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Now he's among the many oil field workers cashing in on the gusher known as the Eagle Ford Shale. I worked concrete for three years. Now I'm an equipment operator. I run the hydrator," said Gonzalez, 27, who works for a major hydraulic fracturing company, but spends little time with his family. The oil field is a great place," he said. The richest gas and oil play ever in South Texas is rapidly changing a region where historically wages were low and opportunities were few, and which promising young people tried to escape as soon as possible.

Thanks for your honesty, here. The problem w having wives groups for oil field workers is that we live all over the country. I am on the very eastern side of ND where there is no oil drilling. The closest oil field wife I know is 4 hours away. This is true for many parts of the country. Hey mayonnaise, if you are going to make such a ridiculous and ignorant comment, at least be brave enough to do it without making up a fake email and username.

Mu husband was a superintendent for big consruction companies before the crash. Now he works in the oil field. It was a blessing from God and my husband loves it! Will never go back to construction. He is extremly smart. If you have never been out there then do not judge. It takes alot of heart to do what they do. Keep em turning to the right men!!! Such things as this comment! My husband has been drilling in the geotechnical construction industry for 30 years.

He repairs the subsurface damage caused by earthquakes, water, and other acts of nature that disrupts buildings, roads, retaining walls, and reservoir dams. He is home every other weekend and 3 vacation weeks per year. The knowledge he has in subsurface formations and how to accomplish all the techniques from the engineering world is amazing.

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Very ignorant comment. Stupidity gets you killed in the oil field. Directional Driller in which cases most companies wont even look at you for directional drilling unless you have a petroleum engineering degree. Just because someone works as a rough neck does not mean they are stupid. This is such an ignorant comment. I work in the oilfield. Two weeks on, two weeks off. I also have a degree in chemical engineering. There are some idiots that work in the oilfield.

But there are idiots anywhere.

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This industry is full of more than just roughnecks and roustabouts. There are mariners, mechanics, engineers, managers, electricians, cooks, operators, divers, chemists, pilots, clerks, paramedics, and a ton of other positions that are unique to the oilfield.

Nearly all of these professions require much more specialized training in my industry than they do anywhere else. Sure, parts of it suck.

But the good outweighs the bad. My husband is an engineer on a field assignment and I only see him once a month for about 1. And usually those days are spent catching up on stuff he needs to do at home Dr.

And yes, I DO get all of the comments above and I have no idea how to respond. I wish there was a support group for people whose spouse is only gone for months at a time. I think mayonnaise was trying to list that as another thing NOT to say to an oilfield wife.

It is important to let people know what you need so they can be of service. We have to be there for each other. I wish my husband was on the oil fields and not deployed but that is life, he is deployed and giving wives the freedom to bitch about their husbands working away from home 2 weeks a month! Count your blessings instead of dwelling on short comings and you will make it much further in life. I love our life. Thank you, and your husband, for your service to this great nation of ours!

Being a soldier wife is hard. Comparing oil field to military is like apples to oranges. A lot of oil field is ex military so we know the difficulties of both life styles. When your spouse is deployed it is extremely hard. Its also not a stable or consistent paycheck. Both lifestyles have their issues.

Neither are easy.

Dating+oil+field+worker, sex dating apps test, dating clock spandrels years, harvard crimson dating/ Dating Oil Field Worker, gay dating deutschland, mass prod search like dating, teens nude in mirror group. Baby. Vote for me as gotm! Missionary. Miss Sexy + If you you are looking to spend some good moments and have some pleasure in the same Dating Oil Field Worker time Then you are in the right place!!! I'm sweet and naughty!!/ In Dimmit County, population 10, before the boom, more than 1, oil field jobs were added in Around the 20 Eagle Ford Shale counties, Author: John Maccormack.

That means he was gone days last year. In two very dangerous countries. Away from home for long periods. Missing everything. Not all oilfield workers have set schedules. I would never complain about this to anyone other than him, of course, because we DID choose this.

