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According to cops, the superstar rapper was murdered in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas in September , when he was shot in his BMW. A man resembling Shakur is seen pictured in an orange shirt similar to the one the star wore on the morning of the shooting. Tupac, ween wearing an orange shirt during the bust up, reportedly changed into a green basketball vest shortly after the fight, reports the Daily Star. Just this week it was claimed the American rapper was s till alive and starred in a music video ten years AFTER he was shot dead. But since his death wild conspiracy theories have circulated, claiming the rapper is still alive and only went into hiding.

They connect on an intellectual and physical level. They are able to communicate effectively and stay positive through difficult times. By the time Kidada reached high school she had been expelled from 8 schools. This made her want to help young girls who experience difficulties in school.

Who Was Tupac Dating When He Died? Girlfriend Kidada Jones

In the video above, Kidada does activities with girls to help them understand who they are and stay true to themselves. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Close Menu Home. Jones explains that she started school when she was 2-years-old and never felt like she fit in.

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She struggled with learning disabilities and was held back multiple times. Tags kidada jonesquincy jonestupac. The thing that bothers me is that it seems like a lot of the sensitive stuff I write just goes unnoticed.

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Photo: Courtesy Darrin Keith Bastfield. In AugustTupac was attacked by jealous youths in Marin City. He drew his pistol but dropped it in the melee.

Tupac Shakur and Kidada Jones were in a relationship for 1 year before Tupac Shakur died aged Birth place: East Harlem,Manhattan,New York City. Feb 23,   Their marriage was annulled five months after Tupac was released from jail, in October ; the pair remained friends until his death. Soon after his marriage to Morris ended, Tupac began dating Born: Jun 16, Tupac Shakur died on September 13, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rapper Tupac Shakur's last words before he died several years ago in have been revealed by a former police officer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Someone picked it up, the gun fired, and a 6-year-old bystander, Qa'id Walker-Teal, fell down dead. While Tupac was not charged for Walker-Teal's death, he was reportedly inconsolable. In OctoberTupac shot and wounded two white off-duty cops in Atlanta - one in the abdomen and one in the buttocks - after an altercation.

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However, the charges were dropped after it emerged in court that the policemen had been drinking, had initiated the incident and that one of the officers had threatened Tupac with a stolen gun. The case illustrated the misrepresentation of African American males, and the attitude of some police toward them, which Tupac had been talking about in his music.

What was portrayed as gun-toting "gangster" behavior by a lawless individual turned out to be an act of self-defense by a young man in fear of his life. All the while, Tupac's star continued to rise. Tupac did go to jail for 15 days in for assaulting the director Allen Hughes, who had fired him from the set of the movie Menace II Society for being disruptive.

Before Tupac released his third album, there was more trouble. In Novemberhe was shot multiple times in the lobby of a Manhattan recording studio, Quad, by two young black men. Tupac believed his rap rival Biggie Smalls was behind the shooting, for which nobody has ever been charged.

Sway Remembers Tupac Shakur 20 years After His Death - Sway's Universe

Smalls always denied he knew anything; in Dexter Isaac, a New York prisoner serving a life sentence for an unrelated crime, claimed he was paid to steal from Tupac by the artist manager and mogul James "Henchman" Rosemond, and shot the rapper during the robbery. Their rivalry was fast becoming hip hop's most famous - and ugliest - beef.

Within three months, Tupac was murdered. In FebruaryTupac was sentenced to between one and a half and four and a half years of jail time for sexually abusing a female fan. The case related to an incident that had taken place in Tupac's suite in the New York Parker Meridien hotel in November Tupac maintained that he had not raped the girl, although he confessed to the Vibe magazine journalist Kevin Powell that he could have prevented others who were present in the suite at the time from doing so.

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While Tupac was in prison on rape charges, he was visited by Suge Knight, the notorious label boss of Death Row records. The condition was that Tupac sign on to Death Row. Tupac duly signed. He was released from the high-security Dannemora facility in New York in October At the same time as he was glorifying an outlaw lifestyle for Death Row, Tupac was financing an at-risk youth center, bankrolling South Central sports teams, setting up a telephone helpline for young people with problems - all noted in Robert Sam Anson's Vanity Fair article, published after Tupac's death.

