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Buy momo a Ko-fi. He knew Flash was just going to make fun of him, and with everyone laughing and some awkward silence from his friends, he just decided to get out of there. He huffed as he came to a stop at the end of the driveway, muttering to himself and running a stress-filled hand through his hair. It got pretty bad in there. Keep reading.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? What was your favorite toy growing up?

See, that's what the app is perfect for.

What accomplishment are you most proud of? Which historical figure would you like to be?

Spider-Man: Far From Home Real-life Couples Revealed -? OSSA Radar

What would you do if you were invisible for a day? If you could time travel, where would you go? If you could be a cartoon character for a week, who would you be?

Dating peter parker would include

Who would play you in a movie of your life? Keep reading.

Dating Peter Parker Would Include: Going to the same school together but being too nervous to actually talk to one another Sharing glances at each other in . even though you didn't know tony, you knew he was important to peter; y'all are the perfect couple and would most likely get married after college; NSFW UNDER THE CUT. some of y'all are gonna get real mad; but it must be said; PETER PARKER IS A SUB; like he's a total sub, just look at him; anyway; he's such a good boy. Peter Parker Dating A Tomboy Would Include - On the first day of school you wear a dress and flats (because your parent/s) make you and everyone thinks you're a girly girl. - The next day you come in ripped jeans, black boots and an army jacket and eVERYONE IS SO CONFUSED.

Warnings: fluff, mild sexual content, small small amount of angst, like super light amount of smut, nothing too serious tho. Due to quarantine, you were staying with the Holland family, where a lot of his family and friends were stuck.

Of course you loved the time with Tom, and you loved getting to know his friends Harrison and Twaine and his brothers that remained in the house. You stopped in the hallway once you finally saw him, dressed in a white hoodie and one of his blue caps over his probably messy hair - he had a mischievous smile on his face with his phone in his hand, and you could almost read his mind.

You thumped against him with a bit of a squeal, and he just softly chuckled, giving your forehead a gentle peck. Your hands caressed the sides of his face and ran your fingers along his chin and under his nose, playing with the pre-beard on his skin. He smiled in adoration, kissing the top of your head and playing with your hair, swaying you back and forth.

You giggled at the feel of the stubble against your skin, the sensation foreign but welcomed as you kissed back. His lips felt nice, familiar against yours, it felt safe and stable in contrast to everything else going on around you.

Not You Again

He loves when you wear his hoodies And he doesn't even pretend to be angry when you steal his t-shirts Secretly loves the way every one at the lab looks at you with huge eyes when you show up in the morning wearing the same t-shirt he wore the night before.

He's always so protective of you, worrying day and night for your safety Always following you home from a distance in his Spider-Man suit to make sure you get there alright Even after New York comes under attack again, and he witnesses first hand exactly how capable you are of taking care of yourself Your parents love him: Your mom calls him love, your dad calls him son.

You're not even mad. Peter always comes to you for patching up after a fight.

Oct 06,   Dating Peter Parker Would Include You'd meet at him at school through Ned. You'd instantly click as you had a lot in common. You'd spend time at each other's houses a lot.

It always ends up in sleepy cuddles and him sneaking out of your room when the sun rises. The one time you fight, it was a stormy night, and he literally storms out, slamming the door Only to later knock timidly on your window, in the middle of the night, shaking from the rain.

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! I can't even remember why we were fighting, and I don't even care anymore.

dating peter parker would include star wars marathons all the time. actually, movie marathons in general. you and peter would walk downtown in your comfy clothes to the store to stock up on snacks and spend all night in front of the tv. you and peter would probably end up falling asleep, slouched over each other. aunt may would catch this and probably take a picture, let's be honest. - Helping Peter with his homework.- Movie nights!- Fixing Peter's injuries whenever he gets hurt as Spiderman.- 'Borrowing' Peter's hoodies.- Peter loves to kiss your nose, because he thinks it's cute when you scrunch up your face.- Loving to play with Peter's hair.- Everytime you go to kiss Peter's cheek, he either moves to that you kiss his lips, or pouts, saying ". What it says on the thin: Just a little headcanon of what dating Peter Parker would be like. Originally post on, A stand alone piece not really related to my other Spider-Man fics but can be read as part of the same AU if you like.

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