We chose it to give our kids the life we want them to have. Said that means you have so many days on and so many days off. We smiled and thought, oh, how nice that would be to be able to make plans. As a wife of a former OTR driver and now a frac sand hauler I just nodded my head and laughed as I read this. We live in his home state of North Dakota in a tiny little no stop light town 22 miles from the grocery store, no post office, just an engine builder, a cafe, a bar and 3 churches.

Last but not least have a sense of humor, that helps more then anything. I just explain to them that as Tim advances in his job, there is a lot less physical labor involved. He has had no problem keeping up. While he has worked his way up the ladder to driller, he still fills in for floorhand if needed during his days off.

Hi Katie, I am a commercial diver living in fort collins but i work in the gulf of Mexico. I love everything you said, it was dead on and made me laugh!!!

As a diver i have to take the jobs when they comand sometimes that means being offshore for 2 or 3 months at a time. It is a very difficult thing to leave behind the ones you love. But at the same time, knowing you have a good woman to come home to makes it a little easier. Keep on keeping on girl!!! Oh ya and thay idiot mayonnaise that said the rude stuff earlier on here is just jealous that you ate m! Good luck and keep it up!!

Hi Brian! Thank you SO much for the encouraging words. Really, this post was just meant to do exactly what it made you do - laugh! As you say, hard work and a lot of love make everything worth it! Your job sounds super interesting! Best wishes to you and yours this year. Also we are in the middle of planning a wedding around the typical oil field schedule and worrying about what if he pulls a rig move, etc. LOVE what you wrote!

If that was the case we would have been in a house insted of living in a camper. I love love love this!!! You summed it up nicely!! I miss my honey every night!!! I understand. My husband has been in the oilfield since He has worked domestic and overseas. It was very challenging to raise two children with the nearest family member living miles from us We were blessed with good friends.

This spoke to me I can tell you! Not all oilfield workers enjoy a fixed schedule. For some, they have to work to the job even if that means they end up going home on leave a week late.

You must come and see us before we head off on our ski trip. Why not go the extra mile for a change and come see HIM at our place?

You could help cook a reunion dinner? You see, all OUR converstaions have to be by email. Right down to those itsy bitsy chats about what to buy mother for Christmas. Try typing every word you want to say each other for just one day and see how far you get Oh boy I could go on and on! Happy Christmas fellow oil wives. Hope you and yours have a good one. I have been doing the oil biz for some time, and have even done 12 weeks on 3 weeks off for a bit but it must be very tough, the rotation he has.

Hello,your article made me laugh its so true and people do not even realize what they are saying. People alaways ask my wife is he on a drilling rig, I work offshore, on pipe laying barges, laying pipe lines for oil and gas.

I have a wife of 20 years, that has stood by my side, life hasnt always been easy for ussometimes I am gone uo to 4 months at a time,I have worked on 5 continents and right now I am in Tanzania.

I have missed alot my kids growing up. But its the work I love and pays more than a banker makes. Anyway I sent your atricle to my wife and i am sure she will get a laugh and enjoy the humor of it.

Dating Oil Field Worker transvestites, transgender, TS Girls, Cross Dresser and ladyboy escorts that are driven to make sure you are satisfied with the time you spend together and strive to ensure that your experience Dating Oil Field Worker is one that you will never forget/ Oil rig worker, lives in Texas, currently working off shore California. 60 yo, turning 61 this year. Widower, wife died in auto accident 7 years ago. No kids or family. Born in NY but raised in Belgium at Strong accent, says it's Dutch. Met on . Although it's easy to dismiss this fraud as a small bush fire, it is instead a raging forest fire. With over million internet users seeking online dating services globally, there is an enormous chance of being caught by oil rig dating scams. Reports show that victims part with thousands of dollars on one scammer out of alleged love.

One of my favorites is that people think we get oil and gas for free. YUP He brings it home in soda bottles. Also who do you think started groups for partners of military members? If you want to start a support group than go out and start one.

You chose to marry a rigger, no one forced you into this situation so excuse me for being having zero ounces of sympathy for you. First of all, please edit your comment for spelling and grammar. This would make it easier to find immediate support. As riggers, we do not have the luxury of military housing or bases to live on, like your own little world of seclusion and order-taking. At least couples in the oil and gas industry do not have to wait for orders.

