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They are indeed a couple and are currently together to do the whole meet the family thing. How is it not obvious? Fans were asking multiple questions to a very happy and excited Natalie James was driving so he was concentrating on the road. She let us know that she does keep in touch with other Big Brother 18 houseguests. She also addressed some of the things she said regarding James at the end of the season. What do you think? Do you think James and Natalie are going to last?

She also addressed some of the things she said regarding James at the end of the season. What do you think? Do you think James and Natalie are going to last?

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Check out some images from their meet-up below. Photos courtesy of Twitter and Instagram.

James and Natalie break up. We're still together!" a few hours from now. level 2. Comment deleted by user 2 years ago (More than 1 child) the game of Big Brother was much better back when veto comps were games anyone could win like "Who can cut up the most onion in 45 minutes?" instead of "Another physical comp that only gym-bro. Big Brother James And Natalie Meet Up, Confirm Their Relationship October 11, Branden Big Brother, Big Brother 18 54 Big Brother 18 fan favorites James Huling and Natalie Negrotti are together again and they've got official news for you. Oct 17,   When we last saw Season 18 sweeties James and Natalie, they were hanging in the Big Brother backyard with Jeff Schroeder after the finale and we weren't sure if Jatalie was going to last outside the house. We hoped, we prayed, and we crossed all dangling appendages, but, at the time, the future was uncertain for one of the summer's cutest showmances.

So happy that they were able to make it work despite all the negativity. Wishing them a long future together. I never saw at anypoint anything growing other than James falling for her more and more. She attempted to jump onto 3 other guys in the house and they all rejected her. I wish them lots of joy and happiness in their journey outside the house.

They make a cute couple! She is hoping to get something out of this- maybe an invite to BB again or some other show.

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She had friends and connections that got her on BB in the first place. Be happy for them. How hard is that? The amazing racethey are suckers for fake couples.

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And I really think its all for the cameras and followers and anything else. What backlash?

Natalie Negrotti Comes Out As Pansexual

She is dating him because she likes him, anyone who thinks different needs to have their head examined. You need to have YOUR head examined!

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I hope its not the case because as dumb as James is, he seems to be down to earth and a good father. Haters keep moving the goalposts.

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They like each other. How is that so hard to accept?

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She used James as a buffer, of sorts, between her family and what she really is doing! You have to be living in an Alternate Reality to not see they are in love and dating. Wish them the best. Well this is shocking.

Big Brother Couples Who Are Still Together

For a long time I thought Natalie never cared for him. Well James may have sucked at the game, but atleast he gets his dream girl. Happy for him.

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Watching them on the live feeds it was obvious how much they cared for each other. Why does any of that matter anyway?

'Big Brother': Natalie Negrotti Accuses James Huling Of Using Her To Stay Relevant

They ended up together. Kinda weird IMO. Such double standard as James flirted just as much if not more then Nat Why not just accept the fact they both are in love and dating now rather then continue with the hate. Makes no sense, get a life and find something to love. Wait when was I hating? Haters are so butthurt. They said they would never date but now that they are these fools have to cry fake.

They will probably still be saying it even if James and Nat marry.

Is natalie from big brother still dating james

It is a weird pairing and that is what people are reacting to. And of course no romance at all between the 2 in the house. James was loyal to Natalie and might have sacrificed his whole game for her had she not told him not to. Once outside of the Big Brother house, the two tried to start a relationship and everything looked to be going okay. Natalie and James were constantly together and even introduced each other to their families.

A lot of photos and videos were posted to social media showing how happy they were. Then, there started to be few and fewer tweets and Instagram posts until there were none at all.

Natalie and James even fought publicly on Twitter with a lot of he said she said stuff. James and Natalie are goals?

Big Brother news reveals former houseguests Natalie Negrotti is done with James tiendakiteboarding.come recently shared with fans that she is pansexual. In a tweet, James admitted he had asked her if she was gay back when they were dating. Apr 26,   Natalie Negrotti and James Huling are no longer soulmates. The Big Brother 18 lovebirds apparently haven't spoken in months, but now they're talking through their lawyers. Or at least Natalie is. Huling posted a video to Twitter in which he gave the dirty details of his Big Brother breakup. Big Brother alum Natalie Negrotti recently revealed that she no longer speaks to her ex-boyfriend and former housemate James Huling, but that changed when they had a brief - and tense Author: Nicholas Hautman.

She admitted that she was pansexual and revealed that she had a girlfriend. She claims that her and this mysterious girlfriend are still together and very happy together.

And, she said Big Brother fans that she is gonna go public with her identity soon.

Natalie says that her girlfriend is just too hot to keep a secret any longer. Since her sister is lesbian and very proud, it might have given her the courage to be comfortable in her own skin and embrace her sexuality.

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