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The finding furthers our understanding of the cognitive abilities of Neanderthals during the Middle Palaeolithic period 30, years ago. Bruce Hardy and colleagues discovered a six-millimetre-long cord fragment consisting of three bundles of fibres twisted together and adhering to a millimetre-long, thin stone tool. The authors speculate that the cord was wrapped around the tool as a handle or was part of a net or bag containing the tool. They date the cord fragment, which they discovered in Abri du Maras, France, to between 41, years ago. Using spectroscopy and microscopy, they identified that the cord likely consists of fibres taken from the inner bark of a non-flowering tree such as a conifer. The authors suggest that production of the cord would have required extensive knowledge of the growth and seasonality of the trees used.

With traditional year-old tools and know-how at their disposal, Numajiri blended them with modern techniques to create unique jersey materials. All of the fabrics created by Numajiri are produced on original Japanese machines using traditional methods, which make for an endless array of possibilities when combined with newer yarns and materials. The essence of old Japanese workmanship contained in the cloth gives it a distinct texture-a delicate touch-that the person wearing the garment can feel and sense.

Their use of vintage machines and classic techniques also means the material can naturally blend into the contemporary collections of even high-end designers. Read full story: www. Some, like the Sato family, kept silkworms among the rafters of their homes. Inthey broadened their activities by raising sheep for wool, and Sato Seni Co. The company has been spinning yarn ever since. Each of Sato Seni's four generations of leaders has added its own contribution, and Masaki Sato is no different.

He found himself facing an onslaught of cheap yarn and clothing from overseas, which put many Yamagata spinneries out of business. You fool! Datingh-ish is brilliant that way. Unrequited love? My favorite kind of romance!

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Unrequited love between best friends? Even better. And the growing friendship between both main characters felt so genuine, so real, so sweet Gah!

Robots are responsible of it all. What if human relationships could be replaced? What if we could avoid deception, heartache by creating the perfect mate? Robots are everywhere but would you leave morals and flaws behind - everything that makes us humans and individuals- to save you from the heartache and risks of the dating pool?

Would you feel more safe with an entity programmed to fit your needs and set with a rigid set of morals? Can intelligence equals emotions? An intelligence of our own designed to control us all? I think I love the mess of social interactions too much, the surprise of blends too much to ever wish such a thing to become a reality.

Yarn modern dating full story

Perfection is boring, flaws make you interesting! Through cuddle sutra and professional humpers Marie and Matt are trying to get answers to those questions getting closer and closer while exploring alternatives to the idea of an artificial intelligence companion.

And the let me tell you I never craved a cuddle like I craved one with Matt reading this book. The charge of sexual tension emanating from the pages of Dating-ish is positively dangerous. Worse or better even, the moment Penny Reid let it all go? And that damn saxophone! To conclude, Penny Reid delivers here a perfect addition to the Knitting in The City series with a romance story like I truly love them, entertaining with a lot of built, a yearning so real you can feel it through the pages, her own brand of humor - nerdy robot jokes are everything - making light of tense situations, a subject to reflect on, the whole thing cottoned in happy feels, yarn and a set of friends you can only wish you were part of.

Oh and Careless Whispers. That damn saxophone. I just love the characters she creates and the situations she gets them into. Going into Dating-ishI thought the idea of professional dry humpers and cuddlers was a little I'm also not a science kinda gal so anything too specific regarding robots and their quest to take over the world it's going to happen, people!

Hes not a serial killer.

But this is no typical love triangle yarn. Sunrise is the story of a rekindled and reconciled man who-after breaking his vows-gets another shot at true love when it looked like all was lost. Murnau's trademark expressionism is rife with vitality, combining a modern-era technical achievement with a beating heart that audiences have felt. Old-fashioned fabric techniques are once again setting trends in Japan. Leading the way is Numajiri Textile Laboratory, a company that was formed a decade ago from the ashes of the Hiruma Senkou Company, a color-dye business that had been making Japanese yukata (traditional Japanese garments), innerwear and nightwear since With traditional year-old tools and know-how at their. A study published in the journal Bioarcheology of the Near East reveals the characteristics of the population that was buried in the Tell es-Sin necropolis, a Byzantine site dated between the 5th and 7th centuries that is located in Syria, on the left bank from the Euphrates River. A study.

