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Jump to navigation. As Shakespeare so aptly put it, music and romance go hand in hand. But is there a definitive list of the best love songs ever? No - and there can never be - because music is so subjective. But can we try? You betcha. From sexy soul to perky pop, there's something here for everyone - click through the slideshow to see our countdown and to find out more about what makes each track just so great.

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Buona Sera - Louis Prima Dean Martin may have sung the smoother version of this classic, but Prima makes it his own with a swinging beat that feels just like shouting your love from the nearest rooftop. Best lyric: Buona sera, signorina kiss me goodnight. I Wanna be your Boyfriend - The Ramones When you think of sweet love songs, The Ramones are not the first band that comes to mind. And yet, this song is perfectly cute and full of nervous excitement, like a first teenage crush.

Best love lyric: Do you love me babe? Best love lyric: Never wanna' let you go, know you make me feel alright, yea. The Four Tops perfectly sum up the exquisite pain of loving someone but not being able to hold them.

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Happily, love might be enough to get them through. Read more: Want more love songs? Try our songs about missing someone you love. Loving You - Paolo Nutini Paolo Nutini is a little scratchy in this song and it only makes the lyrics feeling even more heartfelt.

And the 60s.

EliteSingles Rediscover Romance Commercial Song

And the 90s. Here Zooey Deschanel and M. Kathleen - Josh Ritter Sometimes you see someone who glows far more than anybody else in the room. Read more: Your take on romance feeling a little 90s? Learn about romance in here! But, as this song argues, all it takes is one person to break down that defensive armour.

Aretha clearly gets it. Best love lyric: She says I smell like safety and home. This cover of a song made famous by Elvis is a particular highlight. Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen A song about escaping a desperate working-class America with the power of young love.

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Tender - Blur Brit pop gets a gospel choir to sing back-up and the result is both a moving breakup song and a powerfully hopeful love song. One love may have ended but there may yet be love to come. Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves Almost embarrassingly happy, this song taps into that feeling of finding out that they love you back.

Best love lyric: I feel the love, I feel the love, I feel the love that's really real.

[TOMT] Song in the tiendakiteboarding.com commercial. I have shazamed this song, I have googled the lyrics. Nothing. I'm beginning to think it made specifically for the commercial but it's so damn catchy. These are some of the lyrics I just heard an Elite Singles song and was lead here in my search to find tiendakiteboarding.comr it's a different.

Best lyric: Did you know you're everything I prayed for? Read more: met someone who makes you believe? We looked into love at first sight.

Baby, Baby - Amy Grant A jubilant tribute to a healthy, happy relationship, this might not be the most complicated love song but that's ok. The total joy of the arrangement is enough to make it shine.

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Catchy cords and heartfelt harmonies combine to make this the perfect declaration of head over heels love. The kiss after you become a couple.

A kiss for every milestone, a kiss at your wedding, a kiss for all kinds of love.

The Crystals tell the history of a relationship, all via kisses. Best love lyric: He kissed me in a way that I want to be kissed forever more. The best bit? The feeling is mutual.

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The Darkness go full camp with a falsetto-voiced pastiche of glam rockers like T. Many covers exist, this is one of the catchiest. I Love You Always Forever - Donna Lewis This oh-sos song is all a little cheesy, from the lyrics about timeless dreams to the pacing. But, back in the s, it was an A-grade, slightly naughty love song.

Read more: Unsure how they feel? Is there anything quite like it? Here the joy builds to almost gospel strength albeit with a swinging 60s twist. His trumpet brings this song alive and his signature raspy vocals seal the deal with a cheeky wink. Winterlude - Bob Dylan A waltz that manages to be both heart-on-the-sleeve sweet and almost silly, this song will have you starting out smiling at how Dylan plays with rhyme and ending up utterly smitten.

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Emphasis on sweet. The fact that this song matches her smoky voice to smooth drums and a silky upright bass can only help. This song sums that up perfectly.

With singles right across the US, EliteSingles is an international dating platform, operating with partners in over 25 countries worldwide and helping singles find love each month through our online dating sites. The Science behind Our Matchmaking. EliteSingles offers an intelligent online dating approach. To make your search smoother, we. You have never been more ready to fall in love again Are you eager to take authorship of your love life and embark on an exciting new chapter? EliteSingles prides itself on the notion that maturity shouldn't bar anyone from rediscovering a love that's both passionate and profound. EliteSingles, the dating site for educated and aspirational singles looking for true love, has released a new commercial to promote its services, encouraging people to rediscover romance. The second ad is an invitation for viewers who are highly educated singles to rediscover first dates and first kisses and register on the website.

No-one does smooth quite like Al. Read more: Who else made it? Discover the 25 most romantic songs of the last 50 years. What is Life? What is known is that this is a totally uplifting, loving track. T - Semisonic For a certain group who grew up with the teen rom-coms of the 90s, this ranks as one of the best love songs of all time. Someone else but I am a strong influencer.

Elite dating commercial song

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Elite Singles TV Commercial, 'Rediscover' Ad ID: 15s (Inactive). EliteSingles, the dating site for educated and aspirational singles looking for true love, has released a new commercial to promote its services, encouraging people to rediscover romance. The second ad is an invitation for viewers who are highly educated singles to rediscover first. But, back in the s, it was an A-grade, slightly naughty love song. Best love lyric: Hell, with it baby cause you're fun and you're mine and you look so divine. Everybody Loves Somebody - Dean Martin For many, Dean Martin is the all-time-classic love song artist.

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