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Originally posted by underoos-tom. Thanks so much for reading! Reminder: requests are always open and you can use my prompt list from above if you want. Originally posted by tom-hollcnd. This was from one of the prompts I wrote and it was too cute not to post!

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-Peter Parker is just all around a great boyfriend and we all need someone like him in our lives. Peter Maximoff head canons and preferences. Spending time with Peter's family. Dating Peter would include. How Peter would cheer up his so after a bad day. Peter as a child. Peter as a father. Warren Worthington iii. Baby feathers * Jean Grey. dating jean would include. Erik Lensherr. Come to bed. Marvel masterlist; x-men -; the. Multifandom Imagines, Oneshots etc. Well, hi. This is my imagines and one shots blog. x reader #x reader #imagine #dating spiderman would involve #dating peter parker would involve #dating peter parker would include #dating peter parker #dating peter #dating spiderman #tom holland #preference #avengers #homecoming #captain america civil war.

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Dating peter parker would include imagines tumblr

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Dating Peter Parker Would Include: (HC) Originally posted by underoos-tom. A/N: just a quick little thing I felt like doing! Requests and tags are open. Masterlist + Prompt List - Knowing he's Spider-Man before dating. Because you guys were best friends first. Your relationship slowly just became more touchy. Dating Peter Parker Would Include ft. Shy Reader. Originally posted by tomhollanderr - Nights in as opposed to house parties -You blushing every time Peter compliments or shows you affection-He can't help it because he really wants to show you off -Essentially being adopted by May because you spend so much time at their place. Oct 22,   DATING SPIDER-MAN/PETER PARKER WOULD INCLUDE: You'd have been best friends since you were little; peter parker imagine peter parker peter parker imagines peter parker smut spiderman imagine spiderman spiderman smut marvel imagine marvel imagines marvel marvel smut 5sospenguinqueen. Oct 22,

Alex as a husband. Summers brotherly head cannons.

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Adopting a dog with Alex. White coat.

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Hank as a father. Summer showers.

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A German valentines day. Tail issues.

pairing: sub!peter parker x reader. request number twenty-seven: can you do sub!peter parker getting overwhelming attention to the point he's trembling and whining loudly word count: 3k+ notes: well it's smut so you know. (also i don't like the word mistress so . Dating Peter and being on the school varsity volleyball team would include Spider-man deciding to trust the Avengers, and revealing his secret identity to them would include Peter in your room finding a scrapbook with newspaper articles about Spider-man after he saved you would include. "Peter Parker you could not be more wrong. I love you- I fell in love with Peter Parker not Spider-Man. He's not a bad bonus but it's you that I love. You're more than enough if anything I should be the one worrying about losing you. You mean the world to me!" Peter buying you a Spider-Man t-shirt as a joke.

Kurt helping you through your depression. Kurt comforting his so after a bad day.

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Kurt with a blind so. Spending Easter with Kurt would include.

The Truth About Zendaya And Tom Holland's Relationship

Kurt as a husband. Kurt as a child. Logan as a father.

Dating Peter Parker would Include: You guys take cute couple photos. Peter video tapes your guys' dates sometimes. "And this is my beautiful girlfriend, y/n. Today I get to spend the whole day.

Dating Logan would include. Being a family with Logan and Laura would include.

Fandom That Imagine - Dating Peter Parker would Include:

I always get the spoon. Jubilee as a child.

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A bit of both. Feel better sweets.

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