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I work in the ER and I took care of a really nice guy a few weeks ago. A few days after his visit, he sent flowers to the department for everyone and then one bouquet just for me thanking me for the great care and asked if he could take me out to dinner. I know some will have their opinions as far as saying "it would be unethical" to go out with him, but I'm interested in legalities This is something you need to discuss with the hospital legal department, and get the answer in writing, addressed to you and dated accordingly. While someone might casually say it's ok, your career is at stake, and the hospital could later come after you for a breach of privacy.

Is It Ever OK for a Nurse Practitioner to Date a Patient?

The intimate nature of nursing can lead to a risk of boundary violations and it's up to the nurse to establish the boundaries. In your case, he was not your patient, and you did not enter into a nurse-patient relationship.

You connected after he was hospitalized.

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You are not violating any professional boundaries, and I wish you and your sweet man well. She is also an accomplished author, blogger, speaker, and columnist. As Nurse Beth, she regularly answers career-related questions at allnurses. The NCSBN can say whatever it wants to; the standard in "Psych World," for all the mental health disciplines working in psychiatric settings, including psychiatric nurses and CNAs, techs, etc.

I've seen multiple people violate that well-established boundary over the years, and I've seen it blow up in their faces.

Dating a patient who was seen by the nurse practitioner once in a walk-in clinic isn't as significant of a concern as a romantic relationship where the NP-patient interaction occurred over a long period of time. In situations where a patient is vulnerable, such as treatment for a life-threatening disease, it's advisable to keep the. Jan 04,   Is it illegal for a nurse to date a former patient? I work in the ER and I took care of a really nice guy a few weeks ago. A few days after his visit, he sent flowers to the department for everyone and then one bouquet just for me thanking me for the great care and asked if he could take me out to dinner. 'A blanket ban on dating former patients is an infringement on our civil liberties' 'It is never appropriate to ask a patient on a date' 'When my nurse manager started a relationship with a patient while he was critically ill it was hushed up' 'I went on a date with a patient and we married 18 months later'.

I've never personally been aware of a situation in which it turned out well. OP, if you're asking, you know there is an issue with this. It crosses lines that are best left uncrossed.

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I wish you both well. I'm just curious if it is against any rules to date a former patient of mine at the inpatient ward? I am still married and have been throughout my career so dating was a non-issue.

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I had a friend whom, upon her license being suspended for other reasons, had the BON dig through her entire life and dinged her on dating an ex-patient but this was working as a jail nurse and she'd gone way past what she should have on boundaries in getting too familiar with him while he was still in jail.

I still think it is a bad idea in other areas of nursing. Navy Psych Tech.

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Hey good luck but when he starts displaying all the reasons that got him placed in mental health treatment you sure as heck can't say you weren't warned. It's not so much that he's a patient, but that you met him in a psych hospital. Nothing against mental illness, however, this isnt the case where you met a guy, and then discovered he had a mental illness.

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I work in a psych facility and the patients there are really nice people of course that is until you read their chart and then it's apparent why they are getting treatment in the first place. Why is it always psych patients? This precise question comes up on AN at least once every few months.

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Psych patients are an inherently vulnerable population, and the nature of psych nursing care makes the whole situation even more questionable.

OP, consider using the AN search bar to search for 'dating former patient' or 'dating former psych patient,' and you will see hundreds of responses with a myriad of reasons why this is a terrible idea. I am really disgusted with how more than one person has brought up that the person was in for a psych issue, aside from mentioning this could be a vulnerable population.

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You should really think about how you are stigmatizing people as a medical professional. So people with mental health issues are not good people, they are not worthy of relationships or love?

Oct 04,   How long ago was the nurse patient relationship? If it's a current relationship, dating is prohibited. Was the care provided extensive? A one day stay in the hospital is different than a two week stay. Is there a chance he'll be your patient in the future? In your case, he was not your patient, and you did not enter into a nurse-patient Author: Nurse Beth. Jun 11,   Even when a nurse provides care to the same patient over several months or years, as in a home care or long-term care setting, the nurse-patient relationship is structured. The relationship ends when the therapeutic relationship ends. Power position In the nurse-patient relationship, the nurse holds a position of power and authority. Sep 24,   Both of my grandmothers were nurses. My father's mother met my grandfather when he was her patient. It wasn't until after he was no longer a patient, but his sister was when my grandfather asked out my grandmother. When I was an emergency nurse, I.

That honestly has not much to do with the issue at hand, it is just a dig at those who have mental health issues.

None of your spouses have ever been depressed? That is lucky.

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Think about how you are perpetuating the stigma of mental illness which can and does happen to anyone, next could be you or your loved one.

As a psych nurse of over 20 years I can only offer this sound piece of advice. That is unless you plan on never working in the psych world again and know it is true what NEO Soldier said I can't stress enough NO!!

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This isn't about the ability of people with mental health issues being capable of healthy relationships. This site uses cookies. By using this site, you consent to the placement of these cookies.

Nurse dating a patient

But now you have moved into a more dicey area. You should check the policy of your facility because not knowing their rules could get you fired. At the very least you should decline dinner and suggest he meets you for lunch or coffee.

10 Things To Know When Dating A Nurse

In terms of legality, I don't know of any legal system that demands that there be no personal relationship. More than legalities, you need to learn what the policy is for your particular hospital. I suggest reading your employee handbook and talking to your HR dept.

Jan 05,   Anyone here ever date/go out/marry a patient. I personally have never done it, but have seen it happen.i recall one time a male nurse dated a patients daughter We got her on our floor one day after she attempted suicide, he had cheated on her. Another employee dated a patient and married the. Jul 29,   It is the same for a nurse as for a Doctor, absolutely illegal. She can be reported and lose her nursing license. Now, even after a patient gets a different Doctor the previous Doctor of the patient is not allowed to date a previous patient. Welcome to Nurses Dating. Free to Join and Use. Nurses welcome & people seeking to mingle with Single Nurses.

Answer Save. Rosalie Lv 7. Little Princess Lv 7. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. USAFisnumber1 Lv 7. You signed a contract so read it, if you didn't ask HR for guidance.

That's more of a hospital rule than a law made by legislation.

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Good luck! Nothing criminal to date a former patient. Question Guy Lv 7. Still have questions?

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