If a rigger quits, there is no further benefits. So why should there be benefits for military personnel? You chose your profession. You chose to enlist. Your wife or partner chose to be with you. Why should you receive special privileges?

Maybe take a look at what your profession continues to ask for before condemning rigger families for only wanting a bit of understanding. The anti-American and anti-military hatred is appalling! My daddy died because of this lack of care and treatment that he so desperately needed and deserved for fighting in a war that everyone hated and people spit on and called them names and worse when they came home.

Yes oil field workers take more risks than the average worker but that risk is no where even close to the risks our military members take each and everyday for us! Whoever commented on this article stating that our military should not receive any benefits after their service is over needs to move out of the USA ASAP!

This is fucking pathetic and hilarious at the same timeNorth Dakota has to be a cultural shithole. A lot of these phrases are basically automatic responses people give because it sounds like the right thing to say and not cause they actually give a shit about what your husband does.

Michael Moore and al gore are basically a joke to anyone and I doubt you ever heard someone bring them into a conversation. He then was offered to go to China. Stupidly I sent it via box chain. He asked for more in January and again February.

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His kids are called Brian and Quinn supposedly. Has anyone had this same guy scam them.

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Apr 02, Rating Be careful by: Anonymous Yes, I have encountered many men who have actually been females and vice versa. India has just as many scammers as Nigeria now and a few other countries. It seems like they are getting younger and younger. Please be careful! C, Canada. Email - aparnaramesh hotmail. Has a daughter Siyona, Has been married twice to Satya and Anand. She sucked both of them dry for their money, claims to own a yoga school but she is only running a scam ring.

Fella's please look out for this one, she sounds so convincing but she's a fraud. And Yes there are female scammer's online as well!!

Mar 30, Rating Play the game by: Anonymous Play along make them think you are in love and would do anything keep it going as long as you can teach them a lesson let them see how it feels. Of course, his millions of dollars are inaccessible and his brother Jerry is unreachable since he is helping Corona victims in Africa. When I called his bluff, he has been sending me threatening messages and has even created a fake WhatsApp account in his imaginary daughter's name and has been sending me messages through that.

Watch out for this crazy dude. The email gmail.

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Tried too do back ground nothing on him. I had a feeling my heart was going too get broken. Thats why I never wanted too do online dating.

His name is Owen Cook (he also goes by the name Dating Oil Field Worker Nickname of tyler durden (yes like the movie Dating Oil Field Worker Nickname character)) this man started as a socially challenged man trying to pick up chicks and now he has become so efficient that many men reach out to him from all around the world. The pua scene isn't /

Mar 27, Rating Oil rig scammer by: Anonymous I was contacted by a man of the name Everett howard. Claimed to be an oil rig contractor. List his wife and son in childbirth. Has a 16 year old daughter. Soon started to proclaim love and then started to ask for I tune cards. False pictures of a Romanian Police Commissioner and his daughter. Lost his wife and son in childbirth. Soon started to proclaim love and then started to ask for Itune cards. Mar 27, Rating Didn't get anything from me by: Anonymous I was not on facebook for dating I just accepted a couple friend request for friendship not love.

I will not do that anymore. I learn real early they were scams. Mar 26, Rating Does anybody know this email by: Anonymous by: Anonymous Honey facebook is a place to connect with family and friends. Dangerous to think it is a dating site.

Dont talk to strangers. Protect yourself and your contacts by changing your settings on Facebook. You will be inundated with scammers from all over up to no good. Mar 26, Rating Didn't get anything from me by: Anonymous The first scammer was David Carlos on hangouts at davidcarlosat gmail. I told him I knew it was a scam. He apologized told me his real name was Ramos Thompson he was 21 and from Nigeria.

Second scammer is mike Eaton hangouts etarmike12 gmail. Please ladies investigate I did. I will not accept any friends request on facebook anymore unless I know them. Hangouts is a cesspool of thugs and thieves. Do some research but save yourself money and heartache. Check out romancescamsnow. Mar 24, Rating Does anybody know this email by: Anonymous markroy gmail.

