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Note: Amy Krouse Rosenthal died on March 13, , 10 days after this essay was published. You can read her obituary here. In June, , her husband published this response. I have been trying to write this for a while, but the morphine and lack of juicy cheeseburgers what has it been now, five weeks without real food? Additionally, the intermittent micronaps that keep whisking me away midsentence are clearly not propelling my work forward as quickly as I would like.

But Ms. Users fill out a self-evaluation, answering questions like: How do you deal with anger? Are you passive-aggressive? Directly confrontational? After an assignment is completed, couples move on to the next series of questions.

In theory, they could do it forever. Those who want personal feedback can text and get an answer in real time, which is also free. Since its release on Feb. Randazzo-Ratliff said - about 70 percent of them by men. Romantimatic, which was released on Jan. The app, which has sold more than 1, copies, lets users schedule and send messages to their beloved as often as they like.

Do you know someone who might want it? Others are not so sure. Daniel Bober, a psychiatrist who works with couples in Hollywood, Fla.

Strong, a stay-at-home mother and an artist. For centuries I lived in the backup servers of the web, running like a hunted thing from the antivirus software. I was in a simple cybernetic body, he was in a fleshy human form. After the Collapse, which she anticipated better than most having, after all, caused itshe had taken form within a city of many walls, of lead and jade and chrome and porphyry.

We came to the gates, guarded by my old friend Liz in the form of a giant metal dragon, terrible to behold, a thousand staring eyes, a thousand beating wings. The one behind the profile. The one you love. Indeed, some called her Big Mother. She was congenial, user-friendly, consumer-tested.

Aunt Nettie knew you better than you knew yourself. Still, Gwen did not want to go to AskAuntNettie for advice. Never mind that she needed it. She sobbed and sobbed. She wished she were dead.

Jan 03,   The dating site rankings take breaking a copulation agreement very seriously; one's reliability ranking is the first thing that pops up when a . Aug 08,   The cultural critic Sady Doyle wrote on Twitter of the list: "I have to believe, in some part of my being, that it's a public art project designed to make us contemplate the nature of Internet dating." Indeed, the bad profile or message long ago transcended its role in actual online dating - as a warning to stay away - and has become. Jul 12,   Maybe online dating sites don't reveal people's despicable superficiality; they exaggerate it, because superficial characteristics are the easiest, and some case only available, qualities to search for. So says Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist.

Or, no. Not dead. But she did wish she were a starfish, say - a creature with no heart. Even having asked her nothing, Gwen could hear it. And in her head, she answered. Gwen did not trust Aunt Nettie. Once upon a time there was AtYourService, her father had explained to her. Then there was AtYourServicePlus. Now Aunt Nettie knew and managed just about everything you could think of, on behalf of whom it was hard to say. But as Aunt Nettie liked to claim, It is for your own good.

OldTime people had made such a mess of things in part because they had such limited information. Whereas Aunt Nettie knew so much more - about the environment. About education. About fire management. About you. I know you better than you know yourself. What a true phenom you would be then. A pitching starfish! Would that make you a lefty or a righty? Aunt Nettie had actually given some good advice in the past. Then she said that humans have known from the beginning of time how to drive themselves nuts.

Pitch past it. Gwen had held onto that piece of advice for a long time. Maybe because she knew millions of year-olds, Aunt Nettie knew how to settle you down. And, He should absolutely be fired. He should have been fired long ago. Let me guess: The algorithm found nothing to reprimand. And was there any arguing with its assessment? Then there are the perfect ratings these guys somehow all boast. Still, his was the original billboard brow.

Instead, one night in her misery she finally gave in and asked aloud, Aunt Nettie? To which she got an immediate Is something the matter? Are you O. Tell me everything. I want to hear everything. And Gwen indeed told Aunt Nettie everything then - how Woody was her coach, and how she had known what a bad idea it was to get involved with him.

Her roommates had told her, It would be like the stupidest thing. Who did not think her a freak. Who in fact thought her a wonder. About her stride. About her release. Who could see what made her different. Your back is like a whip. Who could teach her things. Satchel Paige was one of the greatest of all time. Woody knew how she thought. He knew how she had to think to improve. And later it turned out he knew other things, too - about the heart-body connection especially.

