can't go to clubs with them or anything, or drink, drive yet, but if I could I would. And we'd probably have a kickass time still. Because they treat me like an adult and as an equal person. They're so comfortable around me, they even talk about sex in front of me.

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Sex jokes and all kinds of things. It doesn't bother me because I'm not clueless about it, I'm not saying I've had sex because I've never and don't plan on until I'm older. It's just I think some 15 year olds are capable of hanging out with you without it being awkward.

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We can even have serious conversations with too. But since your friend is a BIG player, she doesn't see that, she's probably not that smart. I don't think it's too big of a difference. But since you friend seems to only want one thing. And if she isn't mature enough, then they shouldn't date. I know that a lot of older guys go after younger girls because they're "easier to impress.

Let's be real.

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God didn't give us eyes for nothing. So if she's looking like a cute, hot, pretty young thing, you can't blame him for being attracted right? Attraction starts with what you see too.

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You can even be attracted to someone and they could be like too old or too young for you. Imagine being attracted to a guy you think is handsome and you find out he's 17 and still a minor. Although your friend probably already knew she was 15 in the first place.

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I'm just saying attraction doesn't have an age radar. It's not like ever minor is invisible to every adult and they don't notice them. I've been mistakenly hit on by dudes around 20 at a friend's party and was thought as my brother's 18 year old girlfriend at church?

15 year old dating 20 year old?

Ew I know right? So just confront you friend again, because you care about him, and don't want him ending up in prison for having sex with a minor. Who knows though? She might be different? Or meet her yourself Yeah, way too old Her knocked up and him in jail. That's nasty, your friend could get in big trouble if authority's found out he did something sexual with her.

Because the 20 year old is legally an adult and the 15 year old is not, the 20 year old has Adult responsibilities in regard to child abuse. Asked in Age of Consent & Underage Relationships. Jan 19,   Granted, engaging in sex is illegal, BUT hanging out and dating isn't. I was 15 and went out w/ a 20 year old, to school events like football games & stuff. At this age the gap seems weird, but once you are older, it isn't so bad. I married that 20 year old- now at 27, the gap isn't so bad. Dec 03,   Dating is not illegal as long as you're not doing anything you wouldn't do with your grandmother. That aside, STAY AWAY FROM HIM. Honey, there is only one reason a 20 year old male gets together with a 15 year old.

My friend is 20 years old and he's dating a 15 year old girl. Answer Save. If he's a player, that's not good because he obviously wants to have sex with her.

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A 15 year old may sit and watch television or talk with a 20 year old. They may legally play games together. It is Illegal for a 20 year old to engage in any sexually oriented activity with a 15 year old.

Even kissing can be considered an illegal activity, depending on the circumstances and whether the 15 year old person's parents approve. Because the 20 year old is legally an adult and the 15 year old is not, the 20 year old has Adult responsibilities in regard to child abuse.

Dec 09,   My friend is 20 years old and he's dating a 15 year old girl. My boyfriend and I find it VERY WRONG and we don't know how to act around them now. He says that she's special and she's different than all the rest but he is a BIG player. So now, we don't know what to do. Should we act the same around the guy? My boyfriend says that he doesn't really want to hang out with the 15 year old . Now if this was a 15 year old male and a 20 year old female, I bet most would be complimenting the guy for getting an older girl (unless of course that girl who got impregnated by a 13 year old. In Florida, you can have sex with a 16 year old as long as she really is 16 and you are under 24 years old. If she's 15 and lying about being 16, you are in trouble. If you are just dating without sex or sexual contact or conduct, then there wouldn't be a problem no matter your ages.

Date, yes. Legally have sex with, probably not; you'd have to be more specific about where this is occurring to get a definitive answer. Asked in Math and Arithmetic Can a 15 year old date a 20 year old in the state of Florida?

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There are no laws about the ages at which one can date. There are very specific laws dealing with sexual contact. In Florida it would be illegal to have sex with a 15 year old.

Its not illegal to date but you cannot have sex.

Dating a 15 year old at 20

It would be classed as rape on the 20year old boy. It's wrong for a 14 year old to date a 20 year old anywhere. Asked in State Laws Im 18 can you date a 15 year old legally? Asked in Dating Can a 49 year old date a 20 year old? I suppose you can so long as there is no sexual contact between you. Asked in Dating Should a 15 year old date or marry a 20 year old?

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What the heck is wrong with you your going to ruin your whole life! Your a kid!

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There are no laws about dating. There are specific laws about sexual activity and 15 is below the age of consent, which is 16 in Indiana. In this case, based on the ages, the 20 year old could be charged with a felony. Depending if the 20 year old is male or female. Opinions will vary on whether a 16 year old can date someone that is Legally, the 16 year old is still a minor.

The 20 year old can get into legal trouble for this situation. Date, yes, sexual activity, no.

Although it is not illegal for a 15 year old to have a non sexual friendship with a 20 year old guy, it is not advisible. If your parents objected to the dating relationship that you descibed, and you defied your parents, they could seek the assistance of the juvenile court for incorrigibility. Nov 26,   Does the year-old have a parent or parents? Or at least someone in a position of caretaking authority over him or her? If so, then that parent or parents-figure is the only person who can tell you whether it's okay for the two of you to date. I.

You can date anyone you want. Asked in Steven Tyler Did Steven tyler date a 14 year old? No, but he did date a 16 year old when he was like Asked in Teen Dating Is it wrong for a 17 year old girl to date a 20 year old boy?

It is not wrong for a 17 year old to date a 20 year old. There is only three years difference between you and that boy. Trending Questions. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed.

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