He is a Marine Engerner out at sea in a oil vessel. Very nice ask if I had funds for his flight. My first time doing online dating. This is why I never wanted too do it. We talk on Hangout. Mar 15, Rating Oil rig 6 by: Anonymous Has anyone heard from a David Carlos 58 two kids a boy and girl in boarding school wife passed away.

Email address David Carlos gmail. Good luck! He is a supposed widower with a son that is 14 years old and a student.

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After getting as much info as he would provide, and giving him very general info about myself so he would tell me morehe actually demanded that I should email "a man like him. Anyway, the email address he gave is BryanGeorge gmail. I have no intention of emailing him. Does not have good grammar, changes story a lot and begins to demand when shown disinterest in online dating, or further communication. From 24 February he said he is on the high sea in Sicily Italy and he traveled to many places.

He works for Eni. He is a very hard working man and sleeping only hours a day. For the last project he put 1. The project profit is 7 billion Euro and he is done with the project but his worker damaged a cylinder and asked me to help him order a replacement at Euro.

I told him I do not have money. He asked me to borrow from friends. He is a scam. He too was on an oil rig in the north Atlantic finishing up a project before he could start his new job near where I live. Feb 16, Rating Richard Cragg by: Anonymous As previously mentioned, the same oil rig story, daughter Monica and son Jack, originally from Medina Washingtondaughter in boarding school, wife cheated on him. Retiring oil rig contractor, pure love stories and how we are meant to be together. Phone calls brief, different accent Nigerian than on the videos he sent me pay attention!

Videos made with his personal assistant's phone as he can't use video calls on the oil rig. Sends very elaborated love emails, very convincing. Thank you! She wanted Sephora cards, and then Nordstrom cards. This was in December so i deleted the information but Jamie wanted them sent to an address in Texas and said the person would make sure he got them. I remember the name well, because I had to argue with the person because they were so rude and somehow they were going to cash it in to pay their phone bill.

Feb 06, Rating Jamie Anderson by: Anonymous Google report romance scammers and you will get an address. Report everywhere. Washington DC has an embassy to report Nigerians.

Probably get address on You Tube as well. Report it is the only way to stop this illegal crime. They all have the same story. It's all lies, and you will never see them or your money. All the information that I have been reading about, has raised red flags. I met him on Tinder.

He tells me to download the Whatsap to talk. He is working in Angola Africa. He asked me to purchase Today he tells me that his ex who has his 2 year old needs money for the child. He Asked me to purchase a I am not getting these cards but need to know what to do to report him. You know pretty soon whats up. No one is that romantic at first txt. Claims he is at gulf shores on an oil rig, 9 yr old daughter in boarding school.

I let him know what a piece of dirt he was and Gods vengeance is tough. Really not even a good scammer. Had a video on his post in a bar, looked like oriental type not Nigerian.

I'm sure they all think they are pretty smart with lots of live txting going on in another language. Partying and having a good time, and I am sure he is very disappointed by now.

Please beware he just picked my name random. It really was pretty bad acting. I am sorry for the people these guys hurt. I am praying God takes care of this. Jan 28, Rating Similar I talked to him for about a total of 3 days.

He laid it on thick. He, too, had broken English. When I asked how he was doing after he asked mehe said, "Am fine just thinking about someone special to my heart. He said no and actually gave me a hint about my own name. He claimed to be from AZ If I remember correctlybut when I asked him if he came from somewhere else, he admitted Turkey.

Something involving the oil rigs. He also claimed to have lost his wife a couple years ago in a car accident, and that he has a son, Robert, who is 19 and studying to be a Cardiologist. Do you have WhatsApp? He constantly sent red hearts and rose emojis A TON of them!!!! He said, "My friends call me Captain Thomas, but you may call me Thomas. Dec 17, Rating Activate phone by: Anonymous Why do these scammers need to activate their phones?

First the guy sent me a message that he needed my password for my phone so he could activate his, which I didn't fall for. Then, he wanted a card to Sephora for When you buy a phone isn't it already activated? This person was so persistent, he said he was from Germany but working in Texas. Yesterday the guy wanted iTunes or cash, and he actually sent me a persons name in Texas, with her bank information, and said if I sent cash she would give it to him, and I can only assume she was a mule.

