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Please refresh the page and retry. L iz Dawn, who died on September 25 , played bawdy, volatile Vera Duckworth for more than three decades. They served us well. It was a war of wagging fingers and wild insults over the winning of a prize holiday at bingo. You can stick your rotten holiday. And I hope it chucks it down for you. The outcome featuring Vera in a red wig snarling the words "Well hello, Vince, terrific to meet ya!

The outcome featuring Vera in a red wig snarling the words "Well hello, Vince, terrific to meet ya! Vera: "Yes, but I didn't expect to get it again this year, you bone-idled, tight-fisted pig!

Vera throws a dog ornament at Jack (4 February 1994)

Jack died peacefully in the same armchair that Vera had two years previously. Vera: "'Course I'm waiting for ya, there's a bus at 12 minutes past, so come on, shift yourself. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

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Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph Culture TV. At the last minute Vera backed out, and their little scheme was unmasked when the Maxwell-Glovers had a break-in and police visited Jack and Vera.

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Vera panicked and told them about the dishonesty, and they managed to avoid getting into trouble. Joss eventually returned to his OAP flat, and he died not long after.

Jack Duckworth

Jack got another brilliant get-rich-quick idea at about this time. A problem with the water mains left their side of Coronation Street without running water for a few days.

Someone in the Duckworth household left the bathroom taps on, and the water came back on while Jack and Vera were out. The result: extensive flooding damage to the house.

Jack thought that they could pad their insurance claim and make a killing, and Vera encouraged him to spend lavishly on expensive wallpaper to redecorate.

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However, the insurance company refused to believe that the flooding had caused so much damage, and turned down Jack's claim. Vera was angry with him and blamed him for their not getting any compensation.

Another moneymaking scam that Jack tried in the early nineties was pallbearing.

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The trouble was that he had to get afternoons off from working at the Rovers to do it, and did this by telling boss Alec Gilroy that he was laid up with a bad back. The plan backfired when Alec went to a funeral that Jack was working at, and saw Jack helping to carry a coffin when he was supposed to be at home immobilized by his trick back.

Alec chased Jack home and confronted him, and Jack nearly lost his job out of it. Jack was fortunate to keep both his neck and his job; Alec was ready to throttle him when he found out about Jack's duplicity. After that, he decided to give up moonlighting. InTerry returned for a visit with girlfriend Lisa Horton.

Lisa was from Blackpool, where her parents ran a bingo hall. Although her parents were as working-class as Jack and Vera at heart, they were snobs who disapproved of the Duckworths and Coronation Street.

Before leaving, Lisa revealed to Vera that she was carrying Terry's baby. A few months later, it all returned to haunt Jack and Vera again.

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Lisa showed up to tell them that Terry was in prison for GBH. Jack and Vera took her in, as Terry's trial was in Weatherfield. While on remand, Terry was allowed out to marry Lisa.

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Just after saying 'I do', he managed to get free and ran away, to be recaptured a few days later. Lisa was left with a sour taste in her mouth, believing that Terry had used the wedding as an excuse to escape. Vera sided with her son, but Jack was beginning to see the truly rotten side of Terry.

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Terry was sentenced to three years; Lisa had baby Tommy while staying with Jack and Vera, but she soon tired of Terry's behaviour and left Jack and Vera to return to her parents.

Des Barnes had meantime fallen in love with Lisa, and convinced her to come back and start a new life with him, starting a feud with Vera, who viewed her as a tramp who had abandoned her son when he was in trouble. Jack saw both sides of the argument, and knew that Terry would never be true to his family, but felt obliged to stick with his wife in shunning Lisa. This didn't last long, as Lisa was knocked down and killed by a car.

Vera insisted on paying for her funeral, and took in Tommy, giving up working to care for him. Without Vera's wages, it became hard to make ends meet, and Vera got into trouble for shoplifting and missing mortgage payments. In the end, she sold her precious Vauxhall Nova to Emily Bishop as she was desperate for money to keep Tommy fed and clothed.

While Tommy was still living with Jack and Vera, Vera saw a horse named 'Tommy's Rattle' running in a race at long odds and, thinking it a good omen, made Jack run straight out to the bookies' to place a bet on it.

Rolling his eyes, Jack complied with his wife's wishes and placed the bet. While he was placing the bet, Des advised him that the horse was good and he put a few pounds on it himself. The horse came in at even longer odds than expected, and when Vera found out, she took Jack's winnings from him, thinking that he was holding out on her.

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It seemed that as long as Vera was around, Jack could never win. When Terry got out of prison after 18 months, he kidnapped Tommy from his parents and sold him to Lisa's parents in Blackpool, who desperately wanted to give Tommy a better upbringing than they thought Jack and Vera could provide. Jack and Vera were bitterly disappointed in Terry, and Jack hit his son and told him to never return, but Jack heaved a sigh of relief as Vera could return to work and alleviate some of their financial burden.

As Jack had a criminal offence in his past, Vera was made the licencee of the pub.

Coronation Street: Bill Tarmey's best moments as Jack Duckworth. Vince St Clair: when Bet joins a dating agency, she's surprised to see a tape of .

With a little money to spend, Jack splashed out on some nice clothes and a new pair of specs to replace the ones he had had for years, which were held together with tape. On a lads' trip to the races, he also bought a share of a racehorse along with Don BrennanAlf Roberts and a few other local men. They named the horse 'Betty's Hotshot' and styled themselves as a syndicate, but the horse proved to be a dud.

Vera was furious with Jack for what he had done, but she wasn't alone; all the wives of the men involved were furious.

Sep 26,   Would-be lothario Jack Duckworth attempted to cheat on his put-upon wife Vera by joining a dating agency and posing as lounge lizard Vince St Clair.3/5. Nov 10,   Taxi driver Jack has an affair with barmaid Bet Lynch. Joins a dating agency and tries to pass himself off as suave Vince St . Jack Duckworth first appeared in Coronation Street in November , At one time Jack joined a dating agency in a false name; when Vera got wind of this, she joined under a pseudonym as well and arranged for a date with her own husband. When Jack turned up at the Rovers to pick up his date, Vera gave him a nasty shock.

Once again, Terry returned to Coronation Street, and was shocked to find his parents running the Rovers. He hoped that he could get some money out of it, but found that the business was reabsorbing most of the takings and Jack and Vera were working hard with little to spare. He sold Tommy to the Hortons for good, and Jack and Vera wrote him out of their will, leaving all they had to Tommy. Terry left after a one-night-stand with single mother Tricia Armstrongwhich left her pregnant.

Jack and Vera took Tricia and her year-old son Jamie in with them, and Tricia's baby was delivered prematurely by Betty Williams in the living room. Alma found him dead, according to family friend Vernon Harris. You were the best. An incredible talent and true friend.

Jack duckworth dating agency

We knew Bill was poorly, but this is still a very great shock. It took three years for Bill to be offered a long-term contract on the show. Bet tips off Vera and trick him into turning up at the Rovers Return.

Cellarman Jack used wrong fuses for pumps and it led to disaster. By Steve White.

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The video will start in 8 Cancel Play now. Bill Tarmey to View gallery. Follow MirrorTV. This Morning Holly Willoughby admitted she was struggling to "stay afloat" in lockdown while Phillip Schofield ripped into Boris Johnson's confusing advice. Coronation Street Radio DJ Geoff, played by Ian Bartholomew, will go one step further after lying to the police on Corrie to make the Weatherfield residents believe his lies.

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