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In fact, that list of questions was created from years of personal experience and from learning about this area of my life for myself. Click Here To Buy Now. If you do these three things, you WILL meet more women, period. Believe me I know. For example, imagine if you had a way to approach a woman that got a positive response EVERY TIME and for the rest of your life you could easily start up a conversation with any attractive women you chose. Now, imagine if you had a way to absolutely GUARANTEE that a woman you were in a conversation with would give you her phone number and you knew exactly what to say when you called to guarantee a date with her. I dug for the dirt and asked the questions no one else had the nerve to ask and got them to share every single one of their secret techniques and strategies for getting more women than any one guy possibly deserves.

Obviously nobody had gone head to head with her forever and she was totally eating it up. She followed me out the door and asked me when I would be back. I told her to mind her own business. Then turned and started to get into my car, stopped, slowly turned around with a sly smile on my face and told her to give me her e-mail address so I could add her to the AOL spam list. Anyway, long story short that was 3 months ago. She is 20 years older than I, makes great money and we have been living a fairy tail ever since.

Advanced Dating Techniques

My life has never been so much fun and interesting. I received it on thursday, today is Sunday. I feel compelled to tell you how much I sincerely appreciate all the effort you put into the seminar. Not just for meeting women, but for life in general. Your candor and willingness to share information, the efforts to run a smooth, well thought out seminar, the great editing getting rid of dead air time did not go unnoticed.

The e-book only scratched the surface of what is possible. I have had more success this weekend, just by changing my mind set this is my reality.

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Met a woman 30, blond, easily a 9. Asked for her email so we could have coffee sometime.

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She said how about right now. After coffee I even told her that I did not want her number, but she could have mine.

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I would have never done that before, I would have been a wuss. Thanks so much!!! They are changing my life.

Wow simply Wow. Merely a little over a year ago, I used to be both cocky-indifferent and witty-funny not necessarily together, thoughand some of my female friends would fall for me. I am a 25 years Hispanic guy, skinny as an anorexic Pink Panther in Ethiopia, and sort of androgynous physically I bought your book about a year ago and read it while analyzing my past interactions.

Advanced Dating Techniques CD Audio Series (by David DeAngelo) [David DeAngelo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Advanced Dating Techniques CD Audio Series (by David DeAngelo) Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Save 40on Audible. For a limited time, 4/5(2). Listen free to David DeAngelo - Advanced Dating Techniques (Attraction Isn't A Choice, My Story and more). tracks . Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at David deangelo advanced dating techniques free download. Double your dating mastery dating mastery male-female ebook as met to how north convention no, but this will lea michele dating again done in a non-judgemental, "it is what it is" medico of ebook.

I concluded that you had to be right. However, I enlisted a couple of then wussy acquaintances to your mailbag, and shared your material with my brother, so I was and am hesitant to use the actual lines, yet most of the cocky-and-funny attitude is situational, or at least in my case.

Advanced Dating Techniques Preview

My life changed radically. I abandoned ALL useless ideals. I particularly adopted the way of thinking of the guy who had a two-point score system with girls those who own the program know what I am talking about. The eighth and current girl, people may consider her as average looking, even ugly, but her personality has kept me interested.

She has a laugh-at-life, cocky-funny attitude similar to mine, and we get along great. Plus she is great in bed, and most importantly, she is crazy about and because of me. If you think about it beauty is an ideal as well.

You Must Know Where You're Going

I still give her a hard time, still play hard to get, behave utiendakiteboarding.comedictably etc. Thanks to you I know what women really want. It probably would have taking me long if at all to realize how to be attractive. Thank you David. You will not regret it. I wish I had discovered it when I was 10 years old.

Never mind that. I wish my father had figured out and passed that knowledge on to me. However, I am lucky I am still in my 20s. She then walks away. I was like that just until 6 Months ago. Now my situation is the following: I have no problems getting phone numbers.

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Getting girls to laugh. They start going where I am going after a few minutes of talk. I have an 18 yr old Model waiting 3 Months just to see me again. And another 2 girls. In 2 weeks!

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All I did was bust their balls about some clothes or for not having email. Now without your video series. I would never have this at all! No tense feelings. No getting stuck up. If something ever does go wrong.

Then I analyse the situation and use it to improve my skills. Now I have so many options that I dont know which girl to meet next. Thanks, Dave. It Rocks! But what the videos reveal is how easy it is. And, how much fun it can be. And some of the stories and material are so funny, they nearly brought me to tears. Thanx Dave for making this stuff available.