I blocked him. Dec 17, Rating Kelvin the engineer Oil rig engineer, Chevron contract in Colombia. Born in Germany. He sent picture that seemed taken from a model catalogue. Dog called Bryan. He asked if I could give him my netflix account because his credit card did not function on the rig.

Time waster. I'm from Germany and he said he was stopped by my profile in LinkedIn, which has quite no information about me. He is divorced and has a daughter Monica and a son and lives in Medina. Should presume he has money. After 2 days I asked him what he really wants from me and see he turned to be upset and wrote mean things. Nov 28, Rating Regarding last message by: Anonymous There seems to be a lot of men that say they are from Texas.

All their stories are tragic, in one way or another, I guess to gain sympathy. If it is a sad story, if man has to raise his grandson, who will Take the grandson when he goes away. Area code is Vermont Area code. I recently got a few messages from Houston Texas.

Also be careful of what web sites you might leave messages on, I was on one where someone was asking for prayers, and I responded, and my name was taken from there. Now I am really leery! Be careful! Nov 28, Rating Report to Police?

His account on Fitbit looks so real. Looking for the information that he gave me about Exxonmobil I found this website. He is so lonely because he has no more family in this world. Same old sad story full of tragedy. I still talked to him because I want to know if someone can trace his number. I already called his number and the answer machine directed my call to an operator in another country, you can hear people talking in the background.

Be careful!!! Nov 21, Rating Almost took the bait! He sent me 5 pictures, almost a take your pick of me. One was a handsome picture in a suit and tie, next one was a body fully muscled, only a swim suit, very tan, the third one was in a very stylish open shirt, blue to match his beautiful, beautiful blue eyes. I commented that he was very handsome, but maybe not too current.

Within a couple of days he sent me two more pics, one with him at a restaurant table, elegant, overlooking a giant pool on the edge of the ocean, same guy, but closer to the age he said he was, then one more with him sitting on a rock in a desert like setting, tanned arms, shorts. During the three weeks of conversation, courtship, he called me my lady, darling, love of his life that he has been waiting for.

When he returns from his rig we will have such a wonderful, blessed life. He claimed he was Baptist, liked Christian songs and country. These pictures were all of the same person. Anyway ladies of any age beware. Hope this info helps someone. He was nice until I told him i could not help him. I think a few of these scammers are actually women using Men's names and vice versa.

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My scammer wanted a steam card, and he told me to go to Walmart and purchase it. WAlmart seems to be there favorite Store. He claims to be on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. He has been doing this 28 years, and that this is his last block. He is the man in charge of the whole contract, crew that he in charge of. He said he getsbonus every three months. I did a great deal of questioning. Whether any of it is true is doubtful.

Why would he need me to get him a Walmart card to upgrade his computer, dah!!!! He said he had never met anyone like me, the most wonderful, charming, beautiful person.

Another dah!!!! What old lady fits that description.

congratulate, this idea

He was going to take care of me the rest of my life. I told him go get the card from his daughter, said he had not talked to her for a while. He met me on word with friends, casual at first. I am 84 and in a board and care facility. He said very sweet words. I am a widow, persuaded me to go to hangouts.

He proceeded to "love bomb " me. I filled a emptiness in his life, blah,blah,blah. Born in Bogota, raised in Sacramento, ca and owns a home in LansingMichigan. Very handsome man. Anyway, after about three weeks of love talk. He said he needed a Walmart card to upgrade his computer. Red light. He flipped me off in a hurry, said I was heartless, cruel. I told him bye. He is still on wwf with a little fluffy dog as his bait picture, and also a bible picture with a butterfly on top.

A real smooth, smooth operator. Of course wife died and one daughter, probably none of it is true. He had He is on an oil rig and wanting to come home. Needs 3, Wants to marry me and he says he has a son named Kyle going to school in the UK. He has sent me gifts but I know he is a scammer. The reason I know he wants money or cards. I went to an oil rig web site and found 3 or 4 different names he goes by.