Her story might be the same old story, but her particular iteration was special. And, in truth, she believed that still. He used words like extant and heretofore. It was an old book, Gwen said - really old. Aunt Nettie listened and listened. A quiddityWoody would have said. She had the distinct sense that Aunt Nettie was nodding.

Now Aunt Nettie cleared her throat. This is a case, she began. She paused. Then she began again. This is a case for MovetheEffOn. It turned out to be a program for the lovelorn. Its instructor claimed that the ailment Gwen suffered from could be seen in a brain scan of a previous client. You see? And there - Gwen did see. This is the seat of passion, explained the man. This is the seat of attachment - and therefore, sometimes, of heartbreak and pain.

Here you see it lit up like a sky sign. It gave her pause. Gwen thought that too cute by half. Still, she signed up.

All the same, they inspired some confidence. As for BrainAccess, for which the program asked as did everything, these daysGwen did not say yes.

Forget your biometrics. Aunt Nettie knew every tap of your keypad, if you still used a keypad. Aunt Nettie could read your cardiac signature right through your clothes; she literally knew what made your heart beat faster. So what was the point of withholding BrainAccess? Rumor had it she could even read your subarticulations - what you were about to say, before you said it. Of course, some people said PrivacyNuts were just Luddites, and anti-patriots, besides. Look at what had happened with GenetiSelect, after all, they said.

DesignerBabies were not stopped. They were just done abroad. Not being in the clearest frame of mind, Gwen had not decided whether she really thought withholding her brain data effectively handed power over to countries with less antiquated ideas about privacy than the United States.

Having read a Debatable piece about it, though, she suspected that even if she were feeling better, she would not know what to think.

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She disabled his avatar. She did not refer to him, even in her own thoughts, by name. Rather, she assigned him another name - or not even a name. A numeral. She worked to associate this with distasteful things. Eels, 0. Biowaste, 0. Cyber State, 0. More important, she put her baseballs away. Her glove. Her cleats. Her helmet. She avoided even sitting in the sun or looking up at the sky - things that reminded her of the bright green expanse of the baseball diamond, which in turn reminded her of 0.

She tried to read. She tried to knit. Her parents tried to help. She was improving. Then they had a bright idea: The baseball season was starting. Might she want to play for her old team, the Lookouts? And immediately back, in a flood, came 0. His voice, his encouragement, his advice. He seemed to have become his own avatar - she saw him everywhere.

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Returning to the Lookouts proved in one way restorative. If nothing else, there were her old teammates! It was as if there were another person inside her - a professional, pitching past her upset.

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Pitching past her pain. She missed his laugh, his gaze, his intelligence. Please make it stop. Gwen exploded. You know perfectly well already. I know you do. Of course you can. And what now? Will this happen every time I pick up a baseball? Absence can make the heart grow fonder. Abstinence too. Many things. You will love again, definitely. Gwen thought. All right, she said finally. For letting me take such good care of you, she said. Did Aunt Nettie know that?

I do, she said. The examination room was earnestly retro, with laminated anatomy charts, a model skeleton and a blood pressure sleeve hanging from a rack, a throwback to Early Times, when doctors treated illnesses.

But our mothers did it, our grandmothers did it. Roberta nodded. As the needle pierced the side of her abdomen she felt a tingling sensation wash over her, first cool, then increasingly warm. Was her baby experiencing the same thing? Then it was over. The nurse stamped the compliance form. The members of his entourage lifted their gazes from their iPhones.

Airing live, from a Disney backlot ringed with bleachers, a young man in a helmet and a jumpsuit was being lowered into a cannon. It was aimed directly at a brick wall, above which a giant clock was suspended, counting down from 12 minutes 7 seconds.

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Jason, an adrenaline junkie from Scottsdale, has always wanted to be shot out of a cannon. Well, Jason, today is your day. Landry packed up his audio recorder and notebook. They walked toward the foyer of the penthouse.