Tupac dating before death

Tupac has released a total of 11 platinum albums: four during his career, with seven more released posthumously. To date, Tupac has sold more than 75 million records worldwide. Tupac's first album as a solo artist was 2Pacalypse Now. Although it did not yield any hits, it sold a respectablecopies and established Tupac as an uncompromising social commentator on songs such as "Brenda's Got a Baby" - which narrates an underaged mother's fall into destitution - and "Soulja's Story," which controversially spoke of "blasting" a police officer and "droppin' the cop.

Who Was Tupac Shakur?

The song was cited as a motivation for a real-life cop killing by a teenage car thief called Ronald Ray Howard and was condemned by the then-U. Vice President Dan Quayle. It continued in the same socially conscious vein as his debut. On the gold-certified single "Keep Ya Head Up," he empathized with "my sisters on the welfare," encouraging them to "please don't cry, dry your eyes, never let up. The album featured contributions from Tupac's stepbrother, Mopreme. Mopreme became a member of the hip-hop group Thug Life, which Tupac started and which released the album Thug Life: Volume 1 in When Tupac's third solo album came out on March 14,he was in jail.

Its title, Me Against the Worl could not have been more apt. It reached No. Coker at Rolling Stone.

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But there was vulnerability, too - lead single, "Dear Mama," was a tear-jerking tribute to his mother, Afeni, that hit number 9 on the Billboard Hot in April With his new hip-hop group Outlawz debuting on the album, All Eyez on Me was an unapologetic celebration of the thug lifestyle, eschewing socially conscious lyrics in favor of gangsta-funk hedonism and menace.

Within two months of its release, All Eyez on Me had been certified five-times double-platinum. It would eventually become diamond certified. It also reached No. Tupac recorded a total of six studio albums released posthumously, up to and including Pac's Life in Before Tupac became a rapper, he wrote poetry. Along with his music, Tupac had appeared in several films by the time of his death, among them starring roles alongside Janet Jackson in 's Poetic Justice and Mickey Rourke in 's Bullet.

He mentioned Makaveli Records a few times before his death. This was supposed to be a music label for up-and-coming artists that Shakur had an interest in developing or potentially signing, and his own future projects would have been published through it as well. Channing tatum is he died before tupac's death by pinterest dating ideas death by the vegas. Apparently, and actor tupac shakur after he and madonna has lost a drastic change in Apparently, and actor tupac shakur after he and madonna has lost a drastic change in Jan 29,   Tupac and Kidada got engaged in Tupac and Kidada got engaged in and they were living together in Las Vegas at the time of his death. On September 13, , Tupac was on his way to see Jones but he was murdered in a drive-by shooting. Kidada was one of the last people who spoke to Tupac, in the hospital, before he died.

Tupac married Keisha Morris in while he was still in prison; the couple had met several months earlier at a nightclub when Morris was 20 and Tupac was Their marriage was annulled five months after Tupac was released from jail, in October ; the pair remained friends until his death.

Soon after his marriage to Morris ended, Tupac began dating Kidada Jones. They had met at a club when Tupac apologized for insulting her father, Quincy Jonesfor only dating white women. Jones was in Las Vegas with Tupac the night he was shot. The black car in which rapper Tupac Shakur was fatally shot by unknown driveby assassins as he was riding with friend Suge Knight, who survived the shooting.


Tupac died in Las Vegas on September 13,of gunshot wounds inflicted six days prior. His murder remains unsolved.

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There was a scuffle after the bout between a member of the Crips gang and Tupac. Knight, who was involved with the rival Bloods gang, and members of his entourage piled in. Later, as a car that Tupac was sharing with Knight stopped at a red light, a man emerged from another car and fired 13 shots, hitting Tupac in the hand, pelvis and chest. He later died at the hospital.

His girlfriend Kidada and his mother Afeni were both with him in his final days. Tupac's body was cremated.

May 23,   MURDERED Tupac Shakur was pictured in public just one day AFTER he was targeted by a mystery gunman, claim conspiracy theorists. According to cops, the superstar rapper was murdered in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas in September , when he was shot in his BMW.

Members of his old band, Outlawz, made the controversial claim that they had smoked some of his ashes in honor of him. His mother announced she would scatter her son's ashes in Soweto, South Africa, the "birthplace of his ancestors," on the 10th anniversary of his murder.

She later changed the date to June 16, - Tupac's 26th birthday as well as the anniversary of the Soweto uprising. On March 9,six months after Tupac died, Biggie Smalls was killed in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles; his murder has never been solved, either. Tupac died of gunshot wounds in

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