He tells me someone got his information from facebook. When I told him what I found he said they were scamming him. Has anyone else had any contact from him. Just curious. Oct 17, Rating Oils rig scammer by: Anonymous Oil rig scammer!!!!!

Jay Roberts His gmail is bravegray5 gmail. Faced time me once supposedly him but the The static and Reception was really bad. So he says!!!! He said it was for his sons which he raises by himself because wife cheated on him. All of a sudden he has a contract to go to China and get a lot of money and after a meeting he comes back and asked for a Iphone 11!!! So he can take pictures under the water!!! Really there is much better equipment to take images under water. Before all this he sent images of him on a plane and landing on a heliport platform.

Once he asked for the for the phone I blocked him. Another friend has given him so he only needs and he shows you the paperwork from the oil company verifying all this. He has a 12 year old daughter. He's showed you that he has the money in his "bank account" but can't access it because he has to be there in person.

Of course he'll pay you back when he returns to give you the life of your dreams. Sound familiar? When he started following me, I mentioned to him that how we began talking reminded me of a man that scammed me before.

He did not ask me for money, but got annoyed that I kept asking how he found me and why he wanted to be friends. He wanted to call me. I did let him text a few times, but told him I was not comfortable talking on the phone yet. After acting offended he pretty much said goodbye and left me alone until randomly sending me a message yesterday.

Then acted bizarre again when today and I questioned why he disappeared for five months. IG name:Dean Ohm. I have reported his account on IG. He said he was widowed only boy of 6 children both parents dead, mother first, then father passed when he was 10yrs. I was then told he would tell me what to send to him after he had deposited the money in my account.

He almost succeeded at his treachery, I had kept him talking to me for quite some time recording every conversation I had with him on my flash drive. He sent me pictures of himself claiming to be turning 64yrs.

Shaven head, beard with gray, very sweet loving gentle kind of person he portrayed himself to be.

for the help

He sent me three pictures of his Orange County Californa home of which he was going to come and take me away to live with him there. Turns out he belonged to a group from Nigeria, not being computer or internet smart I somehow managed to find his dirty deeds and reported this information to our local Police Department. Ladiesplease be aware that these people are only trying to harm you not love you like they claim. Leason learned in Life Good Luck!!

Sep 24, Rating Daniel Phelps by: Anonymous I was almost scammed tonight however due to this site I was able to stop it immediately.

Aug 28,   Thriving, not just surviving, in an oil field relationship. Being an Oilfield wife is not easy. It can be stressful dealing with the difficult schedules of our Oilfield Men. The following are 7 rules that I believe are necessary to maintain a good relationship while dealing with the pressures of an oilfield marriage. 1. Do not resent your. Yes oil field workers take more risks than the average worker but that risk is no where even close to the risks our military members take each and everyday for us! Whoever commented on this article stating that our military should not receive any benefits after their service is over needs to move out of the USA ASAP! The Fast and Free way to Bang Local Girls. Let's be honest, you're here because you're tired of jerking off, swiping endlessly on regular dating Dating Oil Field Worker Nickname apps, and wasting your hard-earned money at bars and clubs. Imagine your life if you could cut all that out, and simply bang girls online Dating Oil Field Worker Nickname who have requested a guy like /

Spoke to a Daniel Phelps? Dphelps gmail. I am a widow and just started online dating on Match. This is a scary situation when people can prey on your emotions. Not worth it. I'm glad I'm learning early what to look for. Thank you to the person who reported him just a few weeks ago. It saved me a headache. I would have never fallen for sending money I'm too smart for that, however it's disgusting that they do this type of thing and Match etc lets them continue to be on these sites.

Quickly told him I was married with kids but no problem for him. Very smooth at first. Claims to be a Marine Engineer sound familiar yeta widower wife died of cancer 5 years ago 16 year old daughter named Clarissa boarding school orphan - parents died when he was young- only child, no family.

If pushed he will claim to have been adopted in the US but " moved to the UK and got all my schooling there".

Uses the term - Dear, yes dear, how are you dear and after you answer a questions says "okay". Likes to keep you talking through WWF app and will profess love very quickly, you touched my heart. I was up all night thinking about you. Push enough and if he thinks you are going to sign up on Hangout will give you his cell phone number that he will never answer and email address. Sign up for Google Hangout so we can exchange photos and talk.