I had to call in a few favors just to get his number. Marie and Matt made me laugh and broke my heart over and over and I couldn't get enough. It's a testament to some wonderful writing that even though we only get Marie's voice for most of the book, I still managed to feel everything right along with Matt. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'll read absolutely anything this woman writes. Take a shot at the phonebook, Ms. I promise I'll be first in line to give it a try.

View all 26 comments. I'll be using Dating-ish for future reference of what I want in my romance novels : not perfection, but a story that makes me "Life is a struggle for relevancy. I'll be using Dating-ish for future reference of what I want in my romance novels : not perfection, but a story that makes me ridiculously happy. Insert heart-eyes emoji or whatever it is you use when you're infatuated - sorry, besotted - and consider it a relevant description of my face right now.

That's it. View all 17 comments. Terrifying because this was Matt. My crutch. My crush. I fell in love with Marie and Matt from their awkward and comical first date! The book can be read as a standalone, even though all the characters from the previous books are in this one quite a bit. This was an absolutely fabulous and entertaining read! Marie Harris is one of the last two in her circle of close girlfriends that is still single.

Top 5 Steamy Romance Novels: $ Kindle 1. Blue-Eyed Devil: A Novel $ Kindle 2. Killing Sarai (Book 1) $ Kindle 3. Tears of Tess (Book 1) $ Kindle 4. Axel (Corps Security Book 1) $ Kindle 5. Bossman: A Novel 1. Blue-Eyed Devil: A Novel (The Travis Family) Alpha Male May 16,   Dating-ish is a smart, sexy, modern romance that will have every Penny Reid fan smittened. This book was a gem of a read. This book was a gem of a read. It incorporated every element of romance, humor, uniqueness and smart witty dialogue that have become a signature of Penny Reid/5(K). Apr 24,   The oldest surviving Navajo rug is a so-called Massacre Cave blanket, dated to aroun when a group of Navajo people seeking refuge in the holy cave, Canyon de Chelley, were shot and killed by the Spanish. The blanket wasn't retrieved from the cave until much later, as it was considered taboo for Navajos to enter the holy cave. And it.

She had been in a relationship for over six years and yet she has never experienced all-consuming love like some of her besties. She had tried joining an online dating site but after a long period of time of finding absolutely no prospects, she was resolved to living her life without romance. She decides to be open and give this site a chance and so she makes plans to meet her soul mate at a local coffee shop.

Her date turns out to be disastrous.

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The man who shows up is not the man whose picture was displayed on his profile. But it all goes to hell quickly when she learns that Dr. A little misunderstanding has Marie running for the hills and declaring Matt a psycho. Matt and Marie are able to strike up a friendship after their initial misunderstandings are cleared up. Marie is a journalist and her new article is focusing on some highly unusual services that people pay for to feel the human connection.

Matt agrees to provide her with the data so long as she completes the questionnaire that he had planned on giving her on their first date.

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What started out as a mutual agreement to help each other with their work projects quickly turns into a deeply personal connection between them.

Unfortunately, they are both skittish and insecure when it comes to relationships and for a huge majority of the book, the two continuously miss clear signs of the growing attraction between them. It was beyond frustrating, to say the least. I wondered how two highly intellectual people could be so clueless about matters of the heart. It was obvious that the only way these two were ever going to find happiness with each other, was for one of them to take that huge leap of faith and risk getting their heart broken by the possibility of rejection.

The slow build to the steam was almost agonizing but well worth the wait and suffering once the passion finally ignited between the main characters. View all 15 comments. Starting with 6, people. But no worries, I will certainly be reading all of this, or listening on audio, rather. I enjoy Penny Reid's sense of humor and she's quickly becoming one of my favorite romcom authors. God, the horrors, right? It sounds like bs but there might be something to it and that's what the reporter heroine of this book sets out to investigate with a help of one grumpy AI specialist.

He doesn't really want to help her, but nothing that a little blackmail can't fix.

seems me, you

It has a lot of computer nerdy humor and even some knowledgeable facts so you might even learn a thing or two about technology! I was hooked from the first page and I couldn't stop reading until the end. This is happening each time I read a new story from Penny Reid, her characters feel so real! Dating-ish is a smart,funny,emotional,sweet and beautiful story.