You displayed fantastic ideas and as a result you deserve your howling success. You gave a tremendous performance. Well done. Keep it going. At first some of your content rattled my brain. Now I have decided that I will use the marvelous collection, of your rarely heard tips, for my own advantage in every situation and not just in dating women. They have been one of the best investments I have ever made in my life and have produced ripples in many other areas of my life.

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It is a lot of work, but the rewards far outweight the price. I have listened to your programs at least 7 times each one and read a few of the books you have recommended as I do not have much money to buy them all. In the end I was able to apply some of the techniques described there to successfully attract and keep my current girlfriend. Had I not came across your material, I would probably still be, sadly, the ultimate wuss I used to be.

So much great stuff in there - not just for dating and relationships, but for LIFE.

David deangelo advanced dating techniques download

But the first-round draft choice of the lot was this girl we did a deal with a couple of months ago, a literal beauty queen who had it all - six feet tall, drop- dead gorgeous, athletic, smart, great personality, you name it. So I took her out. But while she was cool and all, I kept getting all these hints dropped about the rich old guys who take her on their boats or fly her to New York, blah, blah blah. I let a couple of them slide, and finally the third time she let one go I got up and started looking under the table with a confused look on my face.

She laughed like a fool.

In my Advanced Dating Techniques program I'll teach you: How to create sexual tension that not only turns a woman on - it leads her to think about you long after you're gone; A simple 2-step exercise to help eliminate the fears that are holding you back from success with women; How to reboot your internal state and build new, powerful confidence that women will notice.

Wanna guess how the actual date turned out that night? Who knows? This story is by no means over. After only one month post-Davids-theories I have become 20 times more successful with getting phone numbers and following up.

I went from having one prospect a week usually turns into nothing, maybe one date if that to trying to find room in my schedule for yet another date. Looking back on 38 years, most of my girlfriends were found by sheer luck. I am tall, good looking, make decent money, own my own airplane, and generally try to give people what they want. Thank you Dave for figuring this out for us reforming Wussys.

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My friend Jon turned me on to your newsletter, then I read the e-book, but the thing that pulled it all together was the video program. My only problem now is, other women are still calling me. Around a. After that we ventured out to a local bar and grill to get something to eat.

While we were waiting for our food two beautiful solid 9 out of 10 young ladies sat down near our table. They were Bahamian and exotically delicious to the eyes! This type of situation has happened to be a lot.

But not this time. Not sure exactly what it wasmaybe I was just tired from jet-lag butI felt relaxed and comfortable in my own skin. It was like I was automatically reframed. I waited until they got served their food and then started with a cocky and funny statement about it not being fair that they got their food before we did.

When they started laughing I knew it was on. This went on for like 5 minutes and when there was a pause in the action I turned back around and started talking to my parents. I did this for 2 reasons: to act indifferent and leave them wanting more. And boy did they want it. After we ate our food the waitress came over to us with the bill. I got her number and busted on her about how long it took for her to write it down.

I called her that night and told her that I would be busy but that we could do something the following night. I used cocky and funny talk on them all the way to the club we went to.

We left a couple hours later and my date dropped off her friend. When we got back to my resort I told her that we could walk around and talk a little if she wanted. She said yes and we had stimulating conversation up until 4 a.

David DeAngelo - Advanced Dating Techniques Yours FREE DOWNLOAD!!! Author: David DeAngelo Sale An In-Depth Education In . David DeAngelo - Advanced Dating Techniques Yours FREE DOWNLOAD!!! Author: David DeAngelo Sale An In-Depth Education In Female Psychology & Attraction PLUS Bootcamp Techniques To Impress And Date Any Woman, Any Time. advanced dating techniques. David DeAngelo. P.S. In this program you're going to learn the most advanced technologies for meeting, dating, and attracting women available anywhere. This material requires no special skills or previous experience. You'll be using the materials that you learn IMMEDIATELY and seeing better results INSTANTLY with women. I guarantee it.

We kissed and got a little intimate touching going on. Then I said goodnight. It was obvious that her anticipation and sexual tension were running high at this point.

After day three we got together at the resort and had more stimulating conversation. We walked along the beach and as evening came let me tell youit was beautiful. We ended up in my room, watched a little tv and afterwards had wild sex for hours.

It was absolute paradise. Now remember that up until this point I had never really made out with a girl, less had sex with one. But learning the Double Your Dating techniques built up my self-confidence via information so that I could pull something like this off.

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