Has a very slick thing going but if you pay attention you can figure out fairly quickly that he's lying. Too many lies to keep track of I guess Actually suggested that I leave my husband, marry him and move to NY.

Got tired of it very quickly and called him out. Sep 16, Rating Just received an email from the oil rig engineer by: Anonymous Exactly like other comments said here.

Dating oil field worker

His name is Albert Huang, he says he is from Wuhan, China. Both of his parents were dead. His wife cheated on him with his best friend, and his wife and their only son were killed in a car accident 4 years ago.

He asked me to connect with him on " Hangouts". Just received an email from him: Good morning my dear. I am a widower and without kids. But before I start, I must give thanks to my mother Who gave me the best training and prepared me for the future, just as all fingers are not the same, all men are never the same as well. I obtain my bachelors in civil engineering and lived part of my life in Scotland and in Lund, My mother always advice and tell me to be careful when it comes to women, as she implored me to take after my father earning deep respect for every Woman, because my dad was the only man she ever trusted, even they were dating before married, so I decided to find a woman who wants to love me like my mother did to my father, irrespective of her age, location and nationality, Having My mother as my best friend helped me to attain success in life, So after my university my dad I have been working on a big oil project in Italy, which I pray by the grace of God to finish the I have never had my country for work, It takes some few months to complete before I come back to Sweden again.

I am never afraid of hard work because I have promised to always support any woman I get married to Like my dad always supported my mum even to her domestic works, I am not here for just dating, but for a very serious relationship pointing to marriage.

My father was a rig engineer just like me and he was also an estate developer, he developed a mini estate which he left behind for me!

My wife cheated on me even when I gave her the best and she Ended up taking drinking excessively. I The memory of my last marriage though she is dead for over 4 years and I have been alone all these years, That really hurt me and I decided never to come closer to any woman again Until my co-worker advised me to get a I have just been too busy with my project work design on the rig.

I am a happy man always As you can see on my pictures because l see no reason to be sad despite what has happened in the past I made up my mind to move on, life has so much to offer. Don 't worry you will get to know more about me as time goes on. Rest, l Love to rest, it helps me relax my brain. I hope to see your reply as well. Aug 30, Rating Faces uses to scam by: Anonymous Google Joe Cross, he's an Australian entrepreneur and his face is often used in scam.

If you think you are talking to this face you are not, it's a scam. Aug 27, Rating Icyber security by: Catfished I am starting a cyber security company soon and will be looking into this a lot more. I have contacted a couple but not too much in the way of news. Aug 26, Rating Catfished by: Anonymous My story is the same just the names and locations are different.

He is Alessandro 58 y. Contract awarded to him and his crew by Exxon Mobil. Oil rig in Yellow Sea off the coast of South Korea.

Owned two barges and flew to Singapore to Purchase a third. He sent me a friend request while playing the Pokerist Hold'em Poker game in Facebook's game room. I reported him to Pokerist and just would like to get this crew arrested for preying on people's emotions. In some ways I feel better that I am not alone, but it angers me when I see how many people have also had this same experience and I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. I have kept him stringing along hoping to find someone or somebody who will arrest these people.

I am filing a report with the Sheriff in the morning. Not expecting anything to happen as a result of filing the complaint. Mostly for my own piece of mind. Aug 25, Rating Faces used to scam by: Anonymous Ladies, have a look on 'faces used to scam' as a regular one used is Joe Cross who is an Australian entrepreneur. You can see his photos on his Twitter account. Wall street, wife died of cancer 3 yrs ago, has a daughter taking up Medicine in Australia, goes to Dubai for a project almost 6 wks ago, bringing another engineer under him who happened to make a mistake while in Dubai, causing an explosion, that he needed some money to give as downpayment for the damage before he is allowed to go back to NYC.

Owners of the rig were threatening him if he would not give a down payment and was scared for his life. Nobody else can help him other than the other only friend in CA willing to help out some of the needed money. I have always been wondering if the pictures he sent are actually the same person that I am communicating with through Skype. That was bold of him to do video Skype with me and that is why I somehow thought he was for real.