You will definitely laugh with me but I find this story in some way emotional,there were parts I cried a little bit. I don't know what happened but I could feel whatever Marie was feeling and this make the story so intimidate to me. I fell in love with Marie and Matt! Their build up is realistic and I loved every minute of these two together. Marie is by far one of my favorite heroines. She is strong,sweet and funny. Matt omg this man, he is vulnerable,smart,funny and super hot!!

There are some really steamy moments between these two! Penny's writing is phenomenal and her characters swoon worthy. If you are looking for a refreshing,original and a heartwarming story then this is perfect for you!! ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Dating-ish is a smart, sexy, modern romance that will have every Penny Reid fan smittened. This book was a gem of a read. It incorporated every element of romance, humor, uniqueness and smart witty dialogue that have become a signature of Penny Reid.

I felt the brush of his lipsnot a kiss, a brushpaired with hot breath against the bare skin of my neck and a zing shot straight down my spine, making my toes curl and a sudden hot ache twist ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Dating-ish is a smart, sexy, modern romance that will have every Penny Reid fan smittened. I felt the brush of his lips-not a kiss, a brush-paired with hot breath against the bare skin of my neck and a zing shot straight down my spine, making my toes curl and a sudden hot ache twist in my lower belly.

Oh no. I knew that ache. Nevertheless, no one ever forgets that ache. She wanted to know who this mysterious man that this online dating site paired her up. Matt Simmons who we have briefly met in the previous books of the Knitting in the City Series happened to be the date of Marie.

After her disastrous date, Marie decides to write an editorial article that explores human interactions from the need of cuddling, orgasms, and how robots might be the new thing. As these two begin to spend more time with each other, they soon begins to grow a fondness and attachment to one another. Soon friendship begins to blur with real feelings. Feelings of love. So will all the data, facts, algorithms and human feelings determine that these two are indeed statistically and irrevocably a perfect match?

What happens when science and technology meets love? And I for him. For the first time in my life, I was encouraging my hopes.

I allowed them to run and fly. To the sky. To the stars. Matt, me, and perpetually soaring hopes. This book was sexy, intriguing, and full of charm. So if you are looking for a story that had class, originality, humor and smarts then I suggest you be better read this book. Hands down one of my favorite reads by Penny Reid.

Penny Reid View all 8 comments. Penny Reid books are like crack to any romance book lover! You can never get enough of her wonderful heroes, awesome heroines and the all-around feels that she elicits. Original and captivating, Dating-ish is contemporary romance at its best. I am obsessed with this series. Everything Penny Reid writes is irresistible, with its perfect mix of humor, steam and heartfelt moments. I fall in love all over again. Case in point, her latest blind date.

A complete epic fail. My heart broker for his sterile upbringing, but I was so happy that he found his perfect match, the sine to his cosine! Yes ladies, Penny Reid provides copious amounts of nerd humor that had me doubling over with laughter.

I wish I could share all of them with you, but luckily Penny made a few teasers! I loved how Marie and Matt, meet and become instant enemies, then genuine friends and finally after much angst sweetly fall in love. This delicious slow burn kept me glued to my eReader while both wanting to devour it and coveting each word hoping it would last until the next Reid release.

Reading about this wonderful group of ladies who have knitting in common but are united by ties that go beyond friendship is a guaranteed way to warm your heart and bring a huge smile to your face.

It is a standalone contemporary smart romance. It is touching, heartfelt, full of wit, fun and sexy moments. The excerpts are from that copy.

108. F*ck Boys & Modern Dating

I've loved every single one of Penny Reid's books. They're full of humor and wit, her characters are realistic, and the romance is always warm and sweet. Together and apart they were quirky, awkward, sweet, and just plain adorable. I have to tell you that as much as I loved Marie I don't know how he did it when this I've loved every single one of Penny Reid's books.

I don't know how he did it when this story was told from Marie's perspective, but his cool hit every mark. His brain turned me on just as much as it did her.

If you're looking for a book that is original, fun, optimistic and romantic, then I can't help but recommend this book for you. Not only do you get to see all of your favorite characters of the Knitting crew once again, but maybe you'll fall in love with Marie and Matt just like I did. View all 20 comments. If you cant find companionship with another person, why not find it with a compassion robot?