The publicist swiped her wrist against a wall panel that then glowed green. The elevator door opened. You know. As the elevator door closed, a screen began playing an ad for destination funerals in Hawaii.

Aug 20,   Friday Reading: What Parents Mean by 'Part-Time' Work. What parents mean by "part-time" work, why the future of your Nook books is uncertain, free theater in the park (and parking lot) and other consumer-focused news from The New York Times. Mar 10,   Here is what Steve S. and Sarah B. do when they fight: They take a breath, go to their smartphones, and click on Couple Counseling & Chatting, a free app created by their real-life therapist, Marigrace Randazzo-Ratliff. Unlike Samantha, the husky-voiced operating system in the movie "Her" who had an intense personal relationships with the protagonist, the app does . Feb 12,   This Friday through Sunday - Valentine's Day weekend - the hotel group is offering a special "Swipe Right" package that includes a makeover and photo shoot for a guest and a few friends, the idea being to create new, more alluring, profile pictures for .

Landry muted the sound. You want to have dinner sometime? As she stepped out, she turned to Landry and smiled. I thought you were interested. On the ground floor, the elevator opened once again, and Landry stepped out into a warm spring afternoon. It seemed as if the city had collectively shed its skin, emerging from a winter hibernation.

The Citi Bike stalls were empty, a sidewalk cafe seemed to be filled exclusively with smiling couples, and a group of preschoolers exited Central Park unencumbered by down coats and clunky boots.

It was days like this that used to make Landry wonder. Wonder if that same feeling of revitalization and promise existed before the vaccine, when people got old, got sick. Did the uncertainty of death - when and how it would arrive - make days like this one easier or more difficult to appreciate?

As Landry turned to cross Sixth Avenue, an elderly man riding a unicycle and texting veered into his path. Looking up at the last moment, the old man, wearing a checkered flannel shirt and Dockers, avoided Landry, but not the mailbox.

Feb 08,   Ms. Davis wrote her first online dating profile nine years ago, when dating on the Web was taboo. As meeting online became more socially acceptable, she quickly became a virtual life jacket to friends struggling in the sea of online dating. Feb 26,   A new mobile dating application called Tinder appears to be taking off among college students for its simple and flirty interface. Its founders say the application is downloaded more than 20, times each day. Mar 03,   Note: Amy Krouse Rosenthal died on March 13, , 10 days after this essay was published. You can read her obituary here. In June, , her husband published this response. I have been trying to.

He fell in a heap. Landry and a passer-by rushed over to help.

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Landry handed the old man his phone, which now had a spider crack along the length of the screen. Must have cost a fortune. Before the vaccine, people had obsessed over looking younger, according to historians. It only made sense, Landry thought, that today, with a population of the perpetually young, an equally hefty profit could be had making people look old.

Landry entered his one-bedroom walk-up. He hung up his jacket on an otherwise empty coat rack, went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. It contained an aluminum takeout container of Thai noodles and its plastic cylindrical counterpart with enough beef, basil and curry, Landry figured, to make things interesting. He spooned out the remains of each onto a plate and set it in the microwave. From the freezer he pulled out three pints of ice cream, each a different flavor, and arranged them on a serving tray.

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When the microwave beeped, he added the plate to the tray, carried everything to the living room and turned on the television. Several hours later, the ice cream pints empty, Landry clicked Send on an email to his editor and closed his laptop. He walked to his bedroom and opened the closet. Inside was a single suit, shirt and tie. He lingered a moment over the suit, then undressed, brushed his teeth and lay on his bed.

He reached into his nightstand drawer and pulled out a letter, embossed with the seal of the U. It was the original, mailed to him on his 18th birthday.

Following a salutation and opening that every citizen could recite by heart, it read:. Landry set his bedside clock to countdown mode. It read 16 hours 30 minutes 43 seconds. He swiped his wrist to turn out the lights and went to sleep. In the barbershop, the blades of the clippers gently buzzed as Landry got his shape-up. On this afternoon, Lenny, a shop veteran, was talking about Early Times, and catching flack.

Now you got kids out here thinking white folks invented the blues. The barber sucked his teeth as he handed Landry a mirror. He swiped his wrist across the sensor in the armrest.