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Most scammers do not want to do video calling at all. Where did you find his pictures and is his name Philip Wang? Aug 24, Rating Transocean oil rig sdam by: Anonymous These scum of the earth never use their real name.

I've been chatting to someone calling himself Kurt Christian Scholz, using the profile picture of an Australian entrepreneur called Joe Cross, Says he lives in Amsterdam but has contract with transocean to carry out work on rig in the gulf of Mexico.

Lots of inconsistency so was aware early in things weren't right. Sends erotic emails that are so obviously predicted, full on with compliments, wanting serious relationship, do not be taken in ladies.

EXTREMELY clever and intelligent, likely pathological given the amount of time and effort and careful consistency put into almost five months of efforts hardly worth the money IMHO, but if he enjoys the "thrill of the kill" then that's the big incentive ; the first two to three months were taken with a grain of salt. He even had "his" prior home and "his" current home "wife Samantha died" in a car crash cleverly "staged" for confirmation, even to check up on while gone; the address was on his photoshopped front and back hologram driver's license.

This case was right out of a older! James Bond movie. Scams are incredibly sophisticated now. If you're keeping track of ALL the details, you might notice little or big suspicious red flags. Toward the end, there were just a few too many red flags altogether to not wonder about.

I asked a couple of professionals to help me dig hard into this man's story details using online info or absence of online info, as was the case for Daniel Phelps, who was allegedly raised in Malmo Sweden by his mom because his dad died when he was five. I thought his accent did not sound very Swedish; you can YouTube and listen to various accents.

In the end, my Swedish Daniel sounded very Nigerian. Luckily, I've done so much dating that my heart and brain just went into auto-pilot protective mode from the start and did not relent even to the end. We were supposedly very close to meeting. Keep your personal info extremely guarded until in-person meetings dictate otherwise; even then, it may take more than a year to truly trust someone. Ask trusted people around you. Google all kinds of key words to obtain info, lots of info.

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It's mind-blowing to me how vulnerable we all are, even so. The scams are truly ingenious. But several mostly Nigerian criminals still wanted. Many women have lost their lifelong savings over the years. Beware of Match. You can put the payment into dispute with your credit card company; but be advised that Match usually responds in an unethical retaliatory manner, usually by blocking you from all future use.

Next stop: FBI. Aug 19, Rating Fake rig engineer by: Anonymous I have found out who the real person is from the photos the fake rig engineer sent to me.

Around the 20 Eagle Ford Shale counties, at least 7, jobs have been added in two years. We had one individual drive all the way from El Paso for a job fair," said Betty Sifuentesdirector of Work Force Programs for the region. Some pay by the mile, others by the trip. The massive influx of workers is causing housing and labor shortages, traffic congestion, increased crime and new infrastructure demands.

We have 10 to 15 RV parks, two 'man camps' with a third being built, and a motel being built," said Ralph Cordova. Cordova, 27, a city councilman in this once dirt-poor city south of Carrizo Springs, quit his job at the Toyota plant in San Antonio for one in the oil patch.

apologise, but, opinion

Around the region, dozens of man camps - large clusters of mobile homes equipped with bathrooms and a mess hall - have suddenly materialized. Hundreds of often-primitive roadside RV parks have also sprouted on freshly graded caliche lots. There are now more than 60 in Dimmit County alone, up from just two a few years ago. The more fortunate workers such as Gonzalez, who was staying at the Mesquite Lodge, a newly opened camp, sleep on clean sheets and eat good meals.

In the evenings, they can play horseshoes, watch movies on the patio or sip a beer around a campfire, all behind a security fence. Some workers, who have to find their own housing, stay in everything from horse trailers to converted shipping containers to mobile units parked by the rig site.

Far worse conditions used to be the norm, say the old-timers, who recall sleeping in shacks, trucks or even empty tanks. If you lived at the drilling rig, you lived in a little room with six or eight guys on top of you. You ate whatever you could bring out there, and you took a shower every three days," said Alan Roberts53, who has worked offshore from Norway to Africa.

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