Penny Reid gives good romance. She takes risks, and thinks outside the narrow minded so-called ideal of what we as romance readers should be looking for.

Her stories are always something fresh, innovative, and thought-provoking. Once again, she followed through with that expectation because a big central theme of this book is robots. That's right, you heard me correctly. When I first heard that she was integrating this into the plot, I admit that I was a little bit uncertain how she could pull this off. As unusual as it sounds, she made it happen as only she can do. Another topic Penny explores with great hilarity is the many varied ways that modern dating can suck the life force right out of you.

Our heroine Marie has tried online dating for years, and has nothing to show for her efforts.

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Besides frustration and entertaining stories for her friends in the knitting group, that is. She's finally at her wit's end, but decides to go on one last date before throwing in the towel. The disaster that ensues from Matt and Marie's first meet was one for the record books, and it certainly didn't convince her to give love another chance. She was officially D.

Stick a fork in her, she's burnt out on dating worse than a slab of charred beef. She has her fabulous knitting girls, and is now actively seeking other alternatives to the ever elusive romantic relationship. Unfortunately, the solace of her knitting circle is invaded by none other than Matt shortly after. And his friendship with Fiona and Greg means that she won't be seeing the back of him any time soon.

His first impression was bad enough, but somehow he manages to sink to even further depths the more she interacts with him. Matt is a brilliant computer science professor, but when it comes to people skills, he is sorely lacking. Often times examining things from an analytical perspective, and questioning subjects in a way that was unintentionally insensitive. But he was also quick witted, warmhearted, and a loyal friend.

The good professor also has something very valuable that Marie would love to get her hands on. So she makes a deal with the devil A truce is called, and a bargain is made: she will agree to take part in his research aiding in creating a Compassion AI Artificial Intelligence Companion.

And he will share his research data with her in return.

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Her recent decision to find other methods of personal fulfillment other than dating has inspired her to do her own research, and write an article about its viability. They move from enemies, to reluctant partners, to friends. But the attraction that flares between them quietly smolders. They're both dead set against relationships.

Why risk rejection or failure and possibly lose that person for good? Brilliant and affectionate, and hilarious-so hilarious-and handsome-so handsome-and just wonderful.

I felt like maybe our friendship was on the precipice of becoming something more. The different dating alternatives tested by them were creative, unique, and loaded with humor. I really enjoyed seeing these two dance around their feelings for one another.

The angst built to an extraordinary level just waiting for them to work through their fears.

sorry, that

My only reason for not giving this a full five was because admittedly, the first half I had difficulty in engaging with the main characters like I should have. My guess would be that it was due in part to the fact that there had to be substantial foundation built around the AI topic and how it could theoretically replace relationships.

While it was all very fascinating and aimed towards the overall message, I was struggling to feel the romance. Or maybe it was just the pace of the slow burn? Whatever the case may be, the second half had me swooning and rooting for their hard-earned HEA.

This book was sweet, sexy, and the bonus time with the previous couples was like a cherished reunion with best friends. But even if you're new to the series, this is a complete standalone so you're ready to read whenever you choose. Dating-ish is sure to provide hours of entertainment and an original story that will educate you on the varied roles of robotics.

It's everything you've come to expect from Penny Reid in an unexpected package. Can you imagine a robot substituting for human relationships? For raising children? This author's hero, Matt, can. He is the brilliant scientist working on an AI which will do exactly that. The data he intends to feed into his AI comes from dates with people he and his colleague pick out on an online dating platform. After two years of online dating, Marie is tired of it. The dates she has had range from mediocre to horrible and she was actually about to delete her account from the platform she uses when her perfect match pops up.

Her "man unicorn. She meets up with this guy but he doesn't look at all like the pic on his profile. Plus, he is weird and asks all these strange questions. Throwing the towel she considers alternate methods of satisfying the needs of a relationship. Professional cuddling, dry humping and orgasm meditation - are these the future? Or can a robot replace a relationship? Since she is writing an article about these methods anyway, she might as well try them.

On one of the knitting group's weekly get-together she finds out that her bizarre date is one of her friend's neighbor and childhood friend. Matt wants to use the data from their date but can't do it without her permission.

Marie needs Matt's data from his AI research for her article. She propositions the exchange of information and Matt agrees. OK, maybe a little coercion was involved. What started out as a strong dislike soon becomes a friendship until Marie finds herself half in love with the quirky scientist.

Alas, he has sworn off relationships.

absolutely assured

So what's a girl to do? Marie is a likable heroine. Her longing for a relationship is strong and I admired her for not giving into her attraction to Matt only because she needed a quick fix. She knows exactly what she wants.

Not So Unrequited Love

Marie is relatable - many women after their twenties struggle to find the right person for them. My love is worth a lot. He was such an amazing character. Although it took me a while to fall in love with him when I did I fell head over heels.

He is as socially awkward as a person can be and totally clueless when it comes to heart matters. He steals your heart with his childlike curiosity, nerdy jokes and genius mind.

Holy hotness. Who would have thought? But Matt also made me sad. His questions often come out of the blue and oftentimes the conversations they trigger are like a punch where it hurts most. The reason behind his avoidance of relationships and his research and development of AI was terribly painful. It totally tickled my funny bone how stumped Matt was whenever Marie surprised him. She didn't behave and act the way he predicted. There is a lot of talk about the pros and cons between main and side characters and I have to admit that it felt a little slow for that part of the story.

It did pick up, however, and developed into an incredibly smart and very relevant tale. I adored Matt's and Marie's friendship, how they took care of each other and just enjoyed being together.

It wasn't a far stretch that they would eventually fall in love. While this might not have been my favorite Penny Reid book it still made for a very enjoyable, angst-filled read about unrequited love, childhood woes and heartache.

You can count on this author to give you something truly distinctive. Penny Reid's stories are always one of a kind. View all 28 comments. The first half read a little too slow for me. It's probably the latter, so don't let me discourage you from this super cute, intelligent and adorkable story.

The heroine was my favourite character in this story as I found her fair, clever and fun. Was she too wonderfully perfect for her own good?

Yes, she was. The hero 3. The hero started off pretty meh for me, but I enjoyed his backstory and watching him develop. Was he an alpha hero that swept me off my feet with swoons? No, he wasn't and no, he didn't. All in all, I had a comically entertaining and thought provoking time with this book.

I highly recommend this to readers that love an intelligent, romantic comedy, as well as fans of this author and series.

special case

Told in only the h's 1st person POV and standalone story in a series. Can totally be read as a standalone because I've only read book 1 and 4, skipping the others and not getting confused or left behind on information. Had a nice HFN that left me mildly satisfied. View all 39 comments. This is Penny Reid style at its finest. Page after page, we get high doses of humor, smart writing, and sexy times. I know I say this every time I review a book from this series, but I really believe that Dating-ish might be my most favorite book yet.

Penny outdid herself with Matt and Marie's story, it was so good I'm still hugging my kindle. Marie has been a victim of online dating in more than one occasion.

When she had been ready to finally give up on the concept she goes on one more date, which unfortunately for her ends up being her worst one yet. Naturally, she has to share all the details of her horrendous date with her best friends, during one of their awesome knitting get togethers, when the guy from her date suddenly makes an appearance. Turns out the crazy but sexy dude from her date is Greg and Fiona's neighbor, Matt.

Matt is into robots, he believes he can build machines that can replace human affections, and he needs Marie's input from their "date" for his latest project.

This is all fine because Marie also needs Matt's help to write her latest article, which is about dating. The two enter an agreement where each will help the other with their career assignments. As always, but even better than the last book; believe it or not, we get a high injection of interactions from all the different characters from books past, which made my heart giddy with happiness.

With this book, Penny Reid goes back to basics; balls to the wall with the corky, funny, smart writing that we all love, her very best if you ask me. No matter who you are, or what you are about, this book can translate to you.

Because we've all been on terrible dates, we've all felt lonely or misunderstood, or been let down by love. But reading this story gives you hope and happiness, which seems to be Penny Reid mission in life, to make people happy or at least smile big for the duration of her book.

Friendship and passion for love, or for what you believe in, I believe are the root of all these wonderful stories, that even though they are all completely different from each other, go perfectly together.

I urge you to indulge in the weird, the fun and the wonderful world of any of the Knitting In The City books.

View all 9 comments. This book was awesome for me!

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Gueneli said the pigments were more than half a billion years older than previous discoveries. Topics Science. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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