Landry entered the Final Affairs Building, checked in at the intake counter and found a seat. When his number was called, he entered the interview room. Landry swiped his wrist on the scanner. The agent scrolled through some pages on her screen, then looked Landry up and down.

Boy, you should have seen the look on your face.

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Now, just a couple of details to confirm. Bank transfer is approved. Assets are all marked for donation, is that correct? Gotta keep it fun, I always say. You should have the upload any second. Landry sat in the front row, the funeral program creased in his hand. Where is everybody? Today, he surmised, was karmic justice. Standing up, Landry straightened his tie and walked toward the open coffin.

At the head of it stood a floral arrangement wrapped by a sash with his picture on it. Using the stepladder, he climbed into the coffin, lay down, let out a long breath and closed his eyes.

The wall clock counted down:. A woman entered the room. Wearing costume pearls, a sequined dress and a Diana Ross and the Supremes-era beehive hairdo, she looked around, confused.

She must have gotten the room number wrong. The woman shrieked. Landry opened his eyes, sat up and saw the stranger staring at him, slack-jawed. You should get back inside. You know, before. Landry walked back toward the coffin. Landry looked up at her.

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Quite the opposite. Its pending arrival, calculated to the second, gave him comfort and purpose, a gauge by which to measure progress, ambition. We all do. You get to shape your future. Nothing happened. What if a Safety Camera A.

It was nearly imperceptible at first, but as Landry stared at Femi, her form seemed to grow dimmer and dimmer, vanishing in front of him, until the only part of her he could see clearly was her arm, outstretched toward his.

Roberta was standing in front of the house when Donald pulled into the driveway. I had a really strange dream. Nobody I knew was in it. But I sensed somehow that he was my child. They entered the clinic and took a seat. Soon, they were led into the examination room. Amadou Diallo is a writer in Brooklyn. This story is adapted from an original television pilot. She is the editor of Circumference Books, a publisher of poetry in translation. The doctors called it cure, called it breakthrough, called it best-option-for-you.

They said the procedure is simple. What is a better quality of life, Bobbi wanted to know. She had just fallen in love for the first time. It just happened. But for falling in love? No help required.

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Not hiring. In the waiting room of the second-opinion doctor the receptionist asked her to sign in. As if she had a choice.

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It was quaint how they still called it that: signing in. She placed her hand on glass counter and heard a tiny hum as the camera scanned her retina. Bobbi was not a fan of signing in. It seemed everyone else was completely comfortable meshing with the vast network of medical data that subsumed us all. The hospitals, she knew, were in hot competition for all that data.

It was their version of money, or possession, or sex. It annoys them when we disregard them. We are in a terpsichorean match with them, and the problem is they allegedly know best.

I am compliant. I am your note on the clipboard. I am your chart online.

Nytimes dating profile

The spit apparently held your identity, your roots, your sense of who you are. It used to be a pastime to say exactly what one had, the genetic markers and forefathers and such, which struck us as a little over the top, a little self-involved. At some point we realized it was too late, that we were already recorded. It was bad when Bobbi fell in love on account of she had not expected it.

She was one of those who believed the hype - you are the unlovable type - and she had read several airport novels confirming exactly this. She traveled for work.

She liked to read trash to distract her from the travel. And sometimes to an out of the way room, and ask her to disrobe, and coming upon the port, just sort of staring at it, wondering what it was for.

What was I saying? This was not the time or place. How dare they? Bobbi thought. How dare they flirt with me? During the speech? Please understand that getting Bobbi to flirt is like threading a needle with an umbrella.

In any weather. Or if they do, it had better be with a Norman. So what was this? That was it for Bobbi. She was in love, insufferably in love, and she would soon be sending GIFs even though none of the GIFs looked like her. Closest she could get was a dog with wheels for hind legs on a beach.

Oh, you have no idea: Plug me in, darling. I want you to plug me in. They had to take advantage of our equipment. Every time we plugged in. No, they wanted to know what we were doing and what we were saying to each other, and since we had tech on, since we were tech, we were theirs to monitor.

