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Big Brother. Schuester announces the finalists for the miniature disco competition after the song Night Feverand when Mercedes'sname is said, Sam claps enthusiastically. Mercedes performs Disco Inferno with Santana and Brittany as back-up and during her performance, Sam is seen to be recording Mercedes on his cellphone. Afterwards, when Mercedes worriedly talks about her future, Sam looks down at the video of Mercedes singing and dancing and gets an idea. When Mr. Schue states that the assignment for the week would be a Whitney Houston tribute, despite Mercedes questioning Sam, Sam says that he thinks it's a bad idea considering her past problems. Emma also mentions Samcedes during Kurt and Blaine's couple counseling, where Blaine mentions that they broke up.

But by the end of the night, they get a little cozy.

How to Get Through Rough Patches in Life - Jocko Willink

Your [insert skill] with my [insert skill]. November 23, They vehemently deny their relationship to James Corden.

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