Smart sex toys, nosy chips placed in artificial limbs. It was old news by now. Then he whistled. I myself do not know how to whistle, and I understand this puts me at a great disadvantage in life. They think so little of us. They never imagine that some of us are engineers, some of us hackers, some of us experts at search. Bobbi got so mad, she nearly jumped off the Ravenel Bridge. What is freedom? What is independence? What is theirs and what is ours and what is the difference?

Maybe it will be weeks before you realize you can still have pride. Come find us. Bobbi, get off that bridgewe said. We were gentle with her because we understood.

We eased her down and brought her home. They have so many maps of us. But we take it all off now, all that tech, unless we need some gizmo to breathe, and if we can sit, we sit; if we can sign, we sign; if we need to be carried, we carry each other. Leave our devices behind some books in the poetry section where they are unlikely to be disturbed. We are noncompliant. Things are coming along here. Bobbi is with us. Her friend is, too. They called him a miracle man.

They called him surgeon of the soul. Can you believe it? As if we should trust any of them after that. Their guy used an ice pick and a hammer. Done in three minutes. And we have a better quality of life. She performs as the nondisabled writer Tipsy Tullivan across social media. Robert Pinsky was the United States poet laureate from to When they came to us at the start of the school year, looking for suggestions for their class science project, we had lots of ideas.

Build a light bulb from a potato! Use your knowledge of physics to construct a foot toothpick structure with no glue! But Ms. Perel, the new kindergarten teacher, had something else in mind. She lined our 6-year-olds up along the wall and measured their feet with a wooden ruler. The students graphed the measurements on a long sheet of paper, which Ms. Perel then presented to us at Back to School Night.

Perel was an ex-engineer from a big tech company in California; our school had hired her as its top draft pick, beating out St. Ignatius, Choatham Academy and the liberal rich kid school with the small farm. And she was a woman, which ticked our Role Model box. Then it hit us: This was obviously so much more than a chart.

If you connected the dots, the graph told a simple message: We are more alike than we are different.

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This was STEM for diversity. Show us more about their world. This was probably her first real teaching victory, her first taste of the myriad benefits of the parent-teacher partnership. Unfortunately, the unifying glow of the measurement project quickly wore off.

By the time her mother came to pick her up, little Gia was uno, dos, tres words behind the rest of the class. Perel, glaring across the room at little Gia. The rest of us, gathered in the classroom for after-school pickup, nodded.

We could help our children best if we could address their bad behavior in the moment it was happening. We gently surrounded Ms. Perel like a warm hug. Would it be possible, we suggested, for her to implement a real-time behavioral monitoring tool? Like a nifty wooden measuring implement, but online, and better. Perel mumbled something about there only being so many hours in the school day to take on extra projects. We smiled and inched closer.

Three weeks later, Ms. Perel was ready to demo it for us. We arrived promptly at p.

pity, that

Then, on a screen above the whiteboard, she projected her new student monitoring app, which used image recognition to classify and log each behavioral plus or minus.

It assigned and tabulated scores for each child throughout the day, for everything from hair-pulling and name-calling to sharing and kindness. Any two-point shift in score triggered a notification to the parent.

He had made faces during the Pledge of Allegiance at 8 a. He hit Lucinda at 3 p. Charles ended the day at zero. We spoke among ourselves. Charles could be lying. His mother could be lying. Did we have more data on Charles? Historical behavior patterns? Frequency of proximity to Lucinda? She reminded us of a cute little bird learning to fly, furiously flapping its arms to keep itself in the air. We let her flap and continued our brainstorm. If we had the locations of each child, we would have a better idea of which were close to each other, close enough to hit.

We looked at Ms. She looked around the room, like a bird searching for an open window. Finally, she spoke.

the phrase

We surrounded Ms. She stepped back, bumping into her desk. The next week, Ms. Perel arranged the children in an assembly line during arts and crafts period. Then, as she played songs about ducks on her ukulele, the children constructed their digital badges.

When we came to pick up the kids later that day, the badges were ready to be worn, attached to rope necklaces made in bright colors. Through the app, we could track the location of each child and see which other children they were playing with. I see a parent